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    Choosing Pleasure, The Bonnie and Betty Show

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    Welcome to Choosing Pleasure on The Gift of Choice Show. Hosted by Bonnie Groessl and Coach Betty Louise. Bonnie and Betty are teaming up to bring you insightful experts  to explore a life of pleasure, self-empowerment and inner beauty. As we get into the New Year, we will disuss ulitmiate self-empowerment for 2015. It's going to be an exciting show!

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    Embracing Self Love and Self Pleasure Before and After Marriage

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    Join us tonight as we get into a sensual erotic topic of the hour. Tonight we’ll get into Self love, and self Pleasure, before and after marriage. Is it wrong to continue to honor your orgasm, and enjoy it alone without your lover? And we’ll also talk about letting go of the fear and shyness that builds up inside of us when our lover wants to watch you please yourself. It’s all going down, right here on Erotic Talk Radio. So join in on this erotic and juicy topic of the hour.  

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    Choosing Pleasure During the Holidays

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    Welcome to the Gift of Choice - Choosing Pleasure! 

    It's the Bonnie and Betty show with more tips on how to enjoy more pleasure in your life. The holiday season is a very busy time of year for many and it's hard to find time for pleasure! Bonnie and Betty will provide some insights and tips that change your holiday season into an wonderful and pleasureable time of the year for you!

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    The Gift of Choice - Choosing Pleasure

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    Welcome to Choosing Pleasure on the Bonnie and Betty show! Choosing pleasure requires feeling confident and empowered. We will talk about what empowerment is and is not.

    It takes courage and compassion not to settle for status quo, it’s that fire in your belly! We all have the ability inside of us to feel empowered. It doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from within. Bonnie and Betty will share self-empowerment tools that you can begin to use right now. Join us as we discuss this important topic. 

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    Ant Like in Mind Produces Works of Pleasure and Prosperity

    in Prayer

    America's challenges are man made. Time American's come together and find ways to join forces and be the changes we desire. Praise, politics and productivity are objectives. Believers must discard the sluggard ways and do the works of the Lord. Prosperity in all things is possible. Do not measure successes based on mankind, but based on God's will. Today's causes seek ant like minds to do the works of pleasure and prosperity across America. All classes, all cultures, all occupations. No one can do everything but everyone can do something. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof... If my people, who are called by myname, shall humble themselves, pray and... Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise... But they than wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength... Prosperity awaits all who are vested in faith and work and charity.

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    The Bonafide Literary Show S2 Ep12: My Literary Pleasure

    in Books

    Book lovers can't ever get enough books, and host of The Bonafide Literary Show, Deidra Hughey can't stop thinking about them... And hoarding them.  Because she is willing to make you just as obsessed with books, My Literary Pleasure is the first installment of an intimate discussion with the author, blogger, and host/producer of The Bonafide Literary Show, also known as La Drama Princess. My Literary Pleasure, only on The Bonafide Literary Show, introduces you to several books across genres, author advice, reader feedback, and the best places on the web to interact in the writing community. Get clicking and discover. 

    The Bonafide Literary Show OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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    La Drama Princess Books

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    Women Warrior - Reclaim Your Passion & Pleasure as a Priority in You Life

    in Women

    Upcoming on Wed, Dec 10th at Noon ET on Women Warriors, our special guest, registered nurse and relationship/sexual expression coach for busy women, Lesley Stedmon will join us.   Leslie will discuss the topic of inspiring busy women to reclaim their passion and pleasure as a priority in their lives.

    Vulnerability is an extraordinary tool and breaching the walls of comfort zones is where the exceptional happens. Leslie’s skill lays in creating a safe space for women to step into their bravery and give their desires a voice. You can find out more about Lesley and how she helps women at lesleystedmon@gmail.com.  

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    in Spirituality

    Working from the outside in and the inside out.  Come as you are and leave with a mind of clarity. when there is no peace there is chaos and confusion. Where there is inner peace there pleasure and clarity 

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    Good-bye Poverty & Pain Hello Prosperity & Pleasure

    in Motivation

    While 2014 was an amazing year for many of us, it was also a year of major life-change for many. While many of you decided, that is made a conscious choice, to live a life of positive new beginnings, you unknowingly or if you listen to MIRACLE Zone weekly, knowingly, made a demand on the Universe causing your world around you to shake and quake. This always happens before the dawn...before the breakthrough aka new beginning. Back from her long respite, ready to kick butt and take names Chapman says adios, farewell, beat it to the old year and hola, greetings and welcome to the New. Join her as she takes a quick look back in MIRACLE Zone while forging ahead in the New. This will be her last Colorado episode for a while. 9:00 AM Pacific...12 Noon Eastern. See you there.

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    The G-Spot Love Zone

    in Romance

    Welcome to the G-Spot Love Zone, where lovers come to listen to sensual, stimulating music, to enhance, tease, and  tantalize their listening senses. The G-Spot Love Zone is guaranteed to give you the kind of erotic pleasure that will bring you the ultimate eargasm.

    And what’s exciting other then the music, is that the drinks and admission here is free. And tonight’s drink special’s are...Between the Sheets & Love Postion. So relax and drink as much as you like! And enjoy this sensual evening, because tonight’s music, is on me.


    NOTE: If you have facebook, look us up at Erotic Talk Radio and ask to get into our group. Also follow us on twitter @eroticpleasure.

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    Sam Welcomes Ky Truthseeker and Maria Wilson Duff onto PSHRadio

    in Paranormal

    Maria joined Night Stalkers Paranormal Research Team in 2012.  Since joining the team she has been involved with close to 100 paranormal investigations. Most are in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.  Maria has been featured on radio, television and news articles. She has had the pleasure of investigating with Chase Kloetzke, Faith Serafin and Barry "Bear" Gaunt aka KY. TruthSeeker. Maria has been interested in the paranormal for many years and just recently has had the chance to follow her passion. Maria is the Client Relations Manager and Lead Researcher for Night Stalkers Paranormal Research Team.

    Barry “Bear” Gaunt, AKA the KY TruthSeeker, (as he is better known by many) has been researching the paranormal fields for over thirty years. Barry has always been a strong supporter of unity, sharing and working with others within the paranormal community.  As a Paranormal Researcher and Investigator he is highly respected by his peers, for his data based scientific “boots on the ground” investigative skills and style. 

    Barry “Bear” Gaunt AKA the KY. TruthSeeker
    Managing Director
    NightStalkers Paranormal Research
    Full-time Volunteer at the Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, KY.


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