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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Racism... From a Kingdom point of view.....

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    Good evening.. On this episode of Kingdom Talk Radio we will have the upcoming group from St Louis known as Milk & Honey along with their manager (Your brother) Larry Rodgers!!!! We will debut their song Don't Stop and Love is the Way. Our topic will be Racism from a Kingdom standpoint. Call in 347 996 5129 or go to the link www.blogtalkradio.com/ministertonydyson. See you then.......

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone with guest TBA!!!

    From hosting his own radio show, Tough Talk with Tony Gambone, being the “tough talking” generous person that he is, Tony Gambone formed the Tough Talk Radio Network, a company that provides similar opportunities for other entrepreneurs to grow their business by hosting their own Internet Radio Show. Tony teaches them to become a “Thought Leader” in their industry and provides everything a Radio Host needs to market and promote their shows.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and his guest Gwen Gistarb & Brad Raney:

    Gwen Gistarb - Retired Educator of 28 years - Previous Radio Host for 2 years - Author of The Lesson Plan - A Workbook for Mothers and Teenage Daughters - Creator of JAD Source Program - Embrace the Spirit of Girls - Speaker/How to Give a Girls Summit CD Program It is important for parents to identify the thin line between being a parent and a friend to their children.  My latest book, "The Lesson Plan" was created to help mothers to redefine their position as parents to our current generation of teenage girls.  Now, different from before, my need to make a contribution will hopefully begin to redirect relationships between mothers and daughters.

    Brad Raney - Personal Performance Partnership - formed after 25+ years of coaching, training, recruiting, and igniting the success of others. My business is founded on the three spiritual gifts I discovered I had several years ago: writing, speaking and empowering those around me to be the best they can! I have written two books: Improve Your VOWELS, Improve Your Career! The A,E,I,O,U's of Finding Your Perfect Job! - released in 2010, now sold on 3 continents; Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success! - just released in Jan 2015 in regular and e-book formats - selling very quickly nationwide. The first one came about by accident after I shared my VOWELS tenets with several hundred job seekers at a career expo workshop. I was encouraged to use the info for job seekers and a launched a website, wrote the book and got it on the market within a few months. The second book is a result of four years of speaking, training and other experiences and takes the VOWELS back into the personal improvement space where they were born.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone & special guest Art Costello & Michael Bettigole:

    Art Costello is a visionary mindset expert, author, and coach who helps individuals, families, professional athletes, and business owners recognize the connection between their expectations and achievements. Art Costello has the unique ability to identify what is preventing you from living to your full potential and gives you options. Art reveals the way that your beliefs impact your choices and as a result, create the life you are currently living. If you want to change the circumstances in your personal life or in your career, the key is to shift your expectations and to apply effort to the new awareness of what you desire to create. Whatever you expect to receive or experience in your life is exactly what will occur. Art Costello has created a powerful protocol in his book, Expectation Therapy, which clearly identifies the opportunity for you to shed your limiting beliefs and become more prepared, and more successful, allowing you to lead a more joyful life.

    Michael J. Bettigole is a program and project management expert, author, and senior technology manager. He has spearheaded tactical and strategic initiatives at JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and other Wall Street firms. He received a bachelor’s degree in business management from St. Peter’s College and was certified as a project management professional in 2003. He lives in New York City with his wife and children.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and His Guest Charles Hensley & Acacia Slaton:

    In 2013, Hensley founded the Youth Entrepreneurial Program located at The Bradley Milken Family Source Center in South Central Los Angeles. The program provides "at risk" youths the opportunity to acquire direction and motivation by providing them with exposure, mentorship and the development of skill sets, all of which could lead to a career as a business entrepreneur. In 2014, Hensley joined Reverend Bill Minson to help with families who survived the killer tornados in Moore, Oklahoma and he is assisting with a program to build shelters further protecting youth, families and the elderly in Oklahoma. Hensley has also agreed to put together an executive roundtable that will support and address youth and families in The Coalition for Christ juvenile prison ministry in NJ and Atlantic City, NJ homeless ministry.Recently, Hensley has committed his full support and resources to help establish THE WATSON INITIATIVE who's namesake is former Ambassador in the Clinton administration and retired Member of Congress, the honorable Diane Watson.

    Acacia Slaton is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and also has a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is an author of an award-winning book titled Launch Out Into The Deep. Launch Out Into the Deep is a recipient of a Mom's Choice Award, a Dove Award, and won the Silver Award for Christian Living in the Readers Favorite annual contest.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and his guest Darren Long & Cassandra Smith:

    A Former LA RAMS Football Player : Darren Long - Pro Player Darren Long Retires, has ACHES, Pains , Body Trauma, Wife develops Cancer, Son had ADD & ADHD Tremors/Tics w ADD & ADHD

    He feels “What good is money without the Health of your Loved ones
    He takes his $ and goes to scientists to get them to develop something to ease the Health ailments, what they didn’t know is they would find a bigger resolution.

    Cassandra Smith has worked extensively with youth for twelve years. Her commitment to mentoring, discipleship, and promoting stories of restoration has been discovered and nurtured through several avenues. Her diversity of experience ranges from youth pastoring at her local church, to touring across the US and Canada with Teen Mania’s Acquire the Fire, years of work with Youth with a Mission, and commitment to various non-profit volunteer opportunities.

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    Stepford's Show - The Beauty Edition

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    Join us for The Beauty Edition!  This episode will be hosted by me, Princess Stepford and will be co-hosted by the beautiful and witty Stiletto Supermom who will be streaming live video on Meerkat.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH!  We have 2 special guests who will be appearing on the show!  Both are talented and knowledgable make up artists and they are going to share some tips and tricks with you!

    Our first guest is Catherine Shim, please check our her website, Instagram, and Twitter for more information and photos.

    Our second guest is Elle Glitters and you can find her on Instagram or contact her via email at makeupbyelle@outlook.com

    To call into TALK LOUD RADIO and join the discussion or ask questions for THE BEAUTY EDITION please call 646-564-9576 using your phone or Skype.

    Hope to See you There!

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    Apr 24~ Charlotte View: The Goddess & Tarot Reading Show Heather Gaffney Darnell

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    Charlotte View welcomes PriestessReader, Energy Healer and Teacher, Heather Gaffney-Darnell with The Goddess and Tarot Reading Show.

    She is the founder of Firebird Transformational Healing.  The Firebird or Phoenix represents the power of transformation and renewal. Her mission in life is 'pointing out the magic in the mundane".  She empowers her clients, through her healing sessions, readings and other services, by discovering their Authentic Divine Selves. 
    Heather's personal spiritual journey began 30 years ago when she discovered Tarot, Meditation, and Metaphysics. She has since added Ritual and Energetic Healing to her practice. Her role as a Priestess and Teacher allows her the ability to mix intuition, compassion and non-judgment. Heather's intention is to hold space for change and healing to occur by using tools like:

    The imagery of the Tarot Cards
    Intuition and empathy
    Goddess readings (which can be as powerful for men as they are for women.)
    Distant Reiki Healing
    Guided meditation, and personal ritual to assist with affecting positive change and releasing personal obstacles.
    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Each reading or healing session is designed to give information, whether it is a snapshot into a potential future or an in depth transformational journey. 

    Contact: Email: despoenas_readings@yahoo.com   /  (704) 449-9482  / Some Saturdays at The Bag Lady in Charlotte, NC

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    Bishop Terry Criner Presents: The Tabernacle Variety Show

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    Join Bishop Terry Criner for the Tabernacle Variety Sbow.  Enjoy prayer, dialogue, sermons, Tabernacle Kids, Girl's Talk with Pistol Mah'niah, Commentary, Sunday School, Guests, and much, much more!  The Tabernalce also sponsors another broadcast aired on KKVV 1060 AM.  Listen to "Forgiven" with hosts Sis. Brenda Ward and B.Z. Fogiven reaches out to youths and their families.  Forgiven airs each Thursday at 5:32PM.