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    Shots From The Balcony - Bad Habits

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    Hey all, check us out at:




    also check us out on Twitter: @BADHBTSNTWK @Shotsfromthebal @Gary_The_Hammer

    Instagram: ShotsFromTheBalcony and GaryTheHammer

    Produced by: Hammer’s SFTB, LLC.


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    China Tried To Hack American Companies Since Agreeing To Cyber Pact, Security Firm Says


    1 Dead, 4 Injured In Shooting At Florida ZombiCon Event


    'Aladdin' Directors Actually Confirm Major Fan Theory


    Turkish Prime Minister Says Downed Drone Was Russian-Made


    Rob Lowe Reveals His Secret Weapon To Aging Gracefully


    Lamar Odom Reportedly Gets Out Of Bed For First Time Since Hospitalization




    Celebrity Gossip:

    Tom Cruise attends Florida Gators-LSU Tigers game

    ‘Fast and Furious 8’ Update: Vin Diesel Shares Details On First Meeting With Paul Walker; Jason Stathom To Be The Main Villian

    Taylor Swift has earned a whopping $1million a day in 2015


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    Linea de Ayuda Paz en el Hogar-Historias Migrantes-Hoy cocinamos juntos y mas.

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    Bienvenidos a Conexión Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinámico.

    Lunes,Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 3:00 de la tarde.

    - Efemérides.

    - Hoy como cada martes la serie de las historias verdaderas de mujeres sobrevivientes de Violencia Domestica, Miriam Valdovinos, Monica de la Torre y Lupita Zamora. Apoyamos juntas la prevencion de la Violencia contra las mujeres.

    Que pasa cuando no tienes apoyo de tu familia y no tienes a nadie?? - no te angusties, siempre hay alguien que te puede ayudar, necesitas hablar con alguien, tocar puertas.

    Linea de Crisis Paz en el Hogar siempre esta contigo, te atienden en espanol 1888-847-7205

    - Lorena Camelo, bienvenida a Conexion Contigo en el segmento " Pase lo que Pase" 

    - Wendy Madera desde Holanda nos comparte la nueva produccion y su nuevo libro.Hoy en historias de migrantes la historia " Al fin Juntos "

    Hoy cocinamos con Lupita- Pescado al vapor con hierbas finas.

    - Comentarios y mas.

    Gracias por su sintonia, cada vez somos mas los que nos escuchamos !

    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora


  • Peace To Da Urantrians: Plasmatic Field Flow & Directional Motion Of Plasmas

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    How to respond to prophecy... Isaiah 47-52 - Apostle E Cooper ELRC - COLG

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    (money), but these will pass away today in a vapor. Are you of that one who is taking the gifts and possessions that God has given you and using the in your own prideful manner? When you gave your life to God you don't have the right to live your life which is now His life as your own. You gave up all rights... It's what the Lord says about it that counts... especially since you are not the Arthur and Finisher of your future . God is... Israel forgot about that. When your get your wealth in  the wrong way it will give you a sense of false security and you start trusting in your wealth and not God's power. 

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    We Are "Breath" The "Material World" Is Energy In Motion And Jesus Is Life

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the necessity of God's Word in a world that is controlled by the menancing fiction of the great lie.  We are living in the dangerous milieu of "One Dimensional Man."  The inhabitants of the "Brave New World" are bewitched by the technologies that control their lives.  They are "True Believers" who cannot see the supernatural handwriting on the wall. Their lives have fled the ruins of personalities besotted by trite stereotypical behavior.  Jesus wants those who are bowed down with emptiness to come to Him and get a real life.

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    Interview With Fuzion Vapor

    in Lifestyle

    Interview with Fuzion Vapor

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    The CAC Show: Ep. 45 - A Vapor Special

    in Entertainment

    Sept. 11, 2014 - Call in (347) 884-9479 and join us live on The CAC Show at 6pm est when we go in depth with parts of the team behind the upcoming sci-fi/horror book Vapor, currently running on Kickstarter! We may even here from series artist Ed Hale and colorist Aaron Moore! You can find them both on Facebook where they each have fan pages where you can follow them, and commission work from them on anything from blank sketch covers to original art pages that you can't easily find!

  • SDG 203 Revelation and Great Tribulation and the Devastation of the Earth

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    Revelation 14

    Revelation chapter 14 is a chapter of great contrast, it tells us about the Lamb & the beast, heaven & earth, the harvest of the doomed and the damned and the harvest of the saved. So it's decision time in our hearts today. Remember God made each of us living souls, and our souls will exist somewhere even after the sun, the moon, and the stars have grown cold. And so the only question is where will you spend eternity? Now if you decide not to decide please understand... that's a decision!  The decision to go to hell!

    So we are free to choose, but not free NOT to choose, and we are certainly not free to choose the consequences of our choices!!!

    Today in part 3 of 7 of the things which shortly must come to pass we'll look at the decisions of the living and the destiny of the dead and it is all happening in the middle of the time of great tribulation and the devastation of the earth. 
    The Bible says, “What is your life but a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” So people may die in many strange ways but in reality there are only two ways to die.

    Revelation 14:13, "And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.”

    So when we die, either we are going to die in the LORD or out of the LORD. So if you were to died today, would you die in the LORD or would you die out of the LORD?

    Tune into learn more!

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    CM Radio - Sept 4, 2013 - Lisa LeBlanc, Vapor Music & More

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    Andrew and Mike are together again, chatting about Mike's upcoming trip to Northern Ontario with ArtsCan Circle - an organization that brings music and art to underpriviledged residents of remote Canadian communities.
    We'll Catch Up With... French-Canadian songstress Lisa LeBlanc, where we'll talk about her terrific self-titled record, summer performances, working with Karkwa's Louis-Jean Cormier, and much more.
    And in our CM Academy session, we'll speak with Heather Gardner of Vapor Music, a Toronto-based music licensing company, who'll talk about what a music supervisor does and how you can network with people in that role in hopes of landing a placement for your work in a film, TV, or gaming project.

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    There Is A Time

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    Ecclesiastes Chapter 3: 1-8 King James Version

    Time is a honored gift, it spans Days, Months, Years, yet time can be short, life  changed, yet  there is a greater and more important time yet to come, that will change everythig in our life as we know it.

    James 4 :14 Whereas ye know not what shall  on tommorow for what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away.