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    V20Radio Broadcast with featured guest Jelixa

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    Jelixa is a Pop, House, Techno, Rock, and Funk recording artist sensation, born in Brooklyn, New York, and now residing in North Richland Hills, Texas. She has a unique sound of "Beta Music" that consists of a variety of styles and genres composed into a unique fusion of contemporary sound. hrough Jelixa’s mom, Jelixa met Michael Bell, Music Producer, who heard Jelixa sing and spoke to her about producing her as a Pop/House artist….surely Jelixa is now on her way to fulfilling her dreams. For all that she’s gone through, and for the committed love she has shown to her mother over the years, Jelixa is bound to be a star soon to shine!

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    V20Radio Broadcast with featured guest "Jackson"

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    **Update: Freddy's interview has been rescheduled for 11/1/12** 
    Hip Hop artist, producer, and performer “JACKSON” was born and raised in Buckingham, VA, but now resides in LA, CA. He developed a love for music at the early age of twelve. JACKSON became involved with the church, playing the drums, learning piano and singing on the choir. In his other world, he was also learning to write Hip Hop and R&B lyrics, poems, and songs. At the age of 13, JACKSON began to disc jockey, hosting parties and events, as well as releasing his mixed-tapes within the community. JACKSON has multiple releases, "Music Money Love Hustle" (CD) “Jackson aka Freddy Krueger” (CD), the self-titled "Freddy" (CD) and a mixed-tape/CD “Jackson, VA Guy”. His latest release, “The 4th Quarter" is a book of music about life, breathing,inspiration, fun, and resilience. 

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    V20Radio Broadcast with featured guest Shara

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    In many different languages, the name Shara means “singing” and that’s no coincidence.With the arrival of Shara’s highly anticipated debut EP, “Born Tonight” — this singularly skilled artist begins to make herself known. With artistic roots stemming from her love of theater, her own experience as a Broadway performer, and her father’s passion for music, Shara’s home fostered a rich mix of influences. More than anything, Shara sings with a desire to convey love, heart, and truth to listeners and fans; with a strong belief in the ability of wonderful music bring us together as people who think, feel, and care.                        sharastrand.com

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    V20Radio Broadcast with featured guest Abacu5

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    Featured guest  Samuel & Jonathan 
    The group is based in Dallas, TX. They believe that they are from the future sent back in time to save music.  Each member of the band is influenced by different bands and artists. 

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    V20Radio Broadcast with featured guest Andy Ascencio

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    Andy Ascencio,  was born in the Dominican Republic and developed a passion for music at a young age; he began his career working on his DJ/Producing skills from his bedroom headquarters. After graduating from Full Sail University, he started working as an assistant engineer in the studio with artists such as Pharell Williams and many more.  He performed as a DJ at several Miami Beach nightclubs such as Dream and the Newport Beach Resort.  Andy has participated to compete for MIDEM off Showcase 2012 in France, ranked #22 out of 200 contestants. Influenced by Electro, Tech, Tribal, Big Room and Underground House.  Focused on creating a fusion of diverse sounds, Andy succeeded in developing his own trend and signature sounds; which are composed of atmospheric textures, mixed with big kicks, deep bass, groovy percussive patterns and futuristic FX. Andy's releases are now available on iTunes, Beatport and many others shops around the world. 

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    V20Radio Broadcast with featured guest: Herukhuti Ausar

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    Herukhuti Ausar (Raleigh, NC)of Money Over Death can best be described as a Rapping Soldier on the rise. Encountering and overcoming many of life’s trials and obstacles. He believes that his constant thirst for knowledge and truth, combined with his undying resilience and strength, is what distinguishes him from other artists. His music glorifies Black Love and it is embodied in his single Thug Angel. ” Herukhuti Ausar scored TWO music placements in the Bruce Willis and 50 Cent movie "Fire With Fire" tracks “Blood On My Shoes Ft. Slim the Mobster” and " I Didn't Kill'em". Ausar aspires to introduce the world to the MONEY OVER DEATH movement as well as act, write movies and novels in the near future.

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