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    Relationship 1o1 ... 37 Years of Apple on Read My Lips Radio: Bonnie D. Graham

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    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed goes beyond the typical blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview, engaging multiple guests in spontaneous conversations.


    Do you panic when your significant other doesn’t respond to a text message immediately?  Do you get involved with unavailable people? Afraid those you care about will leave you? Behaviors like these hurt relationships, but are not uncommon, says therapist and relationship expert Michelle Skeen, PsyD. “We all long for love, comfort, and connection with others. But when fear – especially fear of abandonment – rears its ugly head, it keeps us from creating strong relationships, and leads to behaviors that actually push people away rather than drawing them closer.” We'll discuss Dr. Skeen's new book LOVE ME, DON’T LEAVE ME and the warning signs that a potential partner isn’t right for you. lovemedontleaveme.com


    Jonathan Zufi is fascinated with everything Apple – so much that he self-published a 350-page photography book showcasing 37-years of Apple products. ICONIC: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation is the ultimate tribute to Apple innovation and design. In his "day job", Jonathan is Director of the North American Mobility Innovation Center for SAP, leading a team of some of the industry's best mobility UI and UX developers, building compelling mobile solutions and experiences for the enterprise with native, mobile web and cross-platform app development. In 2002, Jonathan received the Pearcey Award, one of the Australian government’s highest awards for I.T. innovation.  http://iconicbook.com


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    Product Superheroes 1: Case Sandberg, Developer, Shutterfly, On UX and UI

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    Episode 1: Product Superheroes with Bob Schoenthal.  Bob talks with product development, design and management superheroes in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.

    About Case

    Case Sandberg started off his development and design career by turning frequent freelancing into a full time web agency.  When he moved to the Bay Area he started working for one of his longest running clients and eventually the company was acquired by Shutterfly.  He is currently still with Shutterfly working as a front end engineer,  as well as frequently hosting hack-a-thons and working on an innovative startup idea. @casesandberg

    Host, Bob Schoenthal is an experienced product manager, tech and passionate product enthusiast. His focus is on mid-sized companies in the Hawaii real estate sector and Bay Area B2B and B2C startups and early stage companies. He's an avid tech conference and winning hackathon participant. Bob organizes Startup Product Talks Silicon Valley and is heading up the Product Camp San Francisco team. @mightybobarian


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    From Idea to Reality w/ @GlenLipka, VP UX @Marketo

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    Glen Lipka, Vice President of User Experience, Marketo, Discusses How Product Management, User Experience (UX) And Engineering Teams Can Work Together To Achieve A Great Product Outcome
    Glen says, “My view of an ideal structure for the product team is flat so that everyone is working as peers together to collaborate with specific responsibilities. I look forward to sharing my experience as first employee at Marketo with the #ProdMgmtTalk community."
    Host, @CindyFSolomon joined by co-host, @TaariqLewis
    Background Resources: http://bit.ly/PC6srt

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    Testing the platform

    in Technology

    Testing the platform and multiple use case

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    Changing Healthcare and UX through Design with Thea Kurdi

    in Design

    Professor, author, collaborator, speaker, we're sure to have an engaging conversation about changing health through integrated design including accessible, universal, sustainable and more with Thea Kurdi.
    Thea is a Canadian architectural technologist and member of Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES). For 12 years she has been an accessibility specialist for the built environment applying both barrier-free and universal design standards at DESIGNABLE ENVIRONMENTS Inc. (DE), a Canadian consulting firm.
    Over the last 6 years, she has had a focus on healthcare design work including New Oakville Hospital, Women’s College Hospital, and Toronto Sick Kid's Hospital. She has also coordinated and conducted other drawing reviews and building audits for buildings including the Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit System and Toronto’s 2015 PanAM/Parapan game facilities. She has also helped to write and illustrate numerous accessibility design stands through her work at DE including the City of London Facilities Accessibility Design Standards, which has been adopted by many municipalities across Canada and around t

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    Human Centered Design w/ Alejandro Rios, Innovation Designer Entrepreneur

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    Alejandro Ríos Peña is a Design-Thinking telecom engineer and entrepreneur who believes in innovation as the vital force for a passionate, total-quality life. He is a technology entrepreneur with both development and product design management backgrounds currently based in Latin America. His portfolio of projects go from Cloud Call Center and PBX unified communications using Open Source and voice over IP, through several Twitter mashups, Agile practices combined with PMI and Design-thinking for startups.

    In this conversation, he will discuss the value of Human Centered Design and how it can help to:
    - Validate market opportunities understanding customers and their behavior
    - Create and capture value through innovation
    - Develop sustainable and scalable business models


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    Technical SEO with Jenny Halasz of JLH Marketing

    in Internet

    This week on The World of Internet Marketing we talk to Jenny Halasz of JLH Marketing where she fills us in on marketing to a mass audience and the battle between corporate SEO and UX departments.

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    Design Thinking, Agile Engineering & Lean Business Collaboration

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    How To Unleash The Potential Of Design Thinking, Agile Engineering And Lean Business Using Fun, Cross-collaboration Practices With Dennis Britton, Collaboration Architect, Linda Francis, Human Experience and Darius Dunlap Customer Development of 360c

    1- Linda has designed and implemented consumer and employee facing systems for enterprise, government, private sector and advises startups. Now, Linda, who has always been a connect-the-dots person, is excited to join the conversation and share her thoughts about how UX and Agile teams can work together.

    2- Darius Dunlap is a mentor to startup teams and an advisor to startup incubators, universities, growing companies and large enterprises around the world.

    3- Dennis Britton loves to induce collaboration in any group of talented people he can find. He is has introduced an agile, playful and productive culture to HP, Macy's, Sephora, Visa, Nike and Stella & Dot.

    Resources: http://bit.ly/IE2M9H

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    Paul Sherman @PJSherman on UX & Product Management

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    Paul Sherman of ShermanUX Discusses The Role Of Personas, Design Briefs, Stories, Storyboards, And Wireframes In The Product Management Lifecycle Process 
    Paul says, "I’m excited to participate in the Global Product Management Talk because the disciplines of UX and PM need each other! Together they can guide Engineering and ensure that what is conceptualized is actually what is built.” 
    Background resources: http://bit.ly/JMpCew  Curated Content: http://bit.ly/xHe37N  Participate! http://bit.ly/eC3D09 

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    Radio [itvt]: Code and Theory's John Gilles on UI/UX Work

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    Interview: Longtime Interactive-TV Industry Figure, John Gilles, on his New Role at Interactive Agency, Code and TheoryHigh-profile interactive-TV industry figure, JOHN GILLES (his resume includes stints at A Different Engine, Method, G4 and TechTV), recently joined interactive agency, Code and Theory, as director of new media. In this recorded interview with [itvt]'s editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow, Gilles discusses his new role, shares his thoughts on multiplatform interactive design, and more.

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    AVV Biz Talk Radio - Smart & Sassy - Guest - JM Henderson

    in Business

    We talked about the Twitter IPO, Apple iPhones in  hot biz happenings this week,  Ever wanted to know how to create a great media pitch?  Want to know what happens behind hte scenes with reporters, editors and the media scene?  You want publicity?  THIS EPISODE IS A MUST LISTEN!  
    Anastasia Valentine (@AVV) is your host!  She is an award winning strategist, CEO of Sandbox an Idea to Launch Company, Author, Speaker and Positive Instigator.  www.anastasia-valentine.com
    Joining me today is:
    J. M. Henderson is the founder of her own content marketing and media relations training firm, Secret Agent Research, as well as a business journalist for Forbes and an award-winning blogger. Her clients come from fields as diverse as law, government, UX design and emerging tech and her work has appeared in venues including The Atlantic,

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