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    Uranium Renaissance In Elliot Lake

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    One uranium district completely ignored by the investment community today is Elliot Lake, Ontario.  More than 300 million pounds of uranium were mined in Elliot Lake, Ontario by Rio Algom and Denison Mines.  The Elliot Lake Mining Camp is known as the Uranium Capital of the World and was the only Canadian mine that commercially produced Rare Earth Oxides.    The Elliot Lake mines were closed down in the 90's when rare earths were unknown and worth little and uranium was trading below $20 a pound.  Being a past producing district of both uranium and rare earths gives an advantage to Pele Mountain Resources (GEM.V or GOLDF) a small junior miner, who will hopefully begin feasibility on their enormous and valuable Eco Ridge resource.  ?

    Operating in an established, past producing district with power, labor and infrastructure is crucial when evaluating the potential viability of mining development.  Every twenty to thirty years Elliot Lake goes through a boom cycle.  Even though the Athabasca region has higher grade uranium, mining and processing is a lot more challenging.  

    Pele Mountain (GEM.V or GOLDF) may provide excellent leverage to uranium and rare earths for investors at these discounted levels.  Elliot Lake is a proven rare earth and uranium mining district which is very supportive of Pele Mountain's Eco Ridge Mine. 

    Pele has a proven commercial processing method unlike so many other rare earth juniors of recovering the valuable rare earths used in the latest green energy technologies such as wind turbines and high efficiency lighting.  Pele has the Elliot Lake technical team led by Roger Payne who has the experience designing and developing efficient and safe production of critical clean energy metals such as uranium and rare earths.  

    Disclosure: Author/Interviewer owns Pele and company is sponsor on website.

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    Philmchology w/Brenda B: Uranium Drive-In

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    The film follows a proposed uranium mill in southwestern Colorado—the first to be built in the U.S. in 30 years—and the emotional debate pitting a population desperate for jobs and financial stability against an environmental group based in nearby a resort town. Without judgement, both sides of the issue are brought to life in heart-wrenching de- tail as the film follows conflicting opinions and visions for the future.

    What do you do when your community is dying from lack of funds...is it worth dying from a cancer-causing uranium mill?  What is the cost of life in these United States?

    Click here for the Trailer: Uranium Drive-In

    From the film:

    "I want them to understand that there's people here."

    "yeah, but I don't think they care about us people. I mean there's no compromise--they don't care about us!"

    "Nuclear Power was supposed to be our future.  Al lot of this town is here because of Union Carbide and then when they left we're still here!  They're long gone now "

    "If you're only hearing the piece about jobs, you're not protecting the community. I dare you do better"  

    "The people complaining the most are driving to the protest in their Mercedes.  You can only kick a dog so many times and pretty soon he's going to turn around and bite you."

    "I have pulmonary fibrosis"

    "I lost a father and two brothers from lung cancer. They all worked in the mines. My dad and my younger brother both died at the age of 48, but the way I feel it was...their time to go."

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    Hopi Uranium Poisoning: Floyd Red Crow, Oren Lyons, Dennis Banks, Kandi Mossett

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    Prerecorded... no call-ins please.

    PLEASE Donate to keep Prophecykeepers "On The Air" every night on BlogTalk Radio at http://NativeAmericanChurch.US

    Floyd Red Crow Westerman talks about how America was predicted by his ancestors to come and go.

    6 Nations Faithkeeper Oren R. Lyons ... talks about the 7th generation and America's has emphasized "rights" but has forgotten about "responsibility" and how to create leaders from childhood.

    Nowa Cuming (Dennis Banks) speaks In front of the Capitol Building Washington D.C. in July 2008.

    Kandi Mossett, an enrolled member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations located on the Fort Berthold Reservation within the state of North Dakota, graduated from the University of North Dakota's Earth Systems Science and Policy Program in December of 2006 and now holds a Masters degree in Environmental Management. She has works with the Indigenous Environmental Network

    Hopi Native speaks on Uranium Contamination, healing, Aliens & Prophecy

    Audio from the film Directed and Produced by Gayil Nalls:

    Tom Dostou: The Seven Fires Prophecy 

    "We can no longer be complacent to our eight to five jobs, or punch in the clock and expect the earth to heal itself—the time is too short." — Tom Dostou (Copyright © 1995-2013, by Nalls Studio, All Rights Reserved)

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    Actively Exploring For Uranium In The Athabasca Basin

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    The Athabasca Basin is attracting capital that is looking for 10-20 fold increases.  The key to invest in early stage exploration is to find the right people.  Look for the best personnel who have proven track records of success in this area with this commodity.  
     Jody was instrumental in the discovery of Fission's J-Zone Discovery which was bought by Denison and the Patterson Lake Properties where Fission and Alpha have made a massive discovery.  
     Jody is now the exploration manager for Lakeland Resources (LK.V).
     The share structure may be one of the best in the Athabasca Basin with close to 30 million shares outstanding.  Close to 40% is owned by management and institutions.  There is a very small float for retail investors.  
     When everyone was looking at the Eastern part of the Basin, Jody suggested to look west which was underexplored and Patterson Lake was discovered.  Now Jody is telling Lakeland to go to the northern part of the basin for the next major discovery as this area has been totally neglected by explorers.  
     Listening to Jody as he has made some great calls in the past,  Lakeland has acquired a large land package across the Northern part of the Basin.  Lakeland just announced that exploration is active on the Riou Lake Uranium Property located in the Northern Part of the Basin.  They are doing the initial work for a winter drilling program in the first quarter of 2014.  
     Lakeland believes there will be strong news flow over the coming several months that could build significant value in this early stage situation.  Although this is early-stage and ground floor, this company has the people, the properties and the share structure to potentially create a lot of wealth for uranium investors. 
    Disclosure: Author/Interviewer owns Lakeland and they are a sponsor on my website.

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    Uranium Legacy on Navajo with Chris Shuey Southwest Research

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    For decades the Navajo Nation has been explored and mined for Uranium. Its legacy is deadly and has immediate and long-term disastrous effects on the health and welfare of the Dine people. The waters are contaminated with radionuclides; the land and air are also contaminated. 
    Chris Shuey is well versed; having lived and studied 30 years the effects of Uranium mining and milling on Navajo. Chris will share with us his knowledge and will speak about the “First” Navajo Nation wide Birth Cohort Study.
    Visit EPA's website for more detailed info:

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    Uranium Legacy on Sioux Nation with Charmaine White Face

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    The Great Sioux Nation is made up of seven sub nations and called itself, Oceti Sakowin.  Yet, because of deceit, greed, and dishonesty by the United States, six of the sub nations almost totally disappeared by the beginning of the 20th Century.
    In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed an Executive Order in secret declaring this four-state region of the country to be a "National Sacrifice Area" for the mining and production of uranium and nuclear energy.
    In southwestern South Dakota, the southern Black Hills contain many abandoned uranium mines. Nuclear radiation near Edgemont, SD, polluted the underground water of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation according to a study completed in the 1980s by Women of All Red Nations.
    Our speical guest today is Charmaine White Face, Zumila Wobaga, (66) is Oglala Tituwan Oceti Sakowin (Oglala Lakota from the Great Sioux Nation).  She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.  As the Spokesperson for the Sioux Nation Treaty Council, established in 1894, she authored a book called Indigenous Nations Rights in the Balance, An Analysis of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples after attending the debates for a number of years at the United Nations.
    In 2002, she founded and continues to coordinate Defenders of the Black Hills, a non-profit environmental organization which received the international Nuclear Free Future Award for Resistance in 2007, in Salzburg, Austria. Ms. White Face is a Physical Scientist and Biologist.  She taught at the college level prior to becoming a writer.  She has been trying to increase awareness of the radioactive pollution in the Northern Great Plains since 2003.
    Defenders of the Black Hills website is: http://www.defendblackhills.org/

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    Tommy Rock from Northern Arizona University (NAU) Against Uranium

    in Education

    This weeks guest is Tommy Rock a NAU student research assistant and formerly associated to the Native Learning Center and Navajo Nation EPA

    Graduate Assistant at Northern Arizona University and Owner at Rock Environmental Consulting, AZ

    Mr. Rock will share his research his research paroject studying the impact of uranium contamination on the livestock in the Cameron Community on the Navajo Nation.

    NAU Against Unranium Website is: http://nauagainsturanium.wordpress.com/

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    Uranium Citizen's Watch Tri-Valley CAREs

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    Scott Yundt, Staff Attorney for TriValley CAREs is our special guest this week.  He will be informing us on recent news about plans to move Plutonium Bomb Cores to and from Los Alamos Lab in New Mexico to Livermore Lab in Northern California through the Navajo Nation along the I-40 corridor.

    We will also learn much more about the policies and actions undertaken by TriValley CAREs to avert environmental callamidies and human exposure posed by the Nuclear (Uranium) chain industry.

    To follow and support their research and public education please visit their website at:




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    Is Hillary Clinton Inevitable?

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle discusses recent scandals involving Hillary and Bill Clinton.   He asks the question, “Is Hillary Clinton as President inevitable?”

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    Uranerz Energy (URZ): Fully Permitted and Financed For Uranium Production In Ear

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    With the recent closing of the $20 million State of Wyoming loan, Uranerz has all the permits and financing to begin production at its Nichols Ranch In Situ Uranium Mine in the Powder River Basin.  The company has attractive off take contracts with some of the largest U.S. utilities and is undervalued compared to its peers.  It must be considered immediately as it finds support along its 200 day moving average.  As it moves into production in the 1st quarter of 2014, I believe the shares could be rerated higher as it begins to generate revenues and attract value investors.  With a low uranium spot price Uranerz has the advantage of having off take contracts at higher prices.  This future income may distinguish Uranerz from its peers in the U.S. uranium mining sector in 2014.  The uranium sector is undergoing a major process of being cut off from cheap Russian uranium which came from nuclear warheads.  The U.S. is the largest consumer of uranium with 104 nuclear plants and has relied on imported uranium from Russia over the past twenty years.  However, that has come to an end in 2013.  For many years I have been preparing my readers for this time when the market would go into a major supply deficit.  Unfortunately, the wildcard that was dealt to my readers many whom are experienced uranium investors was the Fukushima disaster caused by a once in a generation earthquake.  Despite that event, I predicted at that time that new nuclear reactors will continue to be built despite others who claimed the death of the nuclear sector.  Now close to two years after Fukushima there are more nuclear reactors being built than before the tragedy.  Despite following this sector for many years, new investors have the opportunity to get in at ground floor prices.   

    Disclosure: Author/Interviewer owns URZ and the company is a sponsor on my website.

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    European Uranium: Advancing Towards Feasibility

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    European Uranium (EUU.V or EUUNF) stands out in the junior uranium space as it owns the high grade uranium Kuriskova deposit in Slovakia that is at the advanced Feasibility stage.  Europe only has one uranium mine currently in production.  This project could be the next major uranium producer for the European Continent and is expected to come into production at the end of this decade.     It is one of the highest grade advanced projects outside of the Athabasca Basin.  The company published a pre-feasibility study that demonstrated the Kuriskova Project could be one of the lowest cost uranium producers.  Unlike so many other juniors, European Uranium's project is at the advanced Bankable Feasibility stage.     The deposit is located in Slovakia where over 60% of its power comes from nuclear, yet the country has no domestic supply.  This project could fill Slovakia's increasing uranium demand and even export a surplus to neighboring countries.  Europe is the largest per capita user of nuclear power.     The company made a major milestone in 2012 by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Slovakian Government.  This agreement recognizes Kuriskova as a strategic asset that could provide the country with its own domestic uranium supply.   European Uranium is advancing toward publishing a bankable feasibility study on Kuriskova.  The company is continuing to build local and federal support with the Slovakian Government.   .   Disclosure: Jeb Handwerger is a shareholder of European Uranium and they are a sponsor on my website.