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    Unusual Show: Topic discussed: Re-Homing Your Unwanted Fish

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    Healthy fish  should never be a problem to get rid of. Any of the following options is preferable to dumping or flushing:

    Local Fish/Pet Shop - See if they will take your unwanted fish. Some will even pay you a small price for them.
    ?Other fishowners - Advertise if you have to, you'll be surprised by how many fishowners are willing to adopt your fish.Fish Clubs - Check to see if there is a fish club in your region. Odds are someone in the club will gladly take your fish.

    Schools, nursing home's, or office's - Any place that has an aquarium may agree to take your fish. If they don't have an aquarium, consider donating yours. Nursing homes and schools often welcome such gifts, and it might even be tax deductible.

    Diseased fish are a little more difficult to deal with. Obviously they cannot be given away. However, they should never be dumped into local waterways or flushed. Sick Fish that cannot be cured should be quickly and mercifully euthanized before being disposed of in a sanitary landfill.

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    Attaching Spirits: Evicting Unwanted Guest

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    Attaching Spirits:"Evicting Unwanted Entities"

    What happens when souls are supposed to move on, but they stick around instead? Or harmful entities that prey on human souls? Where do they gather and hangout most, what different types of attaching spirits are there, Who do they attach to, and how can we protect ourselves from them?

    This week we'll discuss a topic which is not too well known, but effects a wide scale number of peoples and helps explain some of the negative circumstances that afflict individuals for which scientists and doctors have no diagnosis. Join us with your experiences and questions on this exciting topic about "Attaching Spirits" and how to remove them!

    Join The Angels of Light Freedom Broadcast for another amazing show. Your host Initiate Brian* Jamil* Jamie* Robert* and Alexander from Berkeley*


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    CALL IN: (646)595-4385
    e-mail us @:angelsoflightradio@gmail.com


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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Our weekly look inside the world of bail bonds and bounty hunting. We touched on the subject last week and I want explore it more deeply. When a bondsman engages the services of a third party recovery agent there are some potential liability issues. What are the best practices.

    Identification, on eBay you can buy all sorts of fancy badges for under $20. There were also a couple of sites that will make a personalized plastic ID card with picture hologram etc. I am tempted to get one, just to see exactly what it says. I would estimate that for under $100 you can set yourself up as a pretty convincing looking Recovery Agent.

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Our weekly look inside the world of bail bonds.

    Dan Abrahans of I Uncuff has an interesting case. A defendent is bailed out and the very next day is deported to Guatemala. Logic says that it should be a no brainer to get off the bond. However logic and justice are not always in lock step.

    I thought that the story had to be a one in a million, but apparenty it has happened in the past to at least one of the panel members.

    There was also a law suit filed earlier this week by Beth Chapman against OK based hunter lenny Biggers. I have not read it, only the press articles. No pun intended, but it sounds like Beth feels Lenny has been 'Hounding' her.

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    We are all set for another great program. There is an interesting story out of Oklahoma. It seems complex, so I will let our OK based panel member Lenny Biggers explain it. There is little doubt that aspects of the case are unique to OK, however a large portion seems to be applicable in any state that permits commercial surety.

    I was chatting with a recovery agent earlier this week, he brought up some questions that I had to admit I had not thought about, the first of which is the importance of being physically fit. Sure it seems obvious, but do you need to 'Iron Man' to be an effective Recovery Agent?

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    There are many things that I believe are facts. Sure death and taxes are right up there, but there are many others. I believe that without some serious changes the Bail Bond industry is going to go the way of the Dodo bird.

    The industry faces many challenges and now is the time to unite, not rumble in the mud with each other.

    I see the various flavors of Pre-Trial Release as possibly being the most serious problem the industry has ever faced. There is no point in griping. Hell I gripe about having to take the garbage out, but, I have no better solution, so I take the garbage out!

    It is high time that a serious conversation is held about Pre-Trial. Join us on Saturday for that conversation.

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Our weekly look at the world of Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting. It has not recieved much press coverage, but California seems set on clamping down on Bondsman breaking the rules. Most of the action this week was in the northern part of the state, but LE has said that the sweep will continue south to San Diego. The charges are varied, but a common one is using inmates to solicit new buisness.

    Earlier this week a bit of a fight broke out online. The specifics are not relevent, but the questions it raises most certainly are. Airline pilots are very closely monitored, no booze, no drugs, even many presription drugs can get a pilot grounded. A plane is a  lethal weapon if used incorrectly. Guns are also lethal weapons. A Bondsman is a official of the court, not only must he obey the laws like everyone else, he or she are held to a higher standard than the man in the street. I am interested in hearing from the panel what they think is acceptable behaviour.

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Lots to talk about this week. We are going to start off with a recording. You will have to listen in to hear the subject matter, but it should scare the willys out of any bondsman. William Cobra Staubs gets credit for this one.

    Next Jason Pollack and the problems he faces in California with interstate recovery.

    Dan Abraham has some observations about 'Kids with T-shirts saying Agent on them and badges bought at the dollar store.

    No-one wants more regulation. But unless the Comercial Bond world steps up and polices itself the long term future looks bleak.


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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Our weekly exploration of bail bonds and bounty hunting. I will be joined by William Cobra Staubs, Matthew Silver Todd, and Dan Abraham. We are still finalizing subjects for discussion, but you can be assured it will be another blistering program.

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Our weekly look inside the world of Bail Bonds and Bounty Huntiis the line drawn?ng.

    This week we will be looking at several interesting areas. The ethics of the bail bond industry. No bondsman can be forced to make a bond, where is the line in the sand drawn. How does a bondsman determin what a good risk is? Banks use credit scores, but that doesn't work in Bail Bonds.

    There was a stupid story out of Phoenix, AZ, Based on a tip a group of bounty hunters kicked in the front door of a Police Chief. An oops moment for sure.

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    Strategies for Eliminating Unwanted Habits

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    Get 5 strategies that will help eliminate unwanted habits.  Start the New Year off with power and excitement.  Tune in and learn to take control of your year and have the most exciting year ever.  Repeat show that will help you gain your momentum for the coming year.  2015 is your year to power-up!

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