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    Art Chansky's Book about UNC and Duke Rivalry

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview author Art Chansky  co-author of The Blue Divide: Duke, North Carolina, and the Battle on Tobacco Road


    A complete look at the storied basketball rivalry between the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels, this terrific guide is penned by two authorities on the subject—Art Chansky, a bestselling author and sports reporter who has covered the famed match-up since his days as a student reporter at UNC, and Johnny Moore, who has been intimately involved with Duke athletics for nearly four decades. The book segments the various commonalities the Blue Devils and Tar Heels have shared for more than 60 years, as well as their 250 meetings on the court.  Each chapter covers an in-depth distinct aspect of the rivalry between these two schools, whic are located onkly a mere 10 miltes apart. . This book offers new details on long-forgotten stories, as well as a chance to better understand where the pride and passion of today, vested in the rivalry between the two contiguous competitors.

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    Spears On Sports: Episode 16 (UNC recap)

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    Spears On Sports: Episode 16 (UNC recap) Jason recaps a hardfaught loss to UNC.

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    PUFF TV Morning Convo.. "Battle of the Blues" Duke vs UNC tonight

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    Thank you for listening to PUFF TV Morning Convo!

    If you have any questions about the show please email us... pufftv@me.com

    Thanks and LETS GO DUKE!! 

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    Spears On Sports:,Episode 15 (Cuse game review/at UNC preview)

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    Spears On Sports:,Episode 15 (Cuse game review/at UNC preview)

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    UNC/Duke; Magic Castle; Sandoval's Weight; Random Q's (02-18-15)

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    This week we cover the first meeting between North Carolina and Duke basketball this year.  Can Jahlil Okafor still dominate the paint against their cross town rival?  We'll see what Marcus Paige and his UNC team mates have for a potential upset.  PLUS Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape, proud Duke fan, to break down this matchup plus the latest from Boston's panic over new Red Sox 3B Pablo Sandoval's weight gain... or is it NON gain?  We'll weigh in.   Plus Dave recaps a most delicious trip to the newly remodeled Souplantation, and Dave's friend Ryan in Camarillo joins Dave in Hour 2 to give us a look at the very exclusive "Magic Castle" in Hollywood.

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    Sports Talk Saturday - Duke vs UNC

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    It has been awhile since Brian and Joe have been on so they have plenty to talk about. The big game tonight is not only a rivavlry between schools but also between your two hosts. Tonight is Duke vs UNC Round II. The Tar Heels are riding a 12 game winning streak and have jumped their way to number 14 in the polls. Duke is coming off a 10 point loss on the road at Wake Forest and look forward to returning home and extending their 32 home game winning streak. Brian and Joe will break this down and give you their predictions.

    Some conference tournament have already began as Harvard has clicnhed the first spot in the NCAA tourney, while Florida Gulf Coast returns to the Atlantic Sun Conference championship game on Sunday. Syracuse has lost four out of their last five and let's be honest, has not been putting the ball in the hoop. With Jerami Grant battling back injuries, how will this team fair come tourney time?

    The duo will also talk NBA and MLB as well. make sure you tune in and give em a call!

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    Legendary UNC Coach Dean Smith dies, Kentucky 23-0 & NBA Talk

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    We start off the show remembering Dean Smith, legendary head coach of UNC Tar Heels from 1961-1997. We talk about his impact on and off the court and what he meant to college basketball. In NVAA Top 25 talk, can anyone challenge 23-0 Kentucky? Then we dig into the NBA looking at the Hawks, Bulls, Cavs, Warriors, Grizzles and Thunder. Can the Suns hold on to the 8th seed in the Western Conference? Are the Clippers in trouble without Blake Griffin? We end with our segment "Champs & Chumps" of the sports weekend where we highlight the best and worst of the weekend. Join us at 6PM ET. Call in to the show: 718-664-9098. @RaeAndTayToday www.RaeAndTayToday.com

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    #UNC Alum Tells All, The #NBAFinals, #StanleyCup, & Sour Grapes at #Belmont

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    Rashad McCants blows the whistle on UNC and the basketball program regarding Academic Fraud. We will discuss that and whether the NCAA will get involved. We will also discuss the NBA FInals and whether Lebron should get a break from his cramping episode, the Stanley Cup, and the anti-climatic ending to the Belmont and the run for the Triple Crown. You can catch all of the action live at 6pm ET or anytime at www.blogtalkradio.com/sportsweeklive.

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    Big Blue Views - Our 20th Episode! Guest Mike Pratt & Lots of Cal Talk

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    Mke and Michele welcome guest Mike Pratt to the show tonight.  Also, lots to talk about with Cal's mid-summer's state of the Wildcats press conference and his 2 appearances on Dan Patrick's show.  And let's not forget the NCAA's allegations against UNC - what will happen next?  Tweet us @bigblueviews or call in 646-716-4741

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    Stephen's Sports Blog w/ Casey Walloch

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    NEW EPISODE: Stephen's Sports Blog: Recap NBA Finals Game 1, FOLKS there is a Wade Watch update !!!! The crew will let you know the situation on this matter, also the Chicago Blackhawks win game 1 what doe that mean for Tampa ?? the benches cleared at Marlins-Cubs game, what will the MLB do ??? UNC Sanctions handed down. AND MORE!!!!!!!  Stephen's Sports Blog is LIVE Monday-Friday 2-2:30 PM EST. You can tweet the show HERE @305SportsNLife or you can tweet to @writingfanatic2 and/or @CaseyWalloch. The call-in # is (646) 716-8715, TUNE IN!!!!!! #MSLradio  

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    "Common Law Is Just As Good As Marriage" - COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS on KLJN 107.7

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    Common Law is Just as Good as Marriage 
    New Year's Eve was always festive at Antonio's family's house and Cathy typically always had a good time.  This year her little heart was crushed.  She had gone upstairs to the bathroom while the family was sitting around drinking, laughing, eating just having a good ole grand time.

    Antonio's Uncle Buddy asked him when was he going to marry Cathy considering they were together 15 years and had a 14 year old daughter. Antonio responded by saying  "Nall Unc, that will never happen, you must've fell and bumped your head".

    Meanwhile Cathy was walking down the stairs hearing all of this and Antonio finished by saying "we ARE married... by Common Law."

    Cathy turned hot tamale red in the face and was almost in tears because of embarrassment.

    On the way home Cathy vented her frustrations to Antonio, stating, "when I moved to Ohio and gave you the down payment for the house, you said you were going to marry me.  Whatever happened to that pipe dream you sold me?

    Antonio responded by saying "we are 42 yrs old, what's the point of getting married now? Is it for the the sake of impressing others? "

    "We're doing okay.  We've built more together than most married couples.  Please don't get caught up in the concept of marriage baby, its all a facade, its false."

    When do you think that its too late to get married? Is Common Law just as good as marriage? Is there any truth to what Antonio said to Cathy? Do Titles really matter more than love?  Call the show (347) 237-5342 and press "1' on your phone to talk about this on the air.

    And now here is The Controversial Counselor, David Glover.