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    Uhuru Hip Hop Movement presents the FootSouljahs (Episode 44)

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    The FootSouljahs and a host of different topics. Check out the new video "Tired Of It All" http://youtu.be/BnK5J7gvKQg

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    Join Iya Adjua, The Culture Rebel & Baba Amin Imamu Ojuok, Uhuru Academy/Tx!

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    Join Iya Adjua, The Culture Rebel & Baba Ojuok, CEO/Founder of "The Uhuru Academy!" The Uhuru Academy in Fort Worth, Tx is an independent institution of learning dedicated to developing programs that encourage, educate, and empower young people to succeed!

    MISSION:                                                                                                                                                           Our mission is to provide parents with an alternative to education that is culturally relevant and global in scope. For students, we aim to build their self esteem by telling the truth about their history and the impact that their people have had on the human family.

    Contact Info: 682-233-5054 or email at uhuru4youth@gmail.com

    Presently this independent school is having a fundraiser, please support this effort!


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    The Movement Revisited Capitalist Top Ten

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    This episode of Struggle & progress was originally broadcast on June 13, 2010 with Abasi Baruti and Shaka Uhuru "Top Tep Reasons Why Capitalism is bad for your health" visit blogtalkradio.com/rokthekonvo or call 646-716-9236




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    The Death Culture Part 2: Gangsterism Or Uhuru (Episode 10)

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    The Affects Of Gangsterism And Gangsta Rap On Our Youth Mentally And Physically. A Field Report From The Nation Of Islam.

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    LIVE:Black Uhuru Original Derrick "Ducky Gong" Simpson

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    City” “Brutal”, and “Great Train Robbery”, that track also played on a popular video game Grand Theft Auto. Sadly in 1990, due to ill health, Sanda “Puma” Jones passed away of cancer. Junior Reid shortly went solo.Then the original three re-united. They released four albums Now, Iron Storm, Mystical Truth and Strong. Each album was nominated for grammy. They made an award winning music video for the track “Tip Of The Iceberg” featuring rap star Ice-T in 1992.This time there was a lawsuit brought amongst the group over the band’s legal rights in Los Angeles county court.  Derrick Simpson won.As the new melenium approached there came a new lead singer yet again from Waterhouse named Andrew “Bee’s” Beckford. They released two albums. Unification was produced by King Jammy & Dynasty was produced by Fitzroy Francis & Duckie. They went on a worldwide tour featuring Sly and Robbie and had the famous producer Scientist as its road engineer. Andrew Bee’s then went solo. In 2007 Duckie & Michael Rose reunited after twenty years. They performed in Jamaica and did one international tour and released the single “Dollars”. In 2011 Duckie reunited with Andrew Bee’s after ten years. He added female backing vocalist Kaye Star and began touring again performing in South America & America.BLACK UHURU recently performed in a Broadway Musical. The red carpeted event “Loving the Silent Tears: A New Msuical” premiered Octeber 27th 2012 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Ca. BLACK UHURU’s long success has allowed them to become embassadors of reggae while earning several achievements in the music industry. With 14 full length albums, 7 instrumental dub albums, and 4 live albums they have the highest record sales in reggae music behind Bob Marley. 

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    Heal a Woman, Heal the World. Healing and Awakening sleeping Goddesses

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    Sakina O’Uhuru, CM MS has been practicing the art of Midwifery for 18 years. She has been providing maternal child health care in underserved areas for 30 years.She held the position as Site Director/Director of Midwifery Services of Morris Heights Women’s Health & Birthing Pavilion during 1999-2004.   MHHC was the first clinic to offer out of hospital prenatal labor & delivery services in an underserved community in New York City.Ms. O’Uhuru is a Clinical Preceptor for SUNY Downstate Midwifery Program.

    In 2002, she founded her private practice, Gentle Spirit Home Birth Midwifery Services where she offers comprehensive women’s health care services. Gentle Spirit Birth is a private practice independently owned and operated with two office locations in both New York and New Jersey.  She has attended well over 500 out of hospital births.

    Publications- Reality Bridges 2013 Volume 3.3 Can African American Women Conceptualize The Midwifery Model of Care As The Gold Standard of Prenatal Care For All Low Risk Women?In 2013 Ms. O’Uhuru published her first Memoir Journey To Birth: The Story of a Midwife’s Journey and A Reflection of The Heroic Women She Served Along the Way.

    Wab/Abt Akhiya Maat
    Wabet Abt meaning- high priestess of purification rights. She is a V-Steam Specialist, Founder of The Art Of 360 Shift, Certified Sacred Woman Educator, Legendary Hair Designer.
    For the pass 25 years has blazed the trails of wholistic living and is currently working on her current projects/movement. STEAM ON IT (The Art Of Vaginal Steaming). Her latest body of work includes the birthing of her book, website and programs.

    Kheru Meri DeFontes- El. Doula, Family herbalist, healer Sister & Friend. Is dedicated in assisting indigenous families heal on all levels from trauma through transformation.


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    OUR COMMON GROUND l ACTWitnesses from Ferguson l Ruby Sales and Uhuru Sekou

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    EOUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham

    "Speaking Truth to Power and Ourselves" 

    Eye-Witness Perspectives from Ferguson 

    "Ferguson Under Seige: Occupied Amerikka 

    Rev. Ruby N. Sales
    Founder, SpiritHouse Project, social activist, scholar,public theologian, and educator.

    Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou
    Author, documentary filmmaker, public intellectual, organizer, pastor and theologian.

    email: OCGinfo@ourcommonground.com 
    Community Forum:

    Twitter: @JaniceOCG #TalkthatMatters
    OCG Blog: http://www.ourcommongroundtalk.wordpress.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OCGTALKRADIO

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    The Ancestors in You

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    As African Kutawanyika, not only have we been removed from our place of origin, traditions, culture, language, and spirituality, but we have been removed from our actual selves.  The original people are no longer original in any sense.  We desperately want to be as the descendents of those who kidnapped and brutally torchered and killed our Ancestors, and systematically destroyed us as a people, even to this day.  

    In order to return to the brilliant people we once were, we must reconnect with ourselves.  In order to make this reconnection we must reach out and communicate with our African Ancestors who are not only with us, but are within us genetically. The Ancestors are very real and present. we are the sum total of all who have come before us. Let us reconnect.

    " Without the knowledge of Self, you will never experience good health." - Uhuru Alkebulon -

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    THE FINAL WAKE UP CALL: Genocide on Melanated People

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    In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated
    A BLACK LIONS PRODUCTION (619) 924-9883
    Brought to you by Abruptly Wake Up the Sleeping 


    For over four hundred years the Stolen Afrikan in AmeriKKKa has been robbed of the ancestry, their Afrikan spirituality, their science and their Story, they have been uprooted and are quickly dying. 
    The results of governmental institutional racism & genocide are chaotic; single parent households, unwed mothers, incarceration coupled with mis-education and the under educated have practically destroyed the black family. Their right minds are being destroyed with religion, drug addition, the prison & education system.
    The continuous bombardments of the court systems manipulation and negative media influence have taken a toll targeted on black children, men and women.
    Society has brainwashed the black women into believing that they don't need their black men. 

    Our women don't believe this because they refuse to see their own reflection, which is their black man because society has convinced the black females to destroy the only true hope for their survival....The Black Man!
    The Black Lions are here to help our women experience the presence of a man so they do not try to defunct his true nature.

    The Black Lions are here to take back our communities, businesses, families & kin our children and our women.

    ...Maybe then our black women will discover that A Black Man was all she really needed in the first place.
    We need our women by our side in the revolution. Let’s Talk about it. (619) 924-9883

    All viewpoints expressed on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators of Abruptly Wake Up The Sleeping: Join the conversation - Uhuru Sasa

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    live chat: Black Uhuru lead vocalist JUNIOR REID in house

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    Reid, who is known for songs such as One Blood and Funny Man, as well as being the man who replaced Michael Rose as lead vocalist for Black Uhuru, has seen his One Blood musical family grow tremendously with the addition of his brother, Bomb A Drop; older sons, Andrew and Wada Blood; and now two younger sons Juju Blood and Yung JR.Juju Blood, one of the latest additions, is aiming to leave a mark as prominent as that which was left by Junior Reid.The young artist, who described his genre of music as reggae/dancehall and hip hop, delivered with a singjay style, said he is extremely thankful to his father for the foundation he set.“He has had a major impact on my career. I look up to him and I see the great works that him put in, because a nuff things him do but sometimes people don’t acknowledge it. At the same time a my legend that, suh mi just love wah him do fi we. I want to be like him or be better than him,” Juju Blood told The Gleaner.He shared that with his brothers also in the business, it’s sometimes feels like a family affair.“It’s such a great joy to be sharing the stage with my brothers and my father. We have the opportunity and we’re gonna make use of it because a nuff yute nuh have the opportunity weh we have,” he said.The group shares a strong musical relationship as Juju said that that they all have an input in each other’s career in aspects such as songwriting and performance suggestions.

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