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    Xena and the End. And the Beginning.

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    As F4F Radio winds to a close next month, we take time in May to wrap up an ongoing program tradition where we discuss “Xena: Warrior Princess” every six months.  This tradition started with an interview of three prominent Xena fanfic and “uberfic” authors in January 2010, followed by three more in June.  Due to the fandom’s enduring and massive popularity, this eventually metamorphosed into annual May and November segments where author interviews gave way to panel discussions with authors and fans about Xena, the heroines, the villains, the storylines, the comedy, the everything!  Tonight we’ll have one last panel where the conversation will fittingly include Xena’s final episodes, as well as the way the series continues to influence fans to this day.  Once again I’ll cede my place as host to author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, a treasured and reliable contributor to this program whose role has evolved from being a guest on that June show, to recurring cohost, to regular moderator of the Xena panels.  Also returning from past panels will be hardcore fans Adm_Hawthorne, Kelly Neal, Zea Apa, and Chris Salameno.  Join us as we take one final look at how Xena changed lives, before F4F Radio draws its own conclusion in June.   

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    Warrior Princess 102: Fans STILL Discussing 'Xena'

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    F4F Radio has been discussing "Xena: Warrior Princess", even now enormously popular among fans of lesbian pairings on TV because of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, every six months for the past three years. In May 2012 it was time for a fifth conversation, and appropriately enough we welcomed back author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, who had been involved with the previous three Xena shows as either a guest or a cohost. Rather than focus on fan fiction or "uberfic" that time, however, that night we began discussing the television show itself. Kim and I were joined, not by Xena fanfic authors, but by two more longtime fans of the show - Zea Apa and Kelly Neal. And we were prepared to talk about EVERYTHING we loved most about the show, from the subtext to the story arcs to the comedy.  What we were not prepared for was how much time we'd need.  When it was time to wrap up, we'd only covered HALF of what we wanted to discuss.  So tonight, everyone returns to pick up where we left off.  And this time, we'll also be joined by Adm_Hawthorne, a guest from my last Rizzoli & Isles show, who was slated to appear in May but couldn't make it. BATTLE ON!

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    Warrior Princess 101: Fans Discuss "Xena"

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    F4F Radio has been discussing "Xena: Warrior Princess", even now enormously popular among fans of lesbian pairings on TV because of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship, every six months for the past two years.  Looks like it's time for a fifth conversation, and appropriately enough we welcome back author/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, who has been involved with the last three Xena shows as either a guest or a cohost.  Rather than focus on fan fiction or "uberfic" this time, however, tonight we'll be discussing the television show itself.  Kim and I will be joined, not by Xena fanfic authors, but by three longtime fans of the show - Zea Apa, Kelly Neal and Adm_Hawthorne.  And we'll be talking about EVERYTHING we loved most about the show, from the subtext to the story arcs to the comedy.   

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    3rd Season, 3rd Time - Xena Authors T. Novan and Ali Vali

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    Two years ago on this date, Femslash4Fans Radio had just taken its first few, crawling steps out of the primordial ooze of dead air.  I had hosted a few "talk radio format" shows, but the first "interview" segment came weeks later on June 2, 2009.  But now F4F embarks on the third year of its existence, and to mark the occasion of that first interview, it is perhaps only fitting that we host a third show on the "Xena: Warrior Princess" fandom.  During the first two Xena shows I interviewed six of the best Xena fanfic/uberfic authors out there.  That's not counting the individual Xena authors who have cropped up in one fandom discussion or another, from "Guiding Light" to "Bad Girls".  Or those authors whose time spent in the Xena fandom marked the beginning of their varied fanfic histories, as they shifted effortlessly from one show to the next.  All taken together, I've interviewed over a dozen different people whose names can be found at sites like the Academy of Bards or the Athenaeum.  And you know, I've only scratched the surface.  So tonight we'll be adding two more names to the list.  T. Novan is the writer of the popular novel "The Claiming of Ford", as well as coauthor of the successful two-parter "Madame President" and "First Lady" along with Advocate.  And Ali Vali is the creator of the "Amazonia" series, the Ramses/Sarah series, AND the Harry/Desi series.  Our cohost for this evening will be Kim Pritekel, returning to this program for the first time since appearing as a guest, along with Susan X Meagher and D. Jordan Redhawk, on my last Xena show in 2010. 

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    Organizational Support - Golden Crown Literary Society Co-Founder Lori L. Lake

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    Having concluded our three-part series on lesbian webisodes, F4F gradually transitions back to fanfic-related topics, but not before making a stop along the way. The Golden Crown Literary Society was founded in 2004 to promote the growth of original lesbian literature, primarily by providing resources and exposure to the lesbian authors upon which the genre depends and connecting readers and authors to celebrate lesbian literature. The GCLS also created the "Goldies", awards given to the best authors of the year at its annual conference, the Mentoring Program for new writers, and a scholarship program. And membership is open to publishers and ordinary fans as well, giving them the opportunity to find new talented faces and support more familiar ones. Fittingly enough, considering the theme of this radio program, many members were themselves at one time fanfic and uberfic authors before they became novelists, and we will be talking to one such person about the past, present and future of the GCLS. Lori L. Lake got her start as Lorelei, Bard of the Lake, author of the uberfic "Gun" trilogy starring Dez and Jay. She went on to become one of the five founding members of the GCLS. Currently the Chair of the GCLS Board and Director of Organizational Development, she has agreed to be the GCLS' spokeswoman for one night. Joining us will be my cohost Susan X. Meagher, who was a guest on my show last year to talk about masterful uberfic such as the "I Found My Heart in San Francisco" series, and who herself is a member of the GCLS and a past Goldie winner.

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    Because Two Hours of "Xena" Really Isn't Enough - Authors SX Meagher, Redhawk, and Kim Pritekel

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    In January 2010 I hosted my first-ever show specifically to discuss the "Xena: Warrior Princess" fandom, and I had a wonderful time with guests Melissa Good, KG MacGregor, and Linda Crist. Normally I devote only a single show to a specific fandom, moving on to other fandoms which are always waiting their turn. In this instance, however, I encountered two facts. One, the listeners really wanted a second show. And two, the fandom is so enormous and the number of great authors is so HIGH, that to only speak with three authors can't even be considered "scratching the surface". Consequently I'll be hosting my second two-hour Xena episode on this night (and okay, you didn't really have to twist my arm very much). This time my guests will be the following, all of whom are both fanfic writers and published authors: Susan X. Meagher, best known for the long-running "San Francisco Series", as well as popular novels like "Arbor Vitae" and "All That Matters"; D. Jordan Redhawk, the writer of "Tiopa Ki Lakota", "Iditarod", and the "Infinity Series"; and writer/filmmaker Kim Pritekel, whose stories include "First", "Control", "Wild", and the upcoming novel "1049 Club".

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    Getting the Dirt on Girltrash's Angela Robinson and Alexandra Kondracke

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    For all the dissatisfaction of fans concerning the relative lack of lesbian storylines on network television, the fact remains that there are a lot of opportunities out there for talented authors to bring their creations to life. And I've had the opportunity to speak to people who have pursued many different paths. From the femslash authors like Fembuck, to the uberfic writers and novelists like Melissa Good, to even the TV writers like Nancylee Myatt, there are plenty of people out there who are creating the content that fans such as you and I demand. In this week's very special segment one of my guests has successfully pursued a path none of my past guests have - screenwriting. I'm honored to have on my show the writer/director Angela Robinson, whose webshort "D.E.B.S." became the motion picture of the same name. (C'mon, you know you've seen it. You've all seen it.) She went on to direct "Herbie: Fully Loaded", then write, produce, and direct episodes of "The L Word", and is now a consulting producer of the HBO series "Hung", which begins its second season in late June. But she may currently be most famous for writing and producing the popular lesbian webseries "Girltrash", which brought together an edgy script and fan favorite actresses from shows like "South of Nowhere", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and "The L Word". We'll talk about her past projects, as well as the new Internet feature film "Girltrash: All Night Long", currently in post-production. We'll also be joined by Alexandra Kondracke, fellow "L Word" writer and director of "Girltrash: All Night Long". And we won't talk about Lindsay, so it'll be a win-win and much fun all around.

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    Office Party - Fellow Blogtalkradio Host and Author Lara Zielinsky

    in Writing

    In case you ever wondered, Femslash4Fans is not the only program on Blogtalkradio.com that talks with the creators of lesbian-oriented fiction. Tonight's guest is my fellow host Lara Zielinsky, whose show "Readings in Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Fiction" has been in existence even longer than this program. Zielinsky got her start, like so many others, in the Xena: Warrior Princess fandom, where she began writing fanfic and uberfic under the name LZClotho. That experience eventually led to the novel "Turning Point", published in 2007 under her real name, followed by the soon-to-be-released sequel "Turn For Home". And when she's not writing, she's hosting her bimonthly radio show, where she "shares excerpts and interviews with authors and others involved in the writing and publication of lesbian and bisexual women's fiction". In this show she'll make the switch from host to guest, as we discuss her fanfic, her novels, her background, and the inspirations for her life as an author and radio personality.

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    Double Your Pleasure - Two Hours of "Xena" Authors Melissa Good, KG MacGregor, and Linda Crist

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    On a special two-hour episode of Femslash4Fans Radio, I'll be talking about quite possibly the oldest, biggest femslash fandom to still rule the Internet today, the one fandom you CAN'T leave out of the discussion. "Xena: Warrior Princess" was more than just a hit spinoff from "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys", one of the highest-rated shows in syndication during its six-year run. It also spawned an enormous fan base in the lesbian community with its two female leads, Xena and Gabrielle; their extremely close relationship; and the "are-they-or-aren't-they" vibe that writers teased audiences with throughout. Did I say vibe? By the later seasons it was practically a NEON SIGN. The writers were clearly aware of what the fans were saying, and rather than freak out and slap them down, the staff clearly played to a point just short of their expectations. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor have made contributions to the fandom beyond their acting as well. There's also the impact the fandom had on the fanfic genre in general. Terms like "altfic", "uberfic" and "femslash" were basically a direct result of Xena/Gabrielle fans. For that reason, I've expanded the show by a full sixty minutes. Well, that and the fact that my guests are three of the longest, most successful, most prolific writers in the fandom, all of whom went on to become published authors in their own right. Tonight's show will feature Melissa Good, author of the "Journey of Soulmates" series and the "Tropical Storm" fics deaturing Dar/Kerry; KG MacGregor, creator of uberfic pairings like Anna/Lily from the "Shaken" stories and Spencer/Ruth from "Malicious Pursuit"; and Linda Crist, aka Texbard, who wrote "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" featuring Kennedy/Carson, as well as the "Between the Lines" vignettes and "Galveston 1900: Swept Away".

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