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    8 Week Fat Loss Challenge: Don't Look Like Santa at Christmas

    in Health

    We’re getting close to Thanksgiving and Christmas – along with cold weather and eating more.  And all that means -- weight gain.

    So, we are going to introduce you to a challenge that is going on – to help you look and feel great when you hit the holiday season.

    It is called the 8-week fat loss challenge that starts on October 24th and ends just before Christmas.

    Alan Winters is the Chief Operations Officer at ProActive Health Solutions that is offering the 8-week fat loss challenge.

    The formula to success is actually simple.

    What are some of the results you have seen?

    And they can do this all online.


    And folks can gear the program for themselves.

    It is cost effective but it allowed people to be responsible for their own health.  Tell us what you saw and why you started this platform that is both wellness and lifestyle.

    What I love I about it – it combines entertainment and wellness -- to get people interested and to stay with it.

    I love that you can create a program for yourself to fit your lifestyle and your specific health needs.  Explain how easy it is to get going.

    What I also love about it – is you can use it while traveling.  Let’s say you are on a business trip.  You can do a high-impact, quick workout – or yoga session in your room.


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    The Week in Podcasting #6 "Movie Minute Sportocracy Life Interrupted"

    in Podcasting

    With Hosts :

    Seth Everett (www.blogtalkradio.com/sebproductions)

    Val Reilly (@valreilly on Twitter)

    Jeff Adams @thejeffadams on twitter  (www.blogtalkradio.com/thejeffadamsshow)

    Producers: Jeff Adams and Jay Soderberg

    Topics this week include: 



    The Movie Minute    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/themovieminute/2015/10/08/joanna-langfields-movie-minute-reviews-of-pan-and-steve-jobs

    Sportocracy      check out Sportocracy on iTunes or go to the website majority.fm


    Life Interrupted Radio www.LifeInteruptedRadio.com and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeinterruptedradio


    NO Bras 


    Send in suggestions for shows we should cover: theweekinpodcasting@gmail.com.

    See ya next Thursday!

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    War a Week Radio with Don Chargin and James Gogue - GGG/Canelo on tap for May?

    in Sports

    Monday, November 23rd, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, 'W ar a Week' Radio presents a special "Canelo vs. GGG" edition of "The Sweet Science" with Hall of Fame promoter and matchmaker Don Chargin and three decade fight trainer James Gogue!!

    Kicking off this evening's program, the six decade boxing proponent will discuss this past weekend's big event from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada!!

    - Who will Canelo fight in May of 2016?

    - What's next for Cotto and Roc Nation Sports?

    - Will WBC be a factor in making Triple G vs. Canelo a reality?

    - Does Canelo need more time before taking on Gennady Golovkin?

    - Is the super fight entriely up to Canelo Alvarez?

    At the 30 minute mark, War a Week Radio will be joined by three decade fight trainer James Gogue!!

    - Post-fight Canelo vs. Cotto analysis

    - Post HBO PPV thoughts and insight

    - The future of Canelo and Cotto

    The Gogue will also give an in-depth analysis of Klitschko vs. Fury!!

    - Strengths and Weaknesses

    - Keys to Victory

    - Gogue's prediction

    Join us for another all-new episode of "The Sweet Science" with Don Chargin and James Gogue!!

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    Transform your life with Kellie and Lisa

    in Self Help

    Who knows what we'll be talking about this week, but it's sure to be something that will enable you to live your best possible life and be the best possible "you."  Each week we try to put a positive spin on current events or on something that has happened to us personally. If there's something happening in your life or something you'd like to hear our take on...please message us or leave a comment below the show and we'll address it.  Please also take a second and follow this channel, it will help us in the btr standings and let us reach more people.

    As always, thank you so much for listening!

  • Free Life Network

    in Entrepreneur

    Live Life on your own Terms, fire your boss in 30 days. Join us; listen in and interact with your host Kaschmiere Rich as he shows you how to get rid of your Rent/Mortgage pamyents and more. An Entrepreneur and Mastermind he has over 16 years of online marketing skills and more experiences as an entrepreneur. He will impart his knowledge upon you and empower you to experience true freedom. Kaschmiere hates to know that you have to leave your home and families to go to work daily, so he is here to share with you about stopping the cycle. 

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    PopHealth Week Month End RoundUp

    in Health

    On Wednesday, November 25th 2015 join los tres amigos aka Fred Goldstein, President, Accountable Health LLC, Douglas Goldstein, innovator and popular keynote speaker aka @efuturist and Health Innovation Media founder and publisher of ACOwatch.com Gregg Masters, aka @2healthguru for a month end review of developments in the population health space including the general movement towards the triple aim.




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    Two essential tools to reclaiming your life

    in Self Help

    Establishing boundaries and trust are valuable tools to redefining your life.

    As a thriver after child abuse, Susan learned that she is entitled to setting boundaries and that trusting herself is a key component to her healing and embracing who she is today.

    Susan has committed her life to speaking about the impact of childhood trauma on the adult survivor. In doing so, she is demonstrating enormous strength and vulnerability. Susan is someone who other survivors can look at and listen to – they can see and hear she’s real, is a survivor and is on a journey to thriving.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, is the author of How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse. She shares her healing journey… and her FREE ebook. CLICK here for a FREE copy of 11 Tools for Happiness. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.

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    The Challenge of Your Life with Jody Bernhardt & Steve Lankfer

    in Health

    Jody Bernhardt

    Vi Model Champion 2015 and Promoter, Personal Trainer, Model, Commercial Actress, Public Speaker, Emcee, Regional Director ViSalus Sciences

    Stephen Lankfer

    20 years successful experience providing fiscal, strategic, and operations leadership to an engineering/manufacturing organization. National Director ViSalus Sciences

    About ViSalus


    One person at a time. 10 lbs. at a time.

    The biggest threat to our health, and the health of future generations, is hiding in the shadows. It’s time to face it. ViSalus leads the way, providing a platform for people to come together and fight obesity head-on. With good nutrition as our foundation and a powerful social network as our mobilizer, we’re committed to providing a real solution to this growing global epidemic. Big companies helped create this problem; we’ve challenged ourselves to be the company and community that helps solve it. 

    Take The Challenge! Click on the link below...


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    LUV & Life

    in Entertainment

    We are here to discuss love, life, relationships, and everyday situations that we go through no matter if you are straight, gay, or anything in between! We're looking for real talk, not just sex talk! ! !

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    Free Life Network

    in Entrepreneur

    Live life on your own terms. Fire your boss in 30 days. Join us; listen in and interact with your hosts Kaschmiere Rich, Dana Johnson and Patience Roper as we show you how to get rid of your Rent/Mortgage payments and more.

    We want to eliminate the necessity of leaving your home and families daily to go on your journey to the (J)ob (O)ver (B)roke to be overworked, underpaid and underappreciated to have more month than money. Let us teach you a simple way to stop that cycle. Tune in Monday & Wednesday @ 8pm est or email us at freelife.solutions@gmail.com or sign up with us at iwantthefreelife@gmail.com

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    Favor Life, The Process Of There...............................

    in Spirituality

    Favor Life is a 15 minute radio empowerment segment designed to encourage the Christian Believer in their walk of faith and trust everyday through life situations and circumstance. The goal of this radio broadcast is to spiritually empower each believer in their process of growing and maturing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ daily. For the Christian Believer ,who is in this world but operate and live in a different system of faith , we learn to manifest the glory of the Lord in our everyday life by faith , trust and obedience to God's Word. The journey of faith and trust is one that is to be enjoyed as we walk in the victory, purpose and destiny of our process to "there". Our "there" place is the place of our making that expresses the identity and character of Jesus Christ to a world who does not see or know Christ unless we show Him even in the conflicts that we face in our everyday life. So join in as we go through the process of "there" and see the favor of our King in everyday life on "Favor Life". 

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