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    Interstate 4 Transformation = Increased Taxes and More Gridlock

    in Politics

    FACT.....I-4 Transformation is NOT about relieving gridlock and improving transportation.  It is all about political money for the special interest cronies, higher taxes and higher cost of living for working Americans

    I-4 Tolls Violate Florida Constitution
    I-77 Lawsuit
    Opposition to Toll Taxes Nationwide
    Modern Day Highwayman

    Alternative Funding for Transportation

    Alternative sources of funding – if needed.  The following sources of highway revenues would have no new collection costs associated with them and do not limit access to the most efficient highways. 

    Increase gas tax.  Compare the increased revenues of a 2¢ per gallon vs. 2¢ toll tax.
    Annual Motor Vehicle Registration Fee/Tax.  A once a year flat “highway tax” of $5.00 for every registered vehicle.  Calculate the net increase in highway revenues for a onetime annual fee/tax.
    Tourist tax allocation.  Tourism has a major impact on traffic and vice-versa.  Allocate a portion (5%) of the tourism tax revenues to the highway fund.  This also promotes tourism by making travel easier and less expensive for the tourist.
    Rental car tax allocation.  Rental cars have a major impact on traffic.  Allocate a portion (5%) of the taxes assessed to rental cars to the highway fund.
    A Portion of state/local sales tax should be allocated to transportation.  The state/local economy drives sales tax revenues.  Transportation of people and goods & services has a significant impact on local sales activity.  Thus, an impact on sales tax revenues.

    Send email to AmericanStatesman@1791.com for more information.

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    Shattered Lives: Raymond Bechard, The Berlin Turnpike

    in Current Events

    Special Guest: Raymond Brechard talks about the epidemic of human trafficking in every city of our country. The Berlin Turnpike is a true story of human trafficking in America as told through the testimony of a trial. The case of United States vs. Dennis Paris provides a unique and detailed account of how a specific type of trafficking – commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) – takes place throughout the United States, involving mostly female minors and young adults.    

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    Episode 40

    in Sports

    as we celebrate being 40 episodes in, we look back at the week that was in the MLB, looking at the Yankees and Phillies, and touching on the NBA and Stanley Cup Playoffs, and also giving insight to the Donald Sterling/LA Clippers Situation.

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    Episode 42

    in Sports

    another fresh episode of Turnpike Sports Talk, with conversations of the week that was in Yankees and Phillies world, with a look back at the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs, and also a look back at the NFL Draft, and where does the NFC East stand heading into the new season.

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    Episode 48

    in Sports

    wow! we actually have as many episodes as there are super bowls! amazing feat for us here at TST. so what's on tap for today? well let's discuss how my Yankees are struggling on their way to the All-Star Break. How Jay's Phillies are trying to maintain in the NL East. some NFL talk here, NHL conversations, and the big talk of the day about the whole Jason Kidd-Nets situation. hope y'all enjoy the show!

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    Turnpike Throwdown

    in Radio

    Sports, talk, mets, phillies, metsblog, giants, eagles,

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    Episode 47

    in Sports

    ahhhh, another week of TST! this week, well, let's discuss how our Yankees and Phillies are doing. after that, why not get into some NFL talk, and what's going on in the league. then to finish off the show, why not talk some World Cup, NHL, and NBA conversations. hope y'all enjoy today!

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    Episode 46

    in Sports

    another new sports week on TST as we look back at the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and the new champions of each league. we'll also talk baseball talk with our struggling Yankees and Phillies, and also the passing of a baseball legend, and hall of famer Tony Gwynn, and his impact on the game. if there's time, which we'll try to make time, some quick NFL talk to get into with OTA's and Mini Camp starting up!

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    Episode 45

    in Sports

    a look back at the week that was in sports. talking Stanley Cup Finals with the Rangers-Kings, NBA Finals with the Spurs-Heat, and all that is in the world of the Yankees and Phillies as we inch closer to the All-Star Break in July. also, quick conversations on the NFL and the OTA's happening for the Giants and Eagles, and other little news going on.

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    Episode 44

    in Sports

    after a week long break thanks to the memorial day weekend holiday, we're back to discuss what has been going on in the world of baseball, looking back at the conference finals in NHL and NBA, and looking forward to the Stanley Cup finals and NBA finals. also, a quick look into OTA's for the NFL.

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    Episode 39

    in Sports

    a look back at the first week of Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs, and the week that was in the MLB, and looking ahead to the games this week in all of sports.