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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Anthony Metivier and Laura Enright

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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass.

    Today's Guests are Anthony Metivier and Laura Enright

    Anthony Metivier

    Anthony Metivier is the author of Lucas Park and the Download of Doom, How to Remember Your Dreams and founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a 21st century approach to the Memory Palace Method that makes memorizing foreign language vocabulary, poetry, and the names of the important people you meet easy and elegant.

    Anthony's books include:

    Lucas Parks and the Download of Doom
    The Tupperware Blitzkrieg


    Laura Enright

    I was raised in Harwood Heights, Ill., a suburb bordering Chicago, growing up across the parking lot from the neighborhood tavern that my grandfather built in the 1930s. I’m all over the map when it comes to what I like in literature, music, TV and movies, but I do tend to veer toward some more than others. In short, I'm interested in any number of things, far too many for my limited free time to accommodate. As a writer I tend to stay in the fantasy and science fiction genres (adding liberal doses of humor when needed) but I’m willing to try my hand at anything, which, curiously enough, led to my three books I’ve published.

    Laura's book:

    To Touch the Sun


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    Dale Lakata – Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Actress

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    “Music is the universal language of mankind,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Lucky for us at the Jersey Shore, this language is widely spoken. Producer, Singer and Songwriter Dale Lakata has been writing and performing for 20 years at the Jersey Shore and tri state area with styles like pop, rock, country, folk, and blues. The Dale Lakata Band is excited that their song "I Need You" (written by Aaron Neville) was in the top 40 for Acoustic Music in the USA this October. She is currently number 4 on the Reverbnation charts for singer songwriter and has been in the top 10 for close to 2 years. Her musical influences include Radiohead, Woodfish, Black Sabbath, Slim Chance & The Gamblers, Eddie Van Halen, and Bruce Springsteen. Dale has been working for her studio Bluebird Productions with Kendall Scott, collaborating on new mixes which have launched on Soundcloud. Recent performances include Decicco's Tavern in Raritan, Crossroads in Garwood, The Cabin in Toms River and Rockin Joe of Union, where they shot a video Turn to Gold, Clearwater Festival in Long Branch, Riverfest in Red Bank, and The Quick Check Balloon Festival with Joan Jett. The band was recorded live at WRSU on Overnight Sensations in September. Upcoming shows will be at Rock N Joe's in Union on Jan 10th and Jan 29th at The Cabin again for a CD release party. This year Dale made her acting debut in The Souless, a film by Chris Eilenstein, and is also the music director for the soundtrack. After the interview, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    K Radio Nov. 25, Life and music in a small town.

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    This edition of K Radio is brought to you by the Corner Turtles and is recorded live at the Wrong Turn Tavern in downtown Keremeos, B.C..  Every week we bring you the sounds of the Similkameen from our location here in the valleys and mountains of Southern British Columbia.  Join us for all the latest goings on from our small town.

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    K Radio Nov. 18, Join us for Life and Music in a small town

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    This edition of K Radio is brought to you by the Corner Turtles and is recorded live at the Wrong Turn Tavern in downtown Keremeos, B.C..  Every week we bring you the sounds of the Similkameen from our location here in the valleys and mountains of Southern British Columbia.  This week we have another visit with the fish whisperer and hear about local fishing for this time of year.  Join us for all the latest goings on from our small town.

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    Master Mixologist, Greg Seider and "ALCHEMY IN A GLASS"

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    Greg Seider has worked at notable culinary and cocktail destinations such as The Mercer Kitchen, Asia de Cuba, The Box, Minetta Tavern, and The Standard Hotel in Miami. In 2009, he opened The Summit Bar, which New York Magazine named Best New Cocktail Bar that year.  He created the cocktail program for the lounge at the three Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bernardin and co-owns the restaurants Prima and Manhattan Cricket Club. 

    Drawing on his years of experience developing cocktail programs for chefs, as well as for his own bars and a host of others, Greg Seider is a master mixologist highly regarded for his technique and approach to creating cocktails. In ALCHEMY IN A GLASS: The Essential Guide To Handcrafted Cocktails, Seider shares more than 50 inspired recipes for original cocktails, classics with a twist, punches, spirit infusions, bitters, and tinctures.

    ALCHEMY IN A GLASS: The Essential Guide to Handcrafted Cocktails

    By Greg Seider

    Foreword by Jim Meehan

    Photography by Noah Fecks

    Rizzoli New York

    PRICE: $24.95 US and CAN


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    Philly Pressbox Radio Live from Buckets Tavern

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    Jim "Chet" Chesko will be on the phone as Ed Chambers and Bill Furman are live with the "Philly of the South" Eagles fan club in Tampa Florida to lead up to the Eagles - Jags game. Mike Kline, the clubs founder, will be there live as well, along with Tampa Swoop. The Shop for Kisses phone lines will be open. Feel free to give  a call or if you're in the Tampa Bay area stop by Buckets Tavern & Tap, 4535 Gunn Hwy. Tampa FL. 3324. 

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    K Radio - Small Town Life and music

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    The Corner Turtles bring you another episode of K Radio, recorded live at the Wrong Turn Tavern in Keremeos, B.C.  Hear the news and goings on of life, as we see it, in a small town in the mountains and valleys of Southern British Columbia.

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    K Radio Life and Music in a Small Town

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    This week's edition of K Radio is brought to you by the Corner Turtles and has a few new pieces of music that have come in through the Open Mic held at the Wrong Turn Tavern.  WE come to you each week, rcorded live at the Wrong Turn Tavern in Keremeos, B.C. Enjoy!  The delay in posting has been caused by difficulty loading files for the show.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Award-winning Guitarist, Tom Lagana!

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    It has been several years since Tom Lagana and I have had the chance to talk.  Let's just say that he's a BUSY man. Here's why: Tom's a Jazz guitarist - but also well known for his master classes in Classical.  And he has performed with orchestras: he has played with the NSO, alongside Eric Idle of Monty Python.  And was with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra when John Waters celebrated his 30th anniversary of "Hair Spray."  He's also a composer and bandleader and he takes his teaching abilities very seriously.  Towson State University (where he received his Masters of Music) and the University of Maryland  are two wonderful institutions that are grateful to him.

    So you see that it has been a TAD tricky to rope Tom into another interview!  The last time was when we were face-to-face in a radio station's studio.  And we were focusing on Tom's last CD - which is why we're catching up NOW - because he has a new one!  "Vol. 1"  is what this beautiful collecton is called, featuring the group with George Garzone.  With Bossa, Jazz favorites and originals.  Exceptional music by a seasoned and passionate artist who was mentored by the legendary Charlie Byrd.  So close a relationship was theirs that Charlie hand-picked Tom to play at his favorite watering hole (also legendary), The King of France Tavern.  That's where Tom & his Trio became fixtures.  

    There has been much that Tom has seen in his wonderfully satisfying career - early success came in the Walt Disney Jazz Band in Orlando, Florida.  He also won the Sidney Lieberman Competition, an award that is usually given to pianists.  Tom was the first guitarist to be honored.  "Just Jazz Guitar" featured his analysis of Pat Metheny's work, which thrilled Pat. Learn more about Tom at www.tomlagana.net 

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    BBW Positive Hip Hop Artist BLACKWELL

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    Down in the Florida heat a Hip Hop Artist is making his rounds on the scene featuring some Plus Positive rhymes with head bopping beats. BLACKWELL'S grind has him opening for some impressive names but LargeInCharge Radio has got some questions.

    Join us tonight while our Host Raqui and Co-host Ken learn more about BLACKWELL the man and the artist.  We will be asking some serious questions. Do BBW Positive Artists get the same respect as other artists in the industry, is he ever discriminated against because of his Size Positive Lyrics, do others take you seriously or are you treated as a fad? these questions and more.


    Born and raised in Ohio, Hip Hop and R&B artist Blackwell has been writing and performing since the age of 15, since developing his skills of playing guitar, drums, piano, and sax. He’s been largely influenced by such artists as Jay-Z, Eric B. and Rakim, LL Cool J, and Scarface.

    He played gigs in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York area for the last ten years. Currently performed The House of Blues in Cleveland, and various venues in Columbus from Alrosa Villa, Burnzie's Tavern, Skully's Music Diner, and Nationwide Arena.

    Blackwell uses a mix of old and new school style in his lyrics which tackle real to life issues. He describes his style of music as, “Music to wake up your eardrum!” He’s opened for such national acts as Kayne West, LL Cool J, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Paul Wall, Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Drake, Ray Jr., and Twista.

    Blackwell has formed his own production company and management, ”Blakk Nation Music”, that will feature new and upcoming acts of all genre of music, and continues to develop new artists and present new material.

    Featured Tracks: BBW (Dubstep Style) - Blackwell ft D Jones-Plus Size Heartbreak - RALPH TRESVANT FT BLACKWELL & RONNIE DEVOE-YOU NEED A MAN

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    K Radio - Small town Life & Music

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    From the mountains and valleys of Southern British Columbia, the Corner Turtles bring you another episode of K Radio, recorded live in the Wrong Turn Tavern in Keremeos. Represrenting local news, music and artists in general, tune in for a taste of small town life as we see it here in Keremeos, B.C.

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