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    The Metal Hammer of Doom - Celtic Frost - "Cold Lake"

    in Music



    You're nice and full, just had dinner, maybe even seconds, topped it off with a little dessert and ready to slip into that tryptophan coma, when SUDDENLY there's a forceful pounding at the door. Who could that be at this late hour. All the guests have gone, don't they know its the holidays? And where is that loud music coming from? You reach for the door when its kicked open!


    Standing there with evil grins are Robert Cooper and Jesse Starcher... THE THANKSGIVING METAL HAMMER OF DOOM CREW! But what is it they have on that plate they are holding? Another TURKEY?!? But not just any turkey. This is a very very bad turkey in the form of an album by Celtic

    Frost called “Cold Lake.”



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    Friday Night Drunken Trivia- Tryptophan Turkey Triva With Addie Martin

    in Politics Progressive

    It's FRIDAY NIGHT DRUNKEN TRIVIA!  The only game show where the consolation prize is YOU GET DRUNK!

    This week the Drunken Ninja Master of All Things Trivia takes on comedian Addie Martin from the Two Dope Girls Podcast. Does Addie have enough turkey day knowledge to take down The Saucey One? Or will Saucey use his big beautiful brain and win the day? Find out this Friday at 8PM!

    So unbutton your pants, grab a beer and a cold turkey sandwich and join us for all the useless knowledge we can shove into your inebriated little earholes!!!


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    Is that your tryptophan or mine?

    in Romance

    Karl, of "Secondhand Tryptophan" will be fighting the drowsies to chat with Eileen and Wombat.

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    Tryptophan Terrors

    in Self Help

    The dreaded stressors of the holiday season are upon us once again. On this week's episode we'll be discussing some tips on how you can embrace those little moments of zen and relaxation amidst the madness of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and throughout the entire holiday season.

  • 02:49

    Curious Times - Christmas Block Party

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Come and combat your tryptophan intoxication. 
    We have a casual open mic show tonight to just have a friendly place for people to come and relax at the end of a busy Christmas day. 

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    November 28: Turkey & Football

    in Sports

    Tis' the season for turkey and football. While giving thanks is cool, Thanksgiving is the man's holiday. Thanksgiving is all about food and football. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo gives thanks for food, football, and also the asininity that is the sports world. 

    Richard Sherman cut a pro wrestling style promo, bringing to light the hypocrisy of the National Football League. This was done to defend teammate Marshawn Lynch, who to say doesn't like speaking to the media would be a grave understatement. Does Lynch, as a professional athlete, have an obligation to speak to the media? Did Sherman have a point in everything he said about the NFL? Are Sherman's opinions that of the majority of NFL players? 

    This week on "As The Asinine RGIII Turns!" Robert Griffin III has finally been benched by the Washington Redskins. How long had this been in the works? Is RGIII's career in DC officially over? Has he sucked? Yes? Has he been an immature buffoon? Absolutely. Which played more of a factor? 

    The MLB Hot-Stove is boiling over already. Pablo Sandoval left San Francisco to get PAID by the Boston Red Sox. George moans about loyalty. Mike explains overrated or not, it's all about the MONEY. 

    Even while full of tryptophan, the Howitzer and Buzz-saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

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    Beyond the Airwaves Episode #104 -- Black Friday INVADES Thanksgiving!

    in Entertainment

    This is Beyond the Airwaves: The Infinity Project, where we go beyond the mainstream media and tackle issues that don't seem so important to the major networks.

    Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday where the family spends that quality time together, starting with the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, enjoying the turkey in any way, and then chilling out with all the football games and specials on TV (or just sleeping off the afternoon thanks to the tryptophan.) Unfortunately, some retail businesses, including Macy's, are starting "Black Friday" sales as early as 12 noon on Thanksgiving Day. Even worse, some of the big-name retailers are forcing employees to come in or face termination. Has Thanksgiving lost its holiday appeal? Is Black Friday even worth it anymore? We'll discuss the situation and look at the Facebook page "Boycott Black Thursday," one of many that have appeared to bring back Thanksgiving as the holiday it should be.

    Ikari Chaos-San is the founder and creator. Shirley is truly the Oddball Extreme. Janet is our resident Arizona Magician. Heather is Queen Kitty Serenity. Mike the King of Hearts is our video game wizard. We'll also have guest appearances by our friends from the MAD HOUSE, so come and listen in!

    Visit our official website at http://beyondtheairwaves.weebly.com and don't forget to join in the conversation on the forums located on our official website. We want you guys and gals, the fans, to tell us what's on your mind and what you feel is important to cover, so let us know what you want to hear.

    **All sound effects are protected under fair use provisions and are NOT intended to create any copyright infringement.**

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    Essential Amino Acids

    in Health

    Tonight we will discuss 3 important amino acids- L - Arginine, L- carnitine and L-tryptophan. Learn about these the uses of each of these amino acids.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Everything You Need To Know About Protein

    in Fitness

    What is Protein?

    See also: What is Fibre?

    The word ‘protein’ refers to a type of molecule in food that can be broken down into amino acids. The body needs twenty amino acids - as a biological machine it can create (or synthesize) eleven of these itself.  However there are nine, called ‘essential amino acids’ that the body cannot create and has to gain through the consumption of food. 

    These ‘essential amino acids’ are: Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Valine and Histidine.  

    When we eat, the body breaks down the protein in food in order to create the amino acids that it needs.

    Although most foods contain protein some foods are richer in some of the essential amino acids than others. Usually, therefore, foods need to be combined so that the body receives all the amino acids it needs on a daily basis – part of the reason that a varied, balanced diet is essential to us.  For example, if you ate only blueberries you may start to lack the Tryptophan, Lysine and Histidine that your body needs - introducing some meat and/or cheese into your diet would help to address these deficiencies.

  • 00:56

    Honey Badger Don't Care, anti-declawing; chicken vs turkey in pet food

    in Pets

    First on Cat Chat & Dog Talk (12-03-2013) #3018: Dr Patrick and Tracie welcome the effervescent Randall, the voice of the YouTube sensation Honey Badger to talk about his commitment to the anti- declaw documentary The Paw Project and the non-profit Dogs for the Deaf.

    Then on Pet Food Advisors (12-03-2013) #7018: Talking turkey: all about the amino acid tryptophan that it contains, and what the difference is between turkey and chicken in pet food and beyond.

  • 00:31

    Sarah Kingston / Healthy Recipes Plus Protein, Fat and Carbs in The Diet

    in Fitness

    Protein is one of the most important substances we consume. After this article you will know how much protein your body needs. The function it plays in survival, the way it is processed and used.

    Other than water, protein is the most abundant nutrient in the body. Protein is a chain of linked units called amino acids. The protein you eat is split apart into these amino acids, absorbed in the small intestines, then rearranged and put back in the blood stream. These new arranged proteins carry out specific functions to maintain life. All living tissues are made up of twenty-two essential and nonessential amino acids. Essential amino acids are not made by the body and must be supplied through diet. There are nine essential amino acids: Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine. The remaining thirteen are nonessential amino acids produced in the body and not essential to consume through the diet.