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  • Worst and Most Dangerous Jobs

    in Entertainment

    Think your job is bad?

    Boss yelling at you daily?

    Never get to sit down?

    Wait until you hear about these jobs! You'll be thankful for what you have.

    Join hosts Logic, Oran, Cee & Char. Of course me too, Ky!

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    Suicide by Truck and the truckers who survive

    in Current Events

    Saturday August 22nd 2015 6PM ET

    Tonight is a very solemn topic for truckers, Suicide by Truck, discussing the horrible incidents of pedestrians and four-wheelers, who choose speeding trucks as an instrument of their suicide  Although the subject matter is not uncommon among veteran drivers, it's not often a preferred topic of discussion in the chat rooms.

    A  truck driver whose truck has been randomly chosen as the means to anothers' end, may silently struggle for years with the horrific guilt and graphic memories of the incident.
    Our guest tonight on AskTheTrucker Live  is Carolyn Magner Mason, special contributor for Overdrive Magazine.
    Carolyn has recently written the eerily popular “Suicide by Truck” 4 part series for Overdrive Magazine.

    Video of 'Suicide by truck' on I-35E in Texas caught on owner-operator's dashcam.

    Call in tonight and share your thoughts about this topic, whether it be an opinion, or your own personal experience or even near experience of "Suicide by Truck".


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    Dangerous Jobs

    in Entertainment

    Dangerous Jobs of 2105

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    Financial Free for All guys debate the jobs news

    in News

    The Financial Free For All guys debate the surprising jobs report.

  • Author and Leadership Expert Shares Results-Driving Business Success Principles

    in Entrepreneur

    Talk Show Host, Lori Wilk, interviews Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and the#1 Leadership Expert to Follow on Twitter about his results-driving business success principles from his new book called "FAST."  According to Gordon Tredgold, "These 4 principles are necessary in achieving success and driving business results." FAST is a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies what is needed in order to be successful. Gordon writes and speaks in a straight forward manner which is pragmatic and easy to follow. He will challenge you to think differently about the way you approach your leadership and also your life. This is an episode that you won't want to miss. The phone lines are open during our live calls if you'd like to speak to our guest and host at 347.237.5638. http://www.GordonTredgold.com

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    No more TAG protecting kids emotional security? - Jobs going away!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Pro-life message silenced at UNC claiming it was "triggering". Replaced with #BlackLivesMatter, #MuslimLivesMatter, & #GayLivesMatter.

    Nate Imhoff talks unsportsmanlike conduct, hits on officials, assault, and recent sports issues. Are kids so sensitive that they can't even handle sports anymore? Is it the "sport"'s fault? Do sports make kids aggressive, or are kids just ill-equipped to handle losing?


    Hr2   Playing tag banned during school recess to ensure physical & emotional safety. What are we doing to our kids???

    Michael Hausam brings in a Libertarian viewpoint. Talking political correctness, losing our sense of humor, and instituting "bias incident response teams" on college campuses.

    Playing tag banned during school recess to ensure physical & emotional safety. What are we doing to our kids???

    Michael Hausam brings in a Libertarian viewpoint. Talking political correctness, losing our sense of humor, and instituting "bias incident response teams" on college campuses. 


    Hr3   Postgraduate student reading Terrorism Studies textbook falsely accused of being terrorist. Can't be too careful these days...

    10 things you may not know about Vatican City.

    Jobs update. Caterpillar plans to cut 5k-10k, wiping out entire towns.

    Remember when being on government aid was embarrassing?

    Unopposed school board candidate couldn't get elected. Nobody voted. Not even himself. Idiot!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Labor Day and the latest jobs & participation reports PLUS the crisis in Europe

    in Politics

    Guest:  Dr. Ileana Johnson, author, economist........we will look at August's jobs report, from the new 5.1% unemployment rate to the 62% participation rate.......what does it all mean?    why are so many people telling pollsters that the economy is bad?   Plus we will look at the refugee crisis in Europe...




  • ScreenPicks Movies: Transporter Refueled, Steve Jobs Documentary, Dirty Weekend

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films. First, we look at the fourth movie in the Transporter series, Transporter Refueled. Then, we review a new documentary called Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Finally, we'll look at the indie film with Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve called Dirty Weekend.

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    Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Energy Show - DRIVING FOR UBER

    in News

    How is everybody this week?  Is it kinda hard to get back to work?  Or did you work all weekend?  I have always worked in jobs that work the holidays -  front desk of a hotel, gift shops in hotels, etc. If you work in the hospitality industry, you know that a Holiday Weekend means you will work harder!   So if you worked harder over the Labor Day Weekend - maybe you work at a hospital, maybe you work at an airport, maybe you work at a grocery store, or other kind of store that is open on Holidays.   The Labor Day holiday was suppose to be a day of rest!!  ha ha

    I drove for UBER during the Labor Day Weekend!!   What fun!   I took people to restaurants, to bars, to hotels, to the airport, to friend's houses.  The young people are really smart.  They have money so if they want to drink, they use UBER.  They are so much fun.  We laugh and joke and enjoy each other.   I am from Indianapolis so having grown up with the Indy 500 - I drive like A.J.!   

    So as usual, we will be looking at our energy levels -- where we are in the middle of the week - where we are in the pursuing of our hopes and dreams - what is the level of our happiness!

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    Are you empathic? Is it driving you crazy?

    in Spirituality

    Join your host Clairvoyant Psychic & Spiritual Teacher Bernadette Dickinson for a lively discussion on being empathic. Empaths pick up on the energy around them from their environment and people around them. Learn how to deal with it on this week's Hidden Wisdom Radio Show. I will also be broadcasting LIVE on Google Hangouts On Air too, watch here 

    Live Chat and Calls 347-324-3891

    Hidden Wisdom Radio is an oasis of spiritual teachings that will help you in love, work, family and all aspects of daily living. Featuring topics on awakening your spiritual power and creating a fulfilling human experience while pursuing your best physical, intellectual and spiritual self.

    For a private consultation visit Bernadette's website www.bernadettedickinson.com

    Be sure to checkout upcoming informational Blog posts.

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    The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

    in Politics

    Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......we will look back at the new Russian role in the Middle East.......how does the US react to President Putin's aggresive policies?  The latest jobs report was a major disappointment........President Obama's reaction to the Oregon shooting.......the latest from the campaign............GOP and Democrats get ready for more debates..will VP Biden miss the first Democrat debate?...

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