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    Mz. Trish - The Comedic Weekend

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    Comedic Weekend! Laughter Cures the Soul! This week on "Its All About the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends" feat. comedians Tont'e Fairfax and @Comedian Ice Cream. Listen Live or Comment Saturday 6pm EST at 914-205-5568.


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  • Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Chris McNulty!

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    This is the third visit from our most awesome and talented friend, Chris McNulty.  If I had my way, she'd be with me on almost every occasion.  But this woman has been blissfully busy - and part of that has to do with enjoying the success of her latest project, released in March.

    "Eternal" is the seventh album from Our Beautiful Wonder From Down Under (she'll love that!).  And it's full of the most sincere readings of timeless lyrics that you could possibly conjure.  Chris has been singing Jazz with utmost clarity for a long time, but losing her son in 2011 took a toll that catapulted her in many directions.  When she was able to surface, her voice took on a new and raw honesty.  Her work had garnered attention with "The Song That Sings You Here" in her native Australia.  She won the prestigious Bell Award there in 2013.  The attention has grown enormously since that time.  Which brings us to this new musical chapter.

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Chris found herself with no electricity, heat or water in New York - the city she adopted when she moved to the States in the 80's.  In the cold solitude of that reality, the formation of "Eternal" was born. Contemplation of sorrow, forcing hope into the pain, feeling a myriad of emotions so strong that they had to be conveyed....this is what Chris needed to give to us.  Sharing loss this personal, yes.  But striving to enable a common bond.  And one of the most important: faith in the knowledge that love transcends ALL.  Love brings us home.  

    "Eternal" has been lauded by some of the sharpest critics on the scene - each one, almost overcome with praise.  Because the truth is in Chris McNulty's interpretation at every instances.  Each song becomes HERS.  Hear a gifted artist at her peak. Join us on 8/18 at 2 p.m. ET.

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    Style with Trysh ~ Trish Morrissette

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    Prophet. Wife. Mother. Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur.

    Trish Morrissette is a powerfully, anointed woman of God who preaches, teaches, motivates, inspires and prophesies just as God gives it to her. She is also a partner of Kingdom Agenda International Ministry with Pastors Anthony and Zenovia Andrews in Panama City, Fl.  There, she serves as the Director of the Prophetic Ministry and Prophetic Training.  Prophetess With a global mandate on her life, Prophetess Trish Morrissette is determined to use her voice to bring change to communities and nations all around the world.

    In addition to being a prophet, Trish Morrissette is a successful business owner. She is President & CEO of her own translation company called Professional Translations, Inc.  She is also Co-Owner and President of Fresh Aura Inc., a fashion consulting company. She graduated from Troy University in Troy, Alabama with a double major in Spanish and English.  She taught Spanish International Baccalaureate classes for 8 years. From there, she went into the sales industry working in insurance sales as well as pharmaceutical sales.

    Prophetess Trish Morrissette has been married to her high school sweetheart, Minister Derrick Morrissette, for over 12 years.  They have 2 beautiful children, a son and a daughter.



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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Cuba Gooding & Dan Siegel!

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    It's unbelievable how things work sometimes with this show.  As much as the atttempt is made to focus on one artist, another arrives and has to be involved in the same show - because time is of the essence :)  When the caliber of two artists like THIS is combined, it's absolute magic!

    Dan Siegel stops by at the top of the hour - one p.m. Eastern - and he'll talk about his career (the resume is staggering!) and his new CD called "Indigo."  Dan is a pianist of rare vision, with 20 solo albums and countless credits to his name: producing, arranging, composing and performing.  He has had #1 success in Jazz and is known globally.  You've heard his work via TV and film, though you might not have known that it was Dan who created the music.  WHO has played with him and WHAT he has played would take us another page here.  Those beautifully rooted beginnings in the great Northwest have paid off handsomely for our first guest.  He'll count his blessings with us :)

    In the next 30 minutes of "Hybrid Jazz", Cuba Gooding visits and there may be an occasion when your host here might a word in edgewise ;)  He LOVES to talk!  And does he ever have a career (and a half) to discuss.  From the start of his journey with The Main Ingredient to the amazing success of his children, Cuba will never run out of topics.  What you may not know: The Main Ingredient was the first African-American group to be signed to the new R & B division of RCA Records - decades ago.  When Donald McPherson of the group passed away in 1971, Cuba took his place - and took the band to a new level.  "Everybody Plays the Fool" went Gold in 1972.  "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" and "Happiness Is Just Around the Bend" - oh heck, YOU remember!  Let's catch up with Cuba and find out where that bend has taken him!


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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Craig Alston and Rose Hudson!

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    Let's tell you at jump that we have a VERY different time for you to consider on 8/11/2015.  Our show starts at three p.m. Eastern/Noon Pacific.  This is so that we can accommodate the schedules of TWO artists who need focus NOW.  Who also happen to work day jobs :)

    First up, Craig Alston.  A multiple instrumentalist who has made a name for himself in Baltimore and beyond.  Most notably, as saxophonist for the once-in-a-lifetime group, Fertile Ground.  With the band, Craig toured the United Kingdom, France, Japan and other countries - everywhere that appreciated the message delivered the mix of Jazz, Soul and World music.

    Craig was heavily involved in Music Education at Morgan State University - but he got hooked on the performance aspect of playing, as opposed to teaching.  Still, that educator side of him never left.  Happily, he does both, but those of us who are fans relish the opportunities to watch him on stage.  Something he'll do this Friday night - as part of a Birthday Concert with fellow Leo, trumpeter Theljon Allen!  And die Musik in Baltimore will be rockin'!

    Vocalist Rose Hudson is quite a story.  A nurse and Mother of eight, she has been singing the Blues for a long time - with a big following in Central Pennsylvania.  But Jazz has always been in her radar - and EC Coleman discovered that.  Our friend, EC, has had an ear for special Jazz singers for as long as he has been in the business - and Rose bowled him over! She has had previous work on disc, but "A Rose in Full Bloom" is a different vibe.  Soul and standards, done with love and passion.  Rose can't do it if she doesn't FEEL it.  Whether she has been singing or acting (that's a whole 'nother story!) or doing her life-saving work on a daily basis, she LIVES life to the fullest.  You'll hear it when you hear HER :)


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    Mz. Trish - What the Freak is Going on!

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    Today Mz. Trish explores the "What the Freak is Going On" moment we all experience in our lives. In confusion of the moment you might think, " What the Freak!" and in anger you might say "What the Freak is Going On!", Today on 'It's All about the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends". Share your story in the comments section or by calling 914-205-5568 or just listen in. 7:30pm EST

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    Trish LeSage on The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com

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    Trish LeSage is an energy healer of the violet flame (a healing technique that is a combination of visualization and energy healing), and she has used self-hypnosis and past life regression for years. She is also a best selling author and a writer of magazine articles on metaphysics, parallel universes (alternate realities), ascension to higher consciousness, and body-mind-spirit topics. Her articles have been published in magazines such as Sedona Journal of Emergence; The Magical Times; and Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit which are distributed at Barnes & Noble bookstores and at other locations worldwide. She has been interviewed on many radio shows, including MUFON Radio, CBS Radio, and iHeartRadio. She has written four best selling books; How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness, Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates, and Beyond, Traveling To Parallel Universes, Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology. Trish's website can be found at: www.beyond3dbooks.com/

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    SWAG Radio Presents: Chatiela Underwood and Sonya Jenkins

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    Chatiela Underwood is very active and engaged in the community and the education sector. She has passionately worked in higher education and directed schools across the country in business development for over ten years. Ms. Underwood, loves to spend quality time with friends, family and travel. She also is a Motivational speaker and truly believes in inspiring others through her testimony.  She is sophisticatedly passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, and was encouraged to share her compelling story by writing her debut novel “Eyes Wide Shut.” 

    Sonya Felice Jenkins, former model, former professional singer/songwriter, professional and corporate certified trainer, life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, host of the Internet radio show, "Raven's Closet Talk Show," and now a published author.  

    Stepping from out of the spotlight now going behind the scenes is where she feels the most comfortable. January 2012, Sonya created, produced and hosted “Raven’s Closet Talk Show.” A show focused on adult theme topics such as love/relationships, health/wellness, financial/entrepreneurial, motivation/encouragement and other adult topics. Raven’s Closet Talk Show broadcast live for 2 seasons. While on hiatus from hosting, Sonya took the time to focus on her next venture which would be self-publishing her book. Writing took hold of Sonya in high school and refused to let go, but the creativity and imagination has always been a big part of who she is and how she has been able to adapt and thrive in various industries over her personal and professional life. 

  • Mz. Trish feat. Hip Hop Artist Real Left

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    Join us today on "It's All About the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends" by calling 914-205-5568 at 6pm EST. Mz. Trish talks to Hip Hop Artist, Real Left about his experiences as a musician and lyricist. QOW: What are your talents and how do you use them? Press 1 to get in on the conversation or leave a comment or question in the comments section of this post

    Be can be apart of the show. Leave your audio message on the Mz. Trish Hotline at 678-632-5541 - 24 hrs a day. Be funny, inspirational, give your opinion, or just say hi. If you're good, you may be selected for broadcast, live during the show.

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    Mz. Trish on Prosperity

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    It's “All About the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends”. Today at 6pm EST Call in 914-205-5568. Comedienne Mz. Trish is bringing the funny and the serious, What is prosperity to you? Today's special guest KP AKA Hustleman. Brother KP shows his properity helping the homeless Rock of Ages Church on Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain Ga Accross from Office Depot. Come help the homless every Tues at 12pm . 

    Be apart of the show by leaving a message on the Mz. Trish Hotline at 678-632-5541 24 hrs a day. Be funny, be inspirational, give your opinion or just say hi. If your good your recording may be selected for broadcast, live during the show.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Jeff Antoniuk!

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    In another lifetime, I was hosting a terrestrial radio show - and playing a plethora of artists that were centered in the Baltimore/DC area. One of those was recommended to me QUITE strongly.  A beloved friend, Johnny Shaw, was attending Towson University.  And a teacher there stood out.  Jeff Antoniuk.  Johnny, being a saxophonist himself, recognized the greatness in another sax man.  And HAD to get a CD to me.  When I listened to that project, "Here Today", I was beyond impressed with the depth of work and feeling.  Jeff was playing with his group, The Jazz Update, and they were COOKING!

    That's the reason for Jeff's return visit to "Hybrid Jazz."  He has a big event at An die Musik in Baltimore this weekend - with The Jazz Update - and it was important to pass along how cool June 20th is going to be :)

    Jeff's roots are different than the average cat.  He was born in Edmonton, Canada, and his family moved to Nigeria.  There, Jeff's musical journey began.  He absorbed his environment while learning how to play classical piano.  In his teens, he returned to Canada and picked up a saxophone.  

    At the University of North Texas, Jeff pursued degrees in Jazz education and West African Ethnomusicology.  In school, he was performing and touring.  He co-founded the United Jazz Ensemble - his current group later - and is still a member of a fabulous unit that we featured the last time that Jeff visited: the Mars 4-tet.  

    His accolades as music educator are equal to the respect that he has received as musician, composer and performer. MANY students can attest to the life-changing classes that Jeff has given.  His artistic direction for the Maryland Summer Jazz is legendary.  We literally could write another five minutes on what our guest has done!

    Please welcome Jeff on 6/18 :-D