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    Soulfullpreneur Talk Radio featuring Daniel Scranton

    in Spirituality

    On today's show we have Daniel Scranton! He is an amazing channel and teacher. You can call in with your questions about channeling!

    Daniel has been a verbal channel since 2010. He has done dozens of live and online group events and private sessions with people all over the globe.

    The Creators, The Hathors, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Ophelia the Faerie, and The Unicorn Collective are entities who have contracted to work with Daniel in guiding us through the exciting and turbulent times we are experiencing at this time of The Shift.

    Learn more about daniel, his channeling, and his classes at danielscranton.com


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    Exposing Rehabs, What Blue Cross needs to know

    in Self Help

    What do you get for $1,000 a day at a rehab that teaches AA as its basis of treatment? Is Anthem Blue Cross aware of what is going on at many rehab facilities. How easy it to open a rehab. Who  regulates them? These and many more questions we will be asking. . When will CBT , Motivational Interviewing and professionals, like Jeff Foote , Tom Horvath, Dr Marc Kern,  Dr Adi Jaffe, Donna Cornett, Ken Anderson, Stanton Peele, HAMS, MM, SMART, SOS and just plain, Science and Kindness lead the way and begin a decade of scienctific research when it comes to addiction and alcohol use disorder. 

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    Other Realms and Dimensions: Do They Exist?

    in Spirituality

    It is believed there are many realms of existence. What are they? Do they exist? Do you believe in the Spirit Realm, Astral Realm or Faerie Realm? Do you believe in the theory of infinite dimensions? There is more to life than what we can see with our physical eyes. Join us as we discuss and explore the existence of different realms and dimensions.

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    #172: Paleo Attorney Kristen Roberts of Trestle Law

    in Health

    1.  What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [4:16]
    2.  Our Guest, Kristen from Trestle Law [10:56]
    3.  How Kristen got her business started [14:55]
    4.  When Kristen’s services are needed [20:42]
    5. Prepare as if your business will succeed [34:48]
    6. Budget for professional services [40:17]
    7. Know your competition[48:46]
    8. A final word from Kristen [55:51]


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    NIR Welcomes Carol H. Williams

    in Current Events

    Carol H. Williams, President, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, founded Carol H. Williams Advertising (CHWA) more than two decades ago after recognizing the need for advertising that speaks to the sophisticated and influential African-American and urban markets.

    Started in 1986 in Carol’s living room, CHWA now has offices in Oakland, Calif., and Chicago, and a satellite office in New York. With a highly diverse and skilled staff CHWA produces award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies—including General Motors (Cadillac), General Mills, Kraft, Gilead Sciences, HP, Nationwide Insurance, Procter & Gamble, the U.S. Army, The Walt Disney Company, Marriott and several others. CHWA’s annual billings have exceeded $100 million for more than a decade.

    Before establishing CHWA, Carol already had more than a decade of pioneering advertising work behind her. Top marketing executives recognized her creative spirit in college and competed to hire her. Carol started her career at Leo Burnett Company in Chicago and quickly earned a position as the first female and first African-American Creative Director and Vice President. After 13 years at Leo Burnett, she served two years as Senior Vice President, Creative Director at Foote, Cone & Belding in San Francisco.

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    Searcher's Road Map with Guest Adrienne Dumas

    in Spirituality

    The Searcher's Road Map is glad to have Adrienne Dumas with us today.

    Love, Light and Blessings!
    Rev. Adrienne Dumas

    Rev. Adrienne Dumas is an Ordained Minister, spiritual author, healer, Reiki Master and teacher! She has an online ministry (Rev. Adrienne Dumas Ministry) including a weekly prayer healing list, and you can visit her website today for her FREE newsletter or to check out her latest products (like downloadable healing meditations, books or eMagazines) or to order an Angel or Faery reading from her or an energy healing today at www.adriennedumas.com


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    Holiday Stress Busters with Melanie Foote-Davis

    in Fashion

    SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION:  Whether you love the Holiday Season or dread it, it tends to be filled with lots of extra 'hustle and bustle', spending time with family, gift giving (Which includes, who wants what? And can I really afford this?) and it's a time that's notorious for more people experiencing depression.  So how do you make it through this 'wonderful time of the year' with your sanity in tact?  I've invited my friend, Melanie Foote-Davis, who is a Life Coach, Women's Advocate and 'Self-Love' promoter, to join us and share her perspective.  In addition to her current profession, she was the former Salon Manager and Hair Designer for Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa and she comes from a very large family and has lots of experience and tips for navigating the holidays with lots of love and without breaking the bank.  Take a moment to listen (and laugh) with me and Melanie and prepare for your mind and spirit to be renewed!    

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    Jeff Foote Author of "Beyond Addiction" non 12 step rehab opens in upstate NY.

    in Self Help

    Jeff Foote from CMC in NYC opens a non 12 step rehab in upstate NY. Join Host Monica Richardson for a 1 hour show. Dr. Foote is a nationally recognized clinical research scientist who has received extensive federal grant funding for his work on motivational treatment approaches. Dr. Foote has worked in the addiction treatment field as a clinician and researcher since the late 1980’s, and has developed a unique motivational treatment approach that incorporates principles of group treatment as well as research-based principles of human behavior change. Previously, Dr. Foote was the Deputy Director of the Division of Alcohol Treatment and Research at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in NYC, as well as a Senior Research Associate at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA) in NYC. Dr. Foote also served as Chief of the Smithers Addiction Treatment and Research Center as well as Director of Evaluation and Research between 1994 and 2001.

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    Faerie Flights - Amy Purdes & Cheryl Patton

    in Spirituality

    Amy Purdes of Sprite Creations will be presenting Faerie Flights - Messages From The Faeries. If you've listened to Amy's shows in the past, you'll know that she brings us down-to-Earth advice from the Faeries (and her own wisdom) that you can live by! Come over and discover what the new message brings you.

    Check out Amy's websites TODAY at Sprite Creations and Sprite Creations Etsy.

    Cheryl's Numerology Vibrations can be read daily at www.cheryl-patton.blogspot.com

  • Faerie readings with Star

    in Spirituality

    My show is for us daring evening owls , that like moon light nights instead of the sun, but you wonderful people who like to baste into the sun's gloriouses rays can come down to this mysterious side as well.

    Star will be give be  free general readings to callers today. This will help you understands the elementals more clearly in your life. You can also get a more expand reading by going to paypal. If you want to have that happen on the show. You will need to be set up a head time before the show. You will recieve a confirmed payment and note stating your reading will be expanded online.  So makesure you are ready for walking in the Elemental envirnoments of the Earth..  Blessings from the Stars that are Older than time and Oldest from Mother Giaia that shakes the Earth with such Energy.

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    Welcome To Faerie Confidential A Living Blog

    in Spirituality

    " Most magic is done in the heart ..not by the words spoken..." 

             Joni Selana Clark Reiki Practioner,A  Licensed Non Donminational Minister ( I even surprise myself with that lol ) Intuitive, Light Worker, Goddess ,Wife , Daughter , Sister, Friend and Mother of Three


    For a moment I invite you into a space without judgement and fear, let it all fall away ..allowing you to freely indulge in a beautiful,relaxing experience in love, light, laughter and a touch of whimsical magic to lighten your soul and fill it with posititve affirmations and messages to carry thoughout your day .. your week..your life ..  Please Join Me !