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    The Literary Corner Presents The Trendz & Tressez Atlanta Takeover

    in Fashion

    This Special Fashion Edition Of The Literary Corner Is For All People Who Are In The Fashion Industry. You Will Gain Information About The Ladies Of Trendz & Tresses. They Will Share The Up’s & Downs’s Of Pulling Off A Stellar Fashion Show-Tour, With Models, Entertainment, Vendors & The Other Cast Of Characters Needed To Rock The Runway In A Showcase Extravaganza!

    This Show Will Provide Specific Information About The Last Leg Of The Tour, To Be Held In Atlanta On March 29th, 2015! If You Are A Model, Designer, Boutique Owner, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Vendor, ETC… Seeking Broader Opportunities To Be Seen, Discovered, Show Off Your Talent, Sell Your Goods…Be On The Air on Wednesday 12/17/14 from 8-10 PM. EST. (347) 884-8924 or listen at> http://tobtr.com/s/7190991

    I will Also Be Introducing My New Show On TLC “The Fashion Report” Is Going To Be Your Fashion “Go To” Blog Talk Radio Show Hosted By Model Justin DeAmelia & Fashion Stylist/Designer Rashad Corey. My Boy’s Will Discuss What’s Hot, What’s Not & Hot Mess, Celebrity Fashions, What’s Trending, Fashion Do’s & Don’ts as well as having Fashion Guest On The… In Studio Red Carpet, Tune In For Details!!!        

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    "The Literary Corner" Presents-The Trendz & Tressez Fashion Show Tour

    in Fashion

    The Literary Corner is elated to have been chosen as one of the Sponsors for the Hottest Tickets in the Fashion Arena! The Trendz & Tressez Fashion Tour!!!!

    It is with pleasure that I welcome two members of Dynamic 3-Divas Design Studio Trio, Ms. Theresa Ervin, Chaconda ParyGirl. Also joining us is Photographer Philippe of AMEX Graphics & Photography, the man who takes the PERFECT Shot & Film Producer Lee Bellamy who is slated to Film The T & T Fashion Tour!

    This Monday 07/28/2014 from 8:00 to 10:00 PM EST, the call in number for this show (347) 884-8924 or listen from you’re computer & chat with other listeners at http://tobtr.com/s/6727757 See You On The Runway!



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    Yute Vybz May 8, 2015

    in Current Events

    On Yute Vybz this week with Lij, we want to explore Youth and sex before marriage: are the youths abstaining? Should society encourage its youths to “TEST THE WATERS” before marriage? Our guests will weigh in, and in Yute Trendz this week……

    Yutes and sex before marriage: practical in today’s day?

    Then at 8:50 we have Yute Spotlight, we speak to newly elected Public Relations Office of the Universities and Colleges Apostolic Ministries, Mr. Kevin Sampson. We also have True... Street Chic with Toni Ho-Young in the package.

    Yute vybz comes your way tonight at 8pm on www.talkjamaicaradio.com/listen and also on Datzhitsradio.com

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    Yute Vybz- April 24

    in Current Events

    Yute Vybz comes your way tonight at 8pm on TJR, tonight we discuss, what would you do if your found out that your bestfriend is gay. There is also Yute Trendz and in Yute Spotlight we speak to Guild President Elect of the UWI Mona Campus Davianne Tucker. There is also true street chic with Toni Hoyoung.

    We are live on talkjamaicaradio.com/listen and also on Datzhitsradio

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    Yute Vybz April 17

    in Current Events

    On Yute Vybz this week, we will hole a medz with some young people and discuss social media relationships and also teens who record sexual activities. Is this a new age? Or are they overzealous?

    And in Yute Trendz this week we want to know ‘If your friend had a sex tape and it was leaked online, would you watch it’ Why or Why not?”

    We also have True Street Chic with Ms. Hoyoung.

    Then at 8:50 we have Yute Spotlight, we will speak to Ifidel Williams, a young man who is making strides in the music industry.

    Listen us on talkjamaicaradio.com/listen and also on Datzhitsradio.com

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    Yute Vybz- April 10

    in Current Events

    On Yute Vybz this week, Obama was in Jamaica and we want to hear from some young people who were at the town hall meeting. We will speak to Youth Leader Jerome Cowans Guild President Elect Davianne Tucker Jomain McKenzie Communications focal point to the Global Fund Board and Jermaine Porter First Deputy Chairman National Youth Council of Jamaica

    And in Yute Trendz this week we want to know ‘How do you think Jamaica will benefit from President Obama’s visit?” We also have Tr...ue Street Chic with Ms. Hoyoung.

    Then at 8:50 we have Yute Spotlight, we will speak to Aubrey Stewart IV, the young man who introduced the president at the Town Hall Meeting held yesterday at UWI.

    Yute Vybz is live at 8pm on Talk Jamaica Radio and also on Datzhitsradio


    Persons in the US and UK can dial by phone to listen: 605-562-4134 or if you are in the UK, 033-0998-1133


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    Yute Vybz March 27

    in Current Events

    , It’s the penultimate day for CHAMPS and we are talking to some champs supporters, to see if they are still convinced their school will be victorious, we will also be joined by Dei Rasi who will give us analysis on what has taken place thus far.

    And in Yute Trendz this week we want to know ‘Who do you think will win Boys Champs 2015?” We also have True Street Chic with Ms. Hoyoung. 

    Then at 8:50 we have Yute Spotlight, we will speak to Benton Morris a Jamaica who performs in the Broadway hit Lion King.  

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    Yute Vybz - March 13

    in Current Events

    On Yute Vybz this week we are talking CHAMPS, that’s right, Boys and Girls Championships to we thing tonight.

    We are focusing on KC's track team we will have class one, 100 meters track star Chadayne Walker along with the Coach of KC team.

    And in Yute Trendz this week we are asking ‘What’s appropriate for champs fashion and who you think will win champs?” We also have True Street Chic with Ms. Hoyoung.


    Then at 8:50pm we have Yute Spotlight, we will shine the light on the Peace for Champs campaign, we will be joined by Anthony Williams current President and Kadeem Mundy immediate President…so you cyan afford to miss it.

    Yute Vybz comes your way at 8pm EST on www.talkjamaicaradio.com and also on datzhitsradio.com

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    ........trendz for 2012.....

    in Spirituality

    ..Reporter Superstar..
    .......iz reporting...
    .....trendz..that are..
    .... gonna happen 2012...

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    Show Guests: Candi Hall, Founder & Dir DASH Center for the Arts & Dance Trendz

    in Entertainment

    Candi Hall
    Founder/Executive Dir. DASH Center for the Arts & Reality Check Dir.
    DASH Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality arts education to all people, creating youth programs that directly counteract gang and other negative influences, and opportunities for minority artists to showcase their works. The DASH Center for the Arts is a home for people, primarily youth, to develop natural talent, confidence, and self-esteem.

    Dance Trendz
    Jennie Whale & Teresa Wilson

    DanceTrendz is owned and operated by two married couples who have four young dancers.  We are passionate about dance and what it brings to the world.  We carry dance clothing and accessories for many styles including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Cheer, Ballroom, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and hip hop brands such as Nappytabs, Chachi Momma, Urban Empire and more!

    Dancewear, Shoes, Accessories & More!
    Address: 705 Central Ave. South.  Kent, WA.  98032
    Phone: 206-922-7878
    Hours: Monday thru Friday 11-7:30, Saturday 10-6, Closed on Sunday
    Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


    Friday Night Hip Hop's "In The Cut" (ITC) hosted by Anthony Gardner. ITC mission is to promote the Hip Hop Dance community  through interviews with choreographers, dancers and to share information.