• Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Cruise Travel Talk

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    Join us every Saturday Morning, from 10am to 10:30am for the latest in the best travel deals available. We'll talk ocean cruises, river cruises, Caribbean destinations and much more. Feel free to call in at any time if you have any questions. 

    This Weeks Topic: Disney Vacations And Current Cruising Promotions

    Show Date: 5/3/14

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    KS Radio: Travel Alberta, Music & Chat

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    This week Karen has a couple songs from the Remember to Breath Travel Alberta video campaigns that have helped boost profile of Canadian singer/songwriter Wil and band Reuben and the Dark. Karen and Kim have a chat with Edmonton Folk Group 100 Mile House. And a new song “Halo” from Edmonton band Tupelo Honey who are playing at Bert Church Theatre Airdrie February 28. Tickets available online at https://bertchurchlivetheatre.ticketpro.ca

    Song 1: Roam from Wil  – Album, El Paseo


    Song 2: Bow and Arrow from Reuben and the Dark – Album, Funeral Sky


    Reuben and the Dark are playing at the Banff Centre March 1 and the Epcor Centre, Calgary March 2.

    Song 3: Better, Still from 100 Mile House – Album, Hollow Ponds


    Song 4: Halo from Tupelo Honey (from an upcoming new album)


    All these Alberta bands/musicians are excellent. More info on their website and check out their music videos on YouTube.

    Also take a look at Travel Alberta “Remember to Breath” videos on Youtube. Amazing scenery and check out their website for things to do, places to see, travel deals and much more at www.travelalberta.com 

    For more information on Kulture Shake Radio go to www.kultureshake.com 


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    Cruise Travel Talk: Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian free for All sale

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    Join us for Cruise Travel Talk every Saturday morning from10am-10:30am est, for

    cruise travel planning tips, advice interviews and fun.





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    TERRANCE TALKS TRAVEL: Adventure Travel 101

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    Do you suffer from wanderlust? Are you interested in a different kind of travel experience? Perhaps something less touristy, more adventurous? Maybe you're considering it but wonder if adventure travel is right for you? Tune in and find out! During this show, Terrance offers a crash course in adventure travel. She defines it (and the definition may surprise you), shares fun facts, and offers advice regarding this unique type of travel. Learn everything you need to know and where the next frontier of adventure travel will be...

    For more information and resources, including Terrance's Trip Pick of the Week and hundreds of FREE travel reports, visit www.terrancetalkstravel.com

    Terrance Zepke is a travel agent, author, and adventure travel expert. She has participated in many adventures, such as dog-sledding in the Arctic, camping in the Himalayas, and piranha fishing on the Amazon. She has been featured on most major media, such a Travel with Rick Steves, Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, CNN, National Public Radio, Around the World, Discover Channel, The Washington Post, and Adventure Journal. She is the author of two dozen books including Terrance Talks Travel: A Pocket Guide To African Safaris, The Encyclopedia of Cheap Travel: Save Up To 90% On Lodging, Flights, Tours, Cruises & More!, and Coastal South Carolina: Welcome To The Lowcountry.

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    Join Dan and Chris as they travel the world.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Larry Stockstill & Sandra Lee Hartsell:

    Larry Stockstill - As a missionary in Africa for two years and a senior pastor for twenty-eight years, Larry Stockstill’s ministry has been global and local. His ministry now involves winning men to Christ (Model Man), planting local churches (Surge) and strengthening character in leaders (Remnant). With six children all in ministry, he and his wife Melanie minister together worldwide strengthening the marriages and families of today’s Christian leaders.

    Sandra Lee Hartsell - I love to write prose. My first book has been called, "A Crime of Passion" and others have called it, "Illustrations of Inspiration". I love word illustrations. People that have read my writing relate their lives to it. I have wrote down everyday experiences. The title is called, "A Call to the Christians." I have 3 more prose books out. One is titled, "A Call to the Christians 2", "Latch Key Kids", and "Emotional Hearts." The last three books that I have done are children's books. They are "Adam Petty's Heartbeat". This book is based on the Victory Junction Camp in Asheboro, NC. Adam Petty had a passion for children. You can see the passion he had for children, as you read through this book that is about the camp. "Let's Go Feed the Animals" is based on the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. Children love the photos that are in the book. "Once A Year" is about a yearly traditional that the Moravian church at Old Salem has continued since 1929.

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    Sports Talk Tuesday on Apex Talk Radio

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    Today on Sports Talk we get into the Kentucky Mens NCAA basketball team and really how good are they?  We will look into early NBA MVP Canidates for the season.  Who do you guys and gals feel is the leader of the pack? Why does the NBA use other global symbols on jersey's? Big Mike asks and DMO explains. Give us a call at the following  

    You can join Apex Talk Radio from 7-9 PM CST Monday-Friday 3 ways: 1. Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/apextalk 2. Click the play box on the ad in your timeline on Facebook (Apex Talk Radio page) or Twitter ( @ApexTalk) 3. Calling in at 646-716-8552 to listen and/or talk with us a our guest. 

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk With Tony Gambone with his guest Bradley Johnson & Terry Christian:

    Bradley Johnson  - Our client is book author, Christian music recording artist, business owner, and bible teacher. Bradley "BJ Ministries" Johnson is a true believer in the power of Christ to heal every place that life has broken. He and his wife teach this principle weekly at their church Transformation Temple International; a non-denominational progressive church where you will find everyone in T-Shirts and jeans worshipping God both in their seats and on their face. Bradley is an accomplished singer/songwriter who released a national EP entitled Never Give Up under his stage name BJ Ministries in December to critical acclaim because of the self titled first single and video. 

    Terry Christian - He talks about getting injured, being unable to walk for 18 months, requiring back surgery. Then came bladder cancer and his doctors said his cancer was the worst they’ve seen and would kill him within 5 years. Terry believed, in God’s healing power of prayer and fasting. Two years later his doctors pronounced him cancer free and released him. He also tells the story behind his book ‘What Did Jesus Say’. The day he began the final editing his father had a heart attack and died. His mother died soon after. It would be 10 years before his book was finally in print as he experienced these Job-like difficulties


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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Richard Tiller & Barbara Archer:

    Richard Tiller has spent the past four decades in the business world as a manager, salesperson and author serving people in management and sales. He has also been a Bible teacher for the past three decades. He lives with his wife, Christina, in Vienna, Virginia. His new book, “Tough Conversations with the Heart of Jesus” provides a biblical perspective on anticipating and engaging in difficult conversations. Tiller explains how readers can us their faith to turn fear and anxiety that occurs prior to a difficult talk into courage and tranquility.

    Barbara Archer - I am a woman who had to reinvent life after 47 years.Rescued from abuse rejections and many others.I currently host two Radio platforms entitled From Insanity to Dane Radio and Real Women Real Talk in which I share and teach women how to transform there lives in mind, soul and body.I just published my first book Tell All From Insanity to Sane and I am working on my first magazine publication which will be coming out in December.I write for several other magazine companies in Australia.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone with his guest Priscilla Smiley:

    Priscilla Smiley holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. She is a self-taught savvy traveler who has vacationed in four different continents and visited over twenty-five different countries in less than five years. As a child, her traveling experiences were limited due to a lack of financial resources. However, as an adult she was determined and destined to travel the world and to teach others to do the same. With The Secrets of a Savvy Traveler, her readers can truly turn their dreams of traveling into an affordable reality.

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