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    The Expert Within: Ep. 2 How to Organize your Expertise

    in Self Help

    It's a new day for the experienced professional and entrepreneur who understands the value of knowledge and experieince in an information hungry world.  

    Join Sidney Moncrief and Andrew Morgan for part one of a lively four part conversation about The NEW Expert Within.

    In episode one, How to Recognize the Expert Within, Sidney and Andrew discuss: 

    How to increase your confidence in your exptertise by 100% over the next 30 days
    How to bring order to a lifetime of skills and talents
    The secret to developing laser-like focus around your Strengths, Talents, Abilities, Resources
    How to lead with your strentghs
    And more...

    Time has taught you a few things and there are countless others who are eager to learn what you know and have experienced.  Elevate your skills and join the conversation about The NEW Expert Within.

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    Women in Transition Reunite with Their Families with Marjanet Wilson

    in Women

    Marjanet Wilson, is no stranger to the plight of women in transistion as she bore the existence of Release to Reunion, a non profit organization out of her own experience during  a period of transistion with two young children.
    Marjanet shares her story of how 33 years in the legal profession, volunteering for numerous non-profit organizations, battling through her transition put her on course to realize her vision of empowering women during their transition into the realization that they are their own heroes and it is within each of them to take back their dignity and return to their communities as productive members of society.  
    Marjanet's goal is to save them all, if she can...

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    Journey into receiving

    in Spirituality

    There is an abundance of information and our intuition is telling us we have moved into the energy of receiving.  It is part of the transistion that has been evolving in recent decades (years).  We are moving out of dedication with a large dose of sacrafice.  So what does this mean?

    Albert and Lanny are leaving this Friday on an amazing adventure where I suspect they will have much more about what this means to them.  Our personal journey into receiving began in earnest two years ago when your co-hosts were part of a wonderful adventure in the South of France.  You can review the achieves for past programs where we discussed the events and our experiences.

    Join us here on THE MAN CAVE FORUM as we journey into receiving.  We encourage you to join in the conversation by calling our toll-free number 877-257-6517.

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    Dr. Pat Show - Straight Talk Host Chuck Gallagher.

    Connections Radio Show with Co-Host Brenda Thyne: Soul Support - Spiritual Strength during Humanity's Transition .

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    Timing The Transition

    in Real Estate

    Join me, Emily Tiernan as I discuss with Rick Rapp, broker and owner of Travers Miran Realty, how to time your transistion.

    Thinking of buying a home but need to sell first? When do you list your home and at what point do you start to look for your new home? No one wants to be stuck with two mortgages or living in a motel for two weeks. Rick will explain the best strategy for when your looking to buy and sell.

    Travers Miran is a boutique real estate agency in Parkland, Florida. Rick has been seen on NBC, Channel 12 news, and is a contributer for Our Town News.

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    The Film and Theater Review! Your New Entertainment Source!

    in Current Events

    In this new segment I'm going to discuss Film and Theater Review! Plays, Musicals, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Seminars, Conferences, Information and News. We find that most people don't even know that some of the best in actors, actresses, directors. producers and writers got started in local community play houses and traveling stage plays.These people go mostly undiscovered until they have a breakout moment and then they make the transistion to Hollywood! Tune in for another exciting and informative segment. Saturday night at 7:00 PM EST for Film and Theater Review! Your new entertainment source.

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    Your Crisis Is Your Transistion

    in Women

    What do you do when you find yourself in a crisis? A crisis is an unexpected event that can cause uncertainty in your future. More loosely, it is a term meaning 'a testing time' or an 'emergency event."  How you respond to a crisis in your life will determine how quickly you can recover.
    Marjorie will share with you principles that have helped her transistion in her life and brought her through her own crisis.

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    Entrepreneurship Is On the Rise

    in Entrepreneur

    Thanks to all of you for listening & downloading Monday!  I think I'm getting better at this... realizing that I am live and things will happen. Understanding obsticles and keeping it moving is the key to success.

    This week I talked about Making the Transition coming from a regular nine to five to self employment.  I shared with you my transitioning experience and I'm no novice just an everyday person like you. If I can do it, you can do it and there are plenty or resources that will help you, that's why search engines were created! :D  #ThankGod

    This week I will talk about how fast people are making that transition and share some ups and downs with you. Robert Mcnulty will be with us at 4:00pm EST he got caught up last week but we will be her on Monday. I will also be saying Hello! And giving #shoutsout to some of my social network followers on Twitter (The original DiamondNetwork) Facebook, Google+ and Stage32 and LinkedIn. Some of the #SocialGiants.

    Join, share or follow me! The fun has just begun! :D
    Last Monday's show
    Why am I doing this read about it on my Blog
    Be a guest on my show and tell us about your business lina@videobylina.com
    Read about my latest VBL Spotlight guess Roderick Jefferson & watch is video commerical




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    Dianne Collins author of Do You QuantumThink?

    in Culture

    Dianne Collins is the author of, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World which starts from the premise:  If quantum science has ushered in a new paradigm and we are still pretty much living in the old mechanistic paradigm, how do we not only change our thoughts to live in the new understanding, but how do we embody this new thinking in our lives?

    Dianne, who mentored with Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe of the hit film “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?” is a graduate of the University of Miami in Philosophy and Psychology and a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and numerous leading edge modalities and models that bring more joy to life. 

    As we move further into the 21st Century we are making the transition from 'physically based' thinking of reality to a more 'intellectually based' thinking of existence. This has advanced our transistion from Newtonian-Cartesian concepts of fixed points in absolute space in order to conceive that things have tendencies to exist in relative time. So too are we making the transition from old paradigms of thought into what Dianne Collins calls, Quantum Thinking. Her explanation of this helps clear the way across the threshold of our new era that is rapidly manifesting in a way that was pre-ordained by the cycles of change.   ~ Katzmire

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    Lucid Dreaming with Bill and Anita Murphy

    in Paranormal

    The hit SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files may be history, but its stars are staying busy. Lead scientist Bill Murphy was the very first guest on AMH when we launched back in 2012. He is an avid paranormal researcher, documentary film maker, and a highly in-demand celebrity speaker. He's back, along with his wife and partner Anita McMillian Murphy, to discuss some of the new projects in the works since we last spoke.

    The Murphy's latest project delves in to the world of lucid dreaming. Two years of research and development has gone into DreamNET: The Programmable Lucid Dreaming Headband. The goal is to trigger self awareness and control while wearing the device, leading to endless possibilities.

    Building on the research conducted at the Neurological Clinic Sleep Laboratory in Frankfurt Germany, Murphy's team has developed a prototype that can been worn during sleep that allows a dreamer to transistion from unaware to aware within a dream and finally to awake permitting dream recall.

    Bill's company, Synapse recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for DreamNET allowing backers to get in on this groundbreaking research and be among the first to own the headband for themselves. User friendly, affordable, and unquestionably fascinating, the DreamNET headband takes us one step closer to understanding and controlling lucid dreams.  

    Billy and Anita Murphy are moving the fields of hard science and the paranormal ever closer together with this amazing research.


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    Create Your Divine Career - Lori Davila

    in Self Help

    Join Constance as she interviews Lori Davila, McGraw-Hill Author, Blogger/Writer for LinkedIn and Career Expert.  You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction in changing careers, how to create an outstanding resume to have the right attraction factor, how to ace an interview and suggestions for making a career transistion or starting your own business.



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