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    Fats & Oils

    in Health

    On this episode of "Doc Talk", I'll be dicussing Fats & Oils and how they impact our health. I'll cover and explain saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, butter, margarine and more.

    Do we really need any of them in our daily diet?  Tune in to get the answer to this question and others.

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    Real Talk With Mark & Lynna: Trans In Fighting An Interview With Zoey Tur

    in Current Events

    An Interview with Zoey Tur

    What's up with the Buzz on Zoey Tur?

    Vile Community, what's really going on?

    Trans Bathroom Issues, everyone's problem.

    Transition radio is a prominant radio source letting your voice be heard. Call in with your questions and concerns.

    Listen to up to date information regarding World Wide issues, spirituality and much  more. Check out our website http://www.transitionradio.net as well as our health blog http://lifetransitionbymarkangelo.blogspot.com/ Every week Mark Angelo Cummings and Lynna Arielle Lopez, will bring you up to date information that will help motivate you and grow with our ever changing realities. We will open the chat room and take calls so you can share your opinions and concerns. Letting your voices be heard. Let us grow and learn to understand one another. Together we rise, divided we fall. 

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    L.A.Steel Show / Trans-Dimensional Radio

    in Spirituality

    Readings from esoteric texts, mysticism, trans-dimensionalism, philosophy. Tonight I will read selections of "Finding of The Third Eye" a rare 1960 publication by Vera Stanly Alder. She discusses the 7 plains (dimensions). I will also read a few poems I have written recently.

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    Natural skincare products - Pt.2 & What's the deal with Trans-fats?

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    Join Partners in Health talk show host Gail Dixon and her special guest Jakki Wienecke owner of Divine Creations as we discuss more natural products for healthy skin and Jakki's skincare line of natural products.

    Jakki's skincare line is free of parabens, dyes and harsh chemicals.

    During the second half of our show, our topic is, "What's the Panic over Trans-fats in our food?" We'll discuss excerpts from the book, Salt, Sugar Fat, How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by pulitzer prize winning author Michael Moss.

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    Creating Unity in the Trans National Community

    in LGBT

    Trans Youth suicide and coming together as a community nationally are hot topics today.  I am going to load up my talk show radio in a half hour 5:30 EST for a special show, please call in, we can have up to 99 people on and talking at the same time.

    Be a part of the conversation - 347.637.1750

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    "Black Trans Lives Matter"

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    LGBT Real Talk Radio is proud to have as guest hosts, Black Transwomen, Inc and Black Transmen, Inc. from Dallas, TX to talk about their respective organizations and to bring information and an awareness of Black Trans issues to our listening audience.  Trans issues are of great importance to our community and we look forward to this very informative show.  You won't want to miss this episode.

    Please be sure to tune in on March 3, 2015 at 8:30pm EST.  You may call in to (914) 205-5519 to listen to our show.  Press 1 to speak to the host.  We are also located online at www.blogtalkradio.com/lgbtrealtalkradio.  Our email is realtalk@lgbtrealtalkradio.com.

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    Looking Back on the Murder of Trans Teenager Islan Nettles and the Future

    in LGBT

    Everything Transgender in New York City is going to air their first LIVE talk radio episode this Monday March 12, 2015.  The show is named Everything Transgender Related and will be streamed live from Central Harlem in New York City.  The main topic for the 1st episode will be about the transgender teenager, Islan Nettles that was murdered in Harlem almost two years ago.  We will have special guest Sean Coleman? who is the founder of Destination Tomorrow.  Sean Coleman will speak with us about Islan Nettles and how the community is moving forward.  We will also talk with him about his organization in the Bronx.

    Future episodes will feature such people as trans activist Brynn Tannehill?, trans political activist Melissa Sklarz?, Founder of Trans Latina's Cristina Herrera? and many more to come.  Be sure to listen every Monday at 3PM, as we broadcast live.

    Can not listen to the live episodes?  Don't worry they will be archived and available for download.

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    PD 90 "My Trans Hero's"

    in Culture

    It is the end of the year and time for reflection.  It has truly been an amazing year for the transgender community in 2014.  Recently an article was written about 2014 being the best year ever for the transgender community.  I would agree that it has been an amazing year for us in that there is so much in the news about transgender people and much of that has been positive but I wonder if we put too much emphasis on what is going on in the media.  

    This show will discuss my Trans Hero's and why.  

    Tell us with who your Trans Hero is?  You can Email, Facebook or call live.

    I hope you can join us.


    Prism Radio Page "My Trans Hero's"

    Email us at:  hollyknight@prismradio.com

    Facebook us at:  www.facebook.com/prismradio



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    Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A.Steel

    in Spirituality

    Trans-Dimensionalism, myticism, spirituality, Tonight I will continue my reading from The Finding of the Third Eye, written by Vera Stanly Alder. 

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    Trans-Pacific Partnership Roundtable

    in Culture

    Wednesday, November 19, 6pm EST: Due to the profound importance of a what is called a trade agreement being negotiated in secrecy by heads of state of some 11 countries world-wide and the political, economic and jurisdictional implications of this, I am convening another Round Table this week on the subject of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, (TPP).

    Most people, even educated and politically attentive, don’t know about the TPP or what it’s about or its implications, which is why we’re doing a third show on this.

    In short, what is being called a ‘trade agreement’ such as NAFTA and others, is more accurately a political coup d’etat through which a corporate advisory counsel’s decision-making would have authority over sovereign nation’s democratically elected officials, e.g., Congresses, Parliaments, Prime Ministers and Presidents. Sovereign nations could be sued for profits which were projected by a given company’s accounting departments but not realized (for any number of reasons, including inferior product, service or not finding the assumed presence of natural resources in a given location).

     Please tune in and post the link of this and last week’s show in all of your social media and lists. Here’s the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/abetterworld/2014/11/12/rocky-anderson-gerald-celente-kali-katt-on-the-trans-pacific-partnership.

    Joining in discussion with Mitchell is Arthur Stamoulis, Director of the Citizen’s Trade Campaign, and another of his colleagues.

    In December 2012, Mitchell interviewed Mitch Jones of Food & Water Watch on the TPP.

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    Prof. Boileau Speaks about Trans-Humanism and Animal Rights

    in Psychology

    Join us for radical exploration of subjectivity, trans-humanism, and animal rights with Professor Boileau.

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