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    Weird Town Hall

    in Radio

    Officially our first show! Talk Radio, News, Sports, Anything Goes!

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    Weird Town Hall

    in Radio

    Our first episode and anything goes!! Let's Go!!

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    Live CNN Town Hall Commentary

    in Politics Progressive

    On the February 3rd, 2016 episode of Liberal Dan Radio I will be making my commentary live with the candidates for the Democratic Nomination. You can join in with me by calling in or by commenting in the chat room. 


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    The People's Town Hall

    in Politics Conservative

    Our culture seems to be coming apart.  Is Political Correctness a major contributor to our upside down world?  From the White House to our own house, we seem paralyzed and unable to confront evil when we see it  Also, are the power brokers in the Republican party making plans to nullify the primary election results at the convention?  Join your host and town hall moderator, Phil Waite, in The People's Town Hall.  We may also have some activists in the hall to share their thoughts and experiences.

    Saturday at 11am CST on Blog Talk Radio

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    The People's Town Hall

    in Politics Conservative

     The Battle of Cultures becomes more defined, but our own resident in the White House still cannot or will not recognize the enemy!  We'll talk about the good news and the bad news in The People's Town Hall.  Take a front row seat and join the conservative activists lead by host and town hall moderator, Phil Waite, Saturday, Dec. 5th at 11am CST.

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    January 2016 - Super Bowl, Pete Rose, Hall of Fame

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    The latest Seton Hall Sports Poll, which polled 771 Americans (by landline and cellphone across the nation), was unveilved on January 28, 2016.  With the Super Bowl coming right as the presidential primary season “kicks off,” Americans said they were following the presidential contests by more than a 2-to-1 margin over football, with 60% choosing the political contests, and 24% the Super Bowl.  53% say the political races will be the most competitive, compared to 37% naming the Super Bowl. 

    The reasons for watching the Super Bowl are of course, varied.  40% said it was best explained because they were football fans, with 19% saying they were a fan of one of the participating teams, 18% saying it was a “big event,” and 10% interested in the commercials.  Only 2% said it was primarily because they had a bet on the game, although in another question, 13% said they participated in wagering on the game.

    Peyton Manning, whose name emerged recently as having been sent human growth hormones (the report was on Al Jazeera and was recanted by the source), was the subject of a question on whether that report changed opinions about him.  (During the polling period, the NFL announced it would investigate the charges).  A significant 11% said they thought “less favorably” of him, and 76% said it had no effect.

    Pete Rose, who will be inducted in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame this year, was the subject of two questions, the first asking whether that was appropriate - to which 47% said yes, 33% no.  The second asked if he should be eligible to be elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, to which 56% said yes, 28% no.

    The Seton Hall Sports Poll has been conducted regularly since 2006.

    Media: Media: Marty Appel Public Relations (212) 245-1772, AppelPR@gmail.com; Rick Gentile (917) 881-9489.

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    Rhymes & Resistance UMKC Town Hall

    in Higher Education

    UMKC Town Hall About the events on the Columbia campus.

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    Democratic Debate Dead Lock - Town Hall After The Debate

    in News

    Democratic Debate Dead Lock - Town Hall - POST DEBATE CHOP UP! Democrats Meet in Iowa for Final Debate Before the Caucuses. The Tim Black At Night Show 1/25/16 - Call in 323-870-4064

    Tim Black At Night Show airs everyday 9P Est.Tune In! http://www.TimBlackTV.com

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    Assemblman John McDonald conducts a Virtual Town Hall Meeting

    in Politics

    Assemblman John McDonald conducts a Virtual Town Hall Meeting to listen to the concerns and answering questions about issues facing the 108th district and the state.

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    Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 8

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    On this episode of the Red Brick Town Radio podcast, we're going two (2) hours for a REALLY BIG show! Tonight, we're LIVE talking Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap, election 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia with Republican City Council candidate Bob Wood at 7:20 PM. At 7:40 PM, we're talking Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) with School Board chair Karen Graf. At 8:00 PM we discuss school issues with District A candidate Hal Cardwell, and District B candidates Kelly Carmichael Booz and Margaret Lorber. We'll also take your calls at (347) 838.8513.

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    Seton Hall Sports Poll Podcast Promo

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    Established in 2006, the Seton Hall Sports Poll is the nation's only college-based poll addressing issues of the day from the world of sports.

    Sponsored by The Sharkey Institute and emanating from the college's renowned Still School of Business, the poll has surveyed the nation's populous on matters of interest, such as PED use, gambling, public funding, payments to college athletes, effectiveness of sports officials, popularity of key sports figures, and much more.

    As colleges like Marist and Quinnipiac survey political questions, Seton Hall provides valuable insights for sponsors, governmental leaders, sports officials and fans.'

    The poll meets all criteria for polling standards, including wide spread use of cellphone calling, which makes certain to include younger people in the samplings.  The call are randomly dialed across the country and weighted as required to deliver accepted standard results, usually with a 3-4% margin of error.

    The poll is directed by Rick Gentile, former Vice President of CBS Sports and a member of the Seton Hall faculty.  Rick began his career at the Elias Sports Bureau, his first immersion into the statistics that are sports.