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    Features and Conversation

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    Join  Features and Conversation. The guest of the show is Hood Raised The topic of the night is What is your testimony?. All forms of speaking is accepted. Please limit profanity. Thank you for joining.

  • Features and Conversation

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    Want to recite or hear rap, singing, poetry and spoken word? Like to discuss different topics? Features and Conversations is the place to be. Every second and fourth Saturday evening we are live with host SoftlySpoken. Join right here on Blogtalk Radio. You can listen or participate. Like on Facebook or Twitter. Features and Conversation is A place to relax or take on the go. Thank you

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    Features and Conversations Presents Walter "POP" Matthews IV

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    Join Features and Conversation as I Softly Spoken interview Walter "POP" Matthews IV. Mr Matthews is A producer and artist. He is the CEO of P.O.P productions since 2010. He has produced albums for many artist including Spoken Word artist. Check out his website http://www.popproductionz.com/ 

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    Bon-Ton RisingNeighborhood Services !!!!

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    As One Of Our Past Presidents Stated, Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear !! Bon-Ton Rising Neighborhood 

    Services Is Dedicated To Serving The Communities Of Dallas, Right Now And Because Of Our History In South Dallas We Are Going To Start There First, But We Will Also Champion The Cause Of Any Downtrodden,Disenfranchised Parties Being Underrepresented In Any Of Our Other Neighborhoods.....

    More Tonite At 6:00 Til 7:30 P.M. On Bon -Ton Rising Radio With Ask Uncle Billy,Call In With Your Thoughts

    And Opinions At 1 (323) 870-3963, Thanks, Uncle Billy And Bon-Ton Rising Radio

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    Bon - Ton Rising Radio !!!

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    If You Listened To Last Night's Show, You Found Out That One Of The Best Restaurants In Dallas/S. Dallas

    Is Owned By Residents Of South Dallas And As Spoken Last Evening, They Are Not Going Anywhere. That Being Said,We Are Going To Have To Talk With Some Of Our Representatives Concerning Service Assistance and Opportunities.Listeners,What Are Some Of Your Suggestions.Call In To Bon-Ton Rising Radio With Your Thoughts And Opinions From 6: 00 Til 8: 00 P.M. 1 (323)870-3963 Thanks,Ask Uncle Billy

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    Bon-Ton Rising Radio !!!

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    The Web That I Am About To Weave, Began So Long Ago That I'm Going To Have To Start In The Middle To Make It Relevant.It All Started Because Of A Real Quiet Small Part Of The Community Called Bon- Ton .

    That's A Major Part Of The Problem, We Didn't Speak French And........More To Come On The Next Ask

    Uncle Billy Show, Under The New Banner Of Bon-Ton Rising Radio, With Talk To The Doctor On Sunday's

     And Coach McDade On Jr. High And High School Sports,A Live Evening Of Fun, Call In With Your Thoughts And Opinions At 1 (323) 870-3963, Thanks,Uncle Billy


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    What Is Bon-Ton Rising Neighborhood Services ????

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    Then Actually, You Are Part Of The Solution,Come On In Because We Are Pretty Sure That We Will Have A Lot Of Problems, And What We Need Are Solutions. We Would Like To Develope And Build Relations With Entire Dallas County And Beyond To Ignite Solution Committees'In Every detailed Aspect Of Problems

    Before They Get Out Of Control.Think About This,Unity Begins Today At Fair Park, Introduce Yourself And Your Credibility Just To Form A Common Bond,I Submit To You That Your Former Opinion.......More Tonite

    On Bon-Ton Rising Radio With Uncle Billy As Your Host, Show Starts At 6 :00 P.M. Til 8 :00 P.M. Call In With

    Your Thoughts And Opinions At 1( 646 ) 668-8263 Thanks From Doc Morgan,Uncle Billy And The Entire Bon-Ton Rising Radio Team!!! Hola !!!

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    Bon-Ton Rising Radio Moving In !!!

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    I Guess We Did'nt Ask Loud Enough Last Week, When We Requested Your Playlist,So What We Will Try Is

    Send Us Your Best Friends Playlist, So That On Hip Hop Night/ That's Friday's For Now. You Can Surprise

    Your Buddy By Calling In To Bon-Ton Rising Radio And Jamming On Your Buddies Music. Remember From 6:00 P.M. Til 8:00 P.M. Bon-Ton Rising Radio Is Accepting All Hip Hop And Blues Playlist Until Thursday At Noon For Friday And Saturday Nights All Music Shows. Call in With Your Thoughts And Opinions At 1(323)

    870-3963  Thank You From The Team At Bon-Ton Rising Radio,Ya Gotta Believe !!!!

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    Hip Hop Night On Bon-Ton Rising Radio !!!

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    When You've Had A Difficult Day On The Job, And You Make It To The Car And Hit The Switch And Your Music Starts Blasting, Can't Nobody Tell You ....... Tonites Show Is The First In A Line Of Many, Based Upon

    The Playlist That You Send In. We Can Only Be As Strong As You Make Us, Texas.I Was Talking To A Hopper Today, And Asked, How You Feel About Competition ?? From WHo ? All Over, I'm Sending Out Request For Playlist All Around The Country And Getting Great Responses.... More Tonite At 6 :00P.M. Til8:00 P.M.On Bon-Ton Rising Radio With Doc Morgan. Call In With Your Thoughts And OpinionsAt 1 (323)

    870-3963, Thanks For Participating From The Bon-Ton Rising Radio Team And Doc Morgan

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    Transformed Traveler features Tourism Tim Warren

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    Transformed Traveler features Tourism Tim Warren.

    Tourism Tim Warren – Social Travel Entrepreneur

    Imagine skydiving from 30’000 ft., driving a Lamborghini 200MPH, cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, hanging out with billionaire Richard Branson on his private Caribbean island, swimming alongside whale sharks in Baja, Mx, mountain biking across Mongolia and more… all while getting paid to do it.  This is a small sample of ‘”Tourism Tim’s” life as a season traveler and respected business and marketing consultant to the global Outdoor Tourism industry.

    Since 1994, Tourism Tim’s mission has been to guide, inspire and connect tourism professionals to realize their dreams.


    Tim is an author, speaker and founding Board member of the World Independent Tourism Business Association, host of Tourism Marketing TV & Travel Business Success Radio and the author of the online training program Tourism Marketing Success. Since 1994, Tourism Tim have helped 1000’s of private and public sector travel, tourism and hospitality professionals’ worldwide increase sales, profits and arrivals as an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach.


    Tim live in Sonoma County Wine Country in Northern CA and combines his love for business, marketing, travel, adventure and “giving-back” into a rewarding tourism career.

    This show is sponsored by Gracefully-yours.com, home of America's favorite inspirational greeting cards ahd travel journals.

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    Transformed Traveler features Kelly Bricker PhD to discuss Ecotourism

    in Lifestyle

    Transformed Traveler features Kelly Bricker PhD from The University of Utah shares her sensory travels. Hear about Kelly's adventures in Fiji, her focus on nature, and the great heroes of planet earth that she has met.

    As Kelly says "tourism opens up a wedge." Join this extraordinary guest and enjoy your view why travel, parks and recreation must be a part of the College of Health.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours.com, site of the Transformed Traveler journal.