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    The Milton House of Tombstone Arizona

    in Paranormal

    For me, the Milton house is far overlooked in the town of Tombstone! I figured it would be a great idea to talk a little bit about the old building! Join me and listen to the EVPs we collected!

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    On The Road To Tombstone... with Dan Mewhinney

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    Dan Mewhinney from Dangers of the Paranormal... Don't miss this great interview with one of the Top Paranormal investigators of the 2015 Tombstone Arizona Event. We will be holding a series of interviews presenting you the paranormal investigators that will be there, as the date comes closer. Join our chat.

    Many Topics, webcam interview.

    Tombstone Arizona will hold the most awesome gathering, in this such historic place. many activity for all the family and at night... the whole town gets locked down for the investigation.

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    This year marks the 20th year since the release of the film, Tombstone!  Tombstone stars Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer and covers the events of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and the Earp vendetta ride!

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    Outright Arizona : Episode 50 | Jeffrey Tucker

    in Politics

    Join us for a conversation with Jeffrey Tucker, who coined the term "brutalism" as a descriptor for thin libertarians, about his new libertarian social media site Liberty.me, his upcoming appearance as a speaker at the Libertarian National Convention, and the chances of getting a prison abolition plank into the LP platform by 2016.
    Outright Arizona is a state chapter of Outright Libertarians, the LGBT caucus in the Libertarian Party.

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    Deepertruth Welcomes Father Bill Of Sacred Heart Catholic, Tombstone AZ

    in Religion

    Tombstone got its start in 1877 when Ed Schieffelin found one of the richest silver strikes in U.S. history in the hills above the San Pedro River. His discovery set in motion the history of a town that is seared in the memory of a nation and the world a true representative of the "American West". By 1879 settlement began, and by 1881 the population of the town reached 6000 people. While many rugged individuals inhabited the town's center, respectability and civilization began to occur on the edges of town. Church services were held in any vacant room or closed bar and the need for a decent church building was quite evident! In 1879, Rev. John Baptist Salpointe, Vicar Apostolic of Arizona, sent Father Antonio Jouvencaeu to Tombstone to ascertain the need for a church in the busy mining camp. Led by Nellie Cashman "Angel of the Camp", the citizens of Tombstone raised money to build a one and one-half story adobe building that housed a rectory on the top floor and a church on the bottom floor. This church-rectory was dedicated as Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church on January 1, 1881, becoming the first church building of any denomination in Tombstone.

    In 1882, a second wooden Catholic Church building was constructed. This allowed the 1881 building to be used solely as a rectory. Again, Nellie Cashman spearheaded the construction efforts, raising money and borrowing a team of horses and a wagon to haul wood from the Chiricahua Mountains, 50 miles away. This church building served the Tombstone Community until 1947 when it was moved to its present location. A new 1947 church building was constructed at the corner of N. Sixth and Safford Streets under the guidance of Pastor, Father Thomas Doyle. Later, the property north of the church that included two 1880's entwining rose trees was donated to and became part of the Sacred Heart Church Complex. 

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    Winter Warmth in Scottsdale, Arizona

    in Travel

    With winter arriving, it’s the perfect time for Travel Brigade to visit Scottsdale, Arizona, for a sunny getaway. We’ll talk about great resorts, relaxing spas, unique restaurants and championship golf courses. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade. 

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    Outright Arizona : Episode 51 | Treasurer / Vice Chair

    in Politics

    Joining me tonight will be our current Vice Chair, running for re-election Steven Rodriguez as well as a prerecorded interview with our current and also running Treasurer, Rob Power. With elections happening on June 28 at the Libertarian National Convention, these interviews are a chance for the membership to be introduced and get to know your officers better.
    Outright Arizona is a state chapter of Outright Libertarians, the LGBT caucus in the Libertarian Party.

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    Outright Arizona : Episode 48 | Marriage Freedom Smackdown

    in LGBT

    Mikester is just absolutely sick of getting caught in the middle of the whole "get gov't out of marriage" debate and having the actually really super important "egalitarianism" component of classical liberalism trivialized and dismissed as a socialist power grab. Moreover, the way these opinions are framed as a shield for underlying bigotry is an important issue to raise. Join us Friday as we go to the phones, take some callers and stir up some debate!!
    Outright Arizona is a state chapter of Outright Libertarians, the LGBT caucus in the Libertarian Party.

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    Behind the Scenes of the Filmstock Arizona Film Festival

    in Movies

    Having worked with Filmstock since its inception in 2009 through showing his films and helping out wherever he could, James Lee is now responsible for organizing the festival & its films.

    Event Details:

    Date:  December 5th-7th

    Location :
    Harkins Valley Art
    509 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281


    Filmstock Arizona is the final three-day showcase of the year for Filmstock Film Festival. Taking place at the Harkins Valley Art Theatre on Mill Avenue during the Festival of the Arts, this three-day event includes over 40 short films, a live actor's showcase, and get-togethers every day for chances to meet the filmmakers themselves!

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    Outright Arizona : Episode 45 | Mikester's Choice

    in Politics

    Our Planned Guest, Lorence Wenke, has rescheduled his appearance until May 23.

    We are working to plan a new subject for today's show.

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    Arizona Cardinals Week 13 review: What has happened?

    in Sports

    The Arizona Cardinals lost for the second week in a row, falling to 9-3 after a 29-18 loss to the Atlanta Falcons...the previously 4-7 Falcons. Needless to say, things are starting to feel uncomfortable in the desert. They have lost two straight games and have looked bad doing so. 

    They also suffered a number of key injuries. Seth and Jess talk about the significance of these injuries and if Arizona has just had too many.

    Seth and Jess also talk about the bad and the bright spots from the game. They look ahead at the Cardinals' playoff chances and what what, if any, changes need to happen. 

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