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    Design Bloggers Conference-Highlights + Takeaways!

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    Would you like to hear the early hightlights and takeaways from the Design Bloggers Conference and also find out about NCI Communications just announced Favorite Spaces Contest where you can have your work published in six of NCI Communications' regional magazines and on all of their social sites? (and where you can use client @Olioboard 's 3D moodboard creation tool to enter if you don't have professional pictures of your work ready?!!! ) 
    Come join in for a fun hour and a half! I will share a few of my own highlights and takeways and then will turn it over to everyone on this Blog Talk Radio chat to share their own! Let's help those who weren't there learn what they need to know for their businesses, too! 
    Please join in at 6:30 pm tonight, Thursday, March 1st!
    And, please see my new post on my *Retail Ideas* blog for http://furnituretoday.com (written on the flight home yesterday!) for @FurnitureToday  to start off the discussion! (Furniture Today is the world's largest weekly trade newsmagazine for the furniture industry)
    I hope to see you on the chat! Please follow me on Twitter at @tkpleslie to see all the updates for this Blog Talk Radio chat. I will tag it: #DBCchat.
    I hope this will be helpful to everyone and I hope YOU will share your insights if you were there to all who will be listening who weren't able to attend. Thank you! 

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    DesignDollars: The Contest, The Super Bowl, The Today Show

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    1. There is a Facebook  *Interest* Page called SUPER BOWL.
    2. This PAGE has over 67K LIKING it and, more importantly, over 37K TALKING about it as of early Monday morning.
    3. I am able to tag to it (for some reason ) from my PERSONAL FB Profile. http://facebook.com/lesliecarothers. 
    4. If you are an interior designer, please send me a FRIEND invite today. I will accept it. 
    5. This Wed., our client, the fine sports art and luxury gift site, http://SpiritofSports.com, is starting a 3D MANCAVE contest on another client's site, the 2D and 3D moodboard creation tool,  http://olioboard.com.
    TWITTER = @SpiritofSports and @Olioboard
    FACEBOOK = http://facebook.com/SpiritofSports     http://facebook.com/Olioboard
    6. From last week's chat, you know why it's very important to create posts and tag the with Super Bowl and mancave related keywords, right? 
    7. Now, by creating a 3D Mancave on Olioboard and using SpiritofSports art in it and tagging it and working out a blog post around it, I can and will be able to...if we're connected as *friends* on Facebook - (and if my clients are ok with the way the post  represents their brand )  tag your post to the Super Bowl *Interest* Page with a link back to YOUR website and create HUGE exposure for your work and, hopefully, site traffic for our clients, too. A full circle win for everyone! 
    Please join me tonight at 7:30 EST where I will explain all of this in detail and also how the new contest will work and how the BEST 8 3D mancaves created with Spirit of Sports art on Oliboard during this contest will be seen on the LIVE Today Show segment on Olioboard airing 2. 17! 
    I'm @tkpleslie on Twitter. My site is http://tkpartnership.com - The Kaleiodoscope Partnership! Thx!!

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    Create A Great Media Kit With Social Media Analytics

    in Marketing

    OUTSIDE USA (714) 694-4124   Host: Lisa Ferguson www.decormentor.com @decormentor Facebook   Guest: Leslie Carothers, the founder of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a very successful social media marketing agency for furniture and interior design brands. @tkpleslie   Tweet your questions during the show #decormentor or call in!

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    Decor Mentor Launch Chat w/ Leslie Carothers

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    OUTSIDE USA (714) 694-4124  
    Decor Mentor Founder, Lisa Ferguson discusses Decor Mentor with Leslie Carothers, The Kaleidoscope Partnership founder, the premiere social media marketing agency in furnishings & interior design. 
    Kaleidoscope Partnership  @tkpleslie 
    Decor Mentor @decormentor