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    welcome back tivo mike or not??

    in Lifestyle

    Entertainment Guru Mike W. returns tonight to talk bout politics and entertainment What else? plus is welcoming back tivo mike from his cruise or is he

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    TiVo and Dominos Join Forces!

    in Lifestyle

    TIVOMIKE introduces a new segment, "TiVo Feature of the Week" and showcases the Dominos Pizza order and delivery feature! He also talks about the latest episode of Entourage. Plus proud papa, and Entertainment Guru, Mike Warner, joins us today to talk about the entertainment industry!

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    Radio [itvt]: "Refashioning of Pay-TV's Technology and Content Infrastructure"

    in Technology

    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2014 session, "The Refashioning of Pay-TV's Technology and Content Infrastructure." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "By most accounts, the past few months have been a rocky time for pay-TV: according to a recent report from Leichtman Research Group, for example, the 13 largest operators in the US (representing 95% of the market) lost 150,000 video subscribers in the third quarter, compared to 25,000 in the same period last year; and nary a day goes by without a story appearing in the business press about the 'decline' or even the 'demise' of pay-TV.

    This session brings together representatives of some of the companies that are looking to help pay-TV arrest its video-subscriber losses and revitalize its technology and content infrastructure with innovative solutions that will enable it to adapt to a rapidly evolving video world. Panelists will articulate their visions of the future of pay-TV, and debate and discuss the respective roles that will be played in that future by such new technologies and phenomena as the cable Reference Design Kit (RDK), HTML5, the incorporation of broadband services and applications onto the pay-TV set-top box, the migration to IP, multiscreen delivery, the emergence of cloud-based content services, and more." Panelists included:

    Steve Donohue, Editor-in-Chief, The Donohue Report (Moderator)
    Mike Earle, CEO, aioTV
    Fred Handsman, SVP of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Vubiquity
    Michael Hawkey, SVP and GM, Sling Media
    Tara Maitra, EVP and GM of Content and Media Sales, TiVo
    Bernee Strom, Founder and Executive Chairman, WebTuner
    Robin Wilson, VP of Business Development, NAGRA


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    Connecting the Dots in Diabetes Management

    in Health

    Listen to DSMA Live with Scott, Cherise and George and special guest, Howard Look, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tidepool.

    About Howard

    Howard Look was on the founder’s team at TiVo where as VP of Software and User Experience he led the efforts that made TiVo as easy to use as it was disruptive. He was also VP of Software at Pixar, where he led the team developing Pixar’s proprietary film-making system, and at Amazon where he ran a secret software project to develop devices that leverage cloud services. At Linden Lab, he led the team that delivered the open-sourced Second Life Viewer 2.0 project. Howard has a BS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. His teenage daughter has T1D.


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    Amazon to Acquire Twitch

    in News

    Amazon said it will acquire Twitch; Fairchild Semiconductor reducing its workforce by 15%; Uber expands to Tel Aviv; back-to-school shopping means a resurgence of tablet sales and Tivo has a new DVR. WSJ's Mathew Passy on those stories and more.

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    The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition Joe Wilson of Vampire Mob #31

    in Entertainment

    On episode 31 Joe Wilson of Vampire Mob joins the show.

    Vampire Mob mixes comedy, drama and action in a series with a 21-member cast that includes Emmy-winner Marcia Wallace (The Simpsons), Tony-winner Rae Allen (The Sopranos), Chris Mulkey (Boardwalk Empire), Kirsten Vansgness (Criminal Minds) and Retta (Parks and Recreation).

    The original series follows mafia hitman Don Grigioni (John Colella) who thought he had the solution to his problems, become a vampire. After biting his wife Annie, (Reamy Hall) who then bites her mother, Virginia (Marcia Wallace) Dons problems get worse when his mother-in-law moves in, for eternity.

    Vampire Mob streams in HD on television screens connected to an XBox, Playstation3, Tivo and Blu-ray players directly from YouTube, just as movies and television shows are streamed on Netflix.

    Vampire Mob is independently produced without a network or sponsor, is audience-funded and now has two seasons available at VampireMob.com

    The series was created by award-winning writer/director, Joe Wilson. More information available on VampireMob.com, Twitter @VampireMob and YouTube YouTube.com/VampireMob.

    Hosts: Kinte, Taralyn Gravois
    Guest co host: 
    Guests: Joe Wilson


    Productions information: 30 Joe Wilson of Vampire Mob  (2x24) 6/13/14

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    TECH AM - Google Plans A New Tablet

    in News

    There's word Google is developing a cutting-edge new tablet ... TIVO swings to a profit ... and we're scooping up X-Box Ones and PS4s. WSJ's Bill Fantini has those stories and more.

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    TECH PM -- Best Buy Sales Fall

    in News

    Best Buy's sales fall and investors cheer TiVo. Tom Ortuso reports.

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    Sputnik Episode #2

    in Technology

    Sputnik Episode #2.
    I'm Dave aka wallyhts come hang out and check out sputnik #2 its all CES 2014

    Interviews with.
    Channel Master
    Plus much more 4k and 8k.

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    in Marketing

    NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO AND TELEVISION HOST! Dr. Cardoza received his Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of California at Fullerton and his Masters of Business Administration also from the University of California, Fullerton. He went on to earn his Doctorate in International Finance from the London Institute of Technology.
    Dr. Cardoza held the position of Executive Vice-President for Sales and Marketing of the Revlon Corporation for all divisions of all of North America for a period of sixteen years. He opened his own accounting and tax practice subsequent to his tenure with the Revlon Corporation and for the next thirty years provided Accounting, Tax, Estate and Business Planning for individuals and companies.
    Dr. Cardoza maintained a National Footprint servicing 5000 clients with full representation and staffing.
    Dr. Cardoza hosted his own radio show “Robert Cardoza Live” on NBC’s super station KCAA with a coverage area of over eight million people and now is the host of his own TV Show on the Biz TV Network covering thirty major markets nationally. His show is syndicated on: AT&T Uverse; DirecTV; Charter Communications; Time Warner Cable; Verizon Fios; TiVo; UStreamTV and YouTube.
    Dr. Robert Cardoza http://robertcardozalive.com/contact/

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    WSJ Tech Briefing, Early Edition, August 21, 2013

    in News

    A new global Internet service, Blackberry is cutting more jobs and Tivo has a new line of products. WSJ's Dan Loney reports.