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    Are you tired of carrying all that "junk" yet?

    in Lifestyle

    Here we get into the raw the real and the nitty gritty. Is carrying the load, being overworked, underappreciated and stressed by oh so many self important responsibilites thatwe have become addicted to our junk?

    How much junk do you choose to carry around and for how long?

    Is junk ever useful?No.Otherwise it would be used and not wasted junk.

    Has the stress to do all and be all made us shallow and self righteous in our overwhelm?

    Get off the the treadmill that keeps the mind set on high alert.



    Make moments of bliss mandatory...tune in while Kim Englot and I discuss, "Dump the Junk".

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    Motivational Monday- Are You Tired Yet?

    in Motivation

    Its Motivational Monday!! Its also Black History Month and Nick and Erik in the Monin will be disecting a great quote from none other than the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This will be a great episode. It will be rich which motivation, passion and liberation. One that will fuel growth, equality, but mose of all, GREATNESS! Tune In, this is an episode you dont want to miss.

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    Farm-al Attire, formally tired lol.

    in Paranormal

    Was there ever such a lovely thing as "Paranormal Hangover". We discuss that as well as the previous night's investigouting. Special Call-in # Tba.

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    IUIC Haters!! When Will You Get Tired of Hating???

    in History

    You grown ass men are worst then women. You have men that call themselves leaders in the truth but don't apply scriptures!!! Everytime you poor excuse for prophets put a video out it's IUIC this and IUIC that. You've been hating since I came in the truth. Why?? Because you're not sent from God. You poor excuse for prophets are washed up!!!!!

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    Sick & tired of being sick & tired- Help build a nation outside of our oppressor

    in National

    We will start this video with a heartwrenching and hopefully call to action exceprt from a brother from Flint giving his horrifying account of him and his children drinking the lead filled water. This story and all of the other stories around Flint, Michigan is dreadful and should leave you with at least some type of emotion.  This, if you know your history, is nothing new in our collective experience in this country and throughout the diaspora.  It's time we step up.  It's time we rise as Black Afrikan Men and Women and build something sustainable for our people outside the jurisdiction of our oppressor.  My brother from RBG Kamikaze, Abäzu Ankh Amen will be weighing in heavy on those oppossed to building as will I.  We will also play expcerpts of the Oregon Standoff and follow up from last week with long range forecasting and the fifth installment of the comprehensive planning lectures, giving the people what a Comprehensive Plan in a municipality actually is.

    Get ready for some more Land, Infrastructure, and Nationhood

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    in Lifestyle

    Lots going on in the news these days, Flint, Michigan and the contaminated water, The Oscars and the unfair nominations just to name a few.  Just two years ago a young 16 year old boy was castrated by police for no reason at all.  Fact remains, we came over here as a people from Africa to help build American.  Wait.....not to build America, that's not what they told us at first, they had us believe we were going to live well in American but when we arrived on the ship there was a different story and we were chained up, beaten and those who did not survive the travel were thrown overboard and left out in the waters.  From the beginning we have been treated unfairly and quite frankly....I'M TIRED OF IT.

  • 00:37

    Agitator Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Robert's guests are Byron Durham , Erin Heaney (national ), Christine Irvine, Chicago from Standing Up for Racial Justice

    The civil rights movement of the 60s was a rainbow in terms of both race and age; young and old, black and white worked together to achieve voting rights and roll back segregation in the south. As new voter suppression laws are introduced nationwide, unarmed African Americans are gunned down in the street by police, it will take another multi-racial, multi-age movement to achieve racial justice.

    Robert's guests will discuss how the struggle for racial justice is everyone's fight.

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    MisterDirect's Real Talk Live from South Side Grille "Bar Humor"

    in Entertainment

    What has happened all week long?

    What is the latest news story to capture our attention?

    Tired of Fox, Cnn, Msnbc, or other slanted news?

    Tired of slanted links and not knowing the other side of the story?

    Join MisterDirect for an open banter discussion on the latest topics. 



    Join MisterDirect while we discuss Social, Political, Scientific, Technology, Health, and many more subjects. 

    Since it's REAL TALK you never know where the conversation will go.

    Guest call in line (347)205-9571

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    Was Flint Water Poisoning and Intentional Act of Genocide

    in Radio

    This show will examine whether Flint's water supply was intentionally poisoned as an act of genocide as Councilman Wantwaz Davis and film maker Michael Moore have both stated.

    Back in December, before the crisis became a national news story, Moore tweeted:

    This is a racial killing, Flint is 60% African American. When you knowingly poison a Black city, you are committing a version of genocide. If this were elsewhere, and the white leader blocked a Black city's clean water supply and made them drink poison, we'd call it ethnic cleansing.

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    Diversity or P.C. Police Brutality?

    in Culture

    Mattel has made a line of “Barbie” dolls with a multicultural array of physical appearances. Ranging in many colors, and racial features, to different heights, and weights, and even body types, etc. The intention would be to address concerns of representing and supporting all ethnicities and cultures, etc, but is this taking things over the top, or is this something long overdue and very much needed in a multicultural world and society?

    The supposed “synthetic weed” K2 has been getting dangerously toxic reviews from users who have suffered afflictions ranging from vomiting, and hysteria, to being hospitalized and incarcerated, etc for schizophrenic behavior and diagnosis! This is all in an effort to keep marijuana illegal and allow the government an opportunity to monetize it for financial gain. Again, is this lack of acceptance of diversity in people another form of P.C. Brutality? Since it’s “not right” to smoke weed, the government will make something that can be accepted by all…?!?

    Tune in Friday Night’s at Midnight till 2AM Call (347)637-3528…

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    Super Duper Bowl L

    in Football

    After all of the hype and hoopla dies down in Cali, Jay and Dre are here to get into the meat and potatoes of the actual Big Game.  Peyton Manning's HGH chicken parm, Cam Newton's racial politics and polarizing personality, Peyton's possible last game, Josh Norman and Carolina's edgy and possibly dirty defense--put all the storylines aside.  It comes down to the AFC champion Broncos versus the favored NFC champion Panthers.  Though Dre has already clinched the picks title, the boys will break down the 50th annual Super Bowl and cut through the BS In Much Less Detail to decide: Denver or Carolina...WHO YA GOT???


    Theme music credit:  "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar


    CC BY-SA 3.0