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    The Pocketbook Monologues is The Vagina Monologues with Soul

    in Women

    Hailed by many as “The Vagina Monologues with Soul,” The Pocketbook Monologues is already playing to sold-out houses in New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee. Please Join Me as I sit down to chat with Yetta Young, Executive Producer of The Pocketbook Monologues by Sharon K. McGhee, an all African American celebrity cast version of The Vagina Monologues, it is a fundraising effort benefiting organizations against violence against women and children as well as HIV/AIDS and includes Essence Atkins, Ella Joyce, Taj Johnson George of the R&B Singing Group SWV & Survivor: Tocantin, London “Deelishis” Charles “Flavor of Love: Season 2 winner”, comedianne Queen Aishah & many others.

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    A Conversation with Alexyss K. Tylor: Vagina Power

    in Relationships

    Alexyss K. Tylor is the author of Spiritual Sexuality Vagina Power, as well as the talk show host for Vagina Power!!! She talks about spiritual sexuality vagina power, penis power, sperm power.  So many women are used, abused and really misunderstand the power of sex and the beauty of the vagina.  She teaches women that they are sacred temples of divine creation. Her real, raw and direct approach snatches women from their comfort zones of complacency. Her unapologetic method of delivering the truth is refreshing and confronts the lies of low self esteem and inferiority. Join us for this riveting conversation and DON'T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!

    Check out her dialogue on not being a COMMON BITCH! NSFW


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    AGurlzGuideOnAir Conversations with M. Power Productions, Vagina Monologues

    in LGBT

    Join Host Michelle as she sits down with M.Power Productions Onyx Keesha and Mikel Sullivan to discuss this year's production of Eve Ensler's, The Vagina Monologues, with a twist.  


    A Gurlz Guide is a powerful collection of LBTQ writers who passionately share their hearts, spirits, personal experience and love for the community in an effort to bring love, reconciliation, healing and humor to some hard hitting topics; real people writing about real experiences. 

    In July 2013, A Gurlz Guide On Air was launched on Back2Us Radio Network.  Give away that what you need the most.

    Pull up a chair, put on your headphones, and join Michelle Alexander on Wednesdays at 8pm for a few hours of empowerment. 

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    Vagina Power: Who Has It - Who Don't - Charles Tyler

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    Vagina Power............what is it, who has it and who does not ?

    Today on "Living Off The Grid Radio" Charles Tyler is back and he and his community shall define and discuss Vagina Power.  We shall discuss why many women who physically have vaginas, have lost their Vagina Power and HOW they can get if back if they so choose to do so. 

    We shall also discuss where men can go globally to be empowered by women who use their Vagina Power in the right way.

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    Women's Rights Activist: Laramie Gorbett

    in Women

    Laramie comes forth today talking about what brought her into the passion for the activism for women's rights, what she has done with that time frame, and what her hopes are for the future.

    Her background includes -- being an advocate and activist that has been working for women's rights for the last 15 years. She is the executive director and founder of a small grassroots organization called empower art, working with survivors of abuse and teach healthy coping skills through music and art. This includes working with survivors of interpersonal violence,sexual assault, human trafficking (international and domestic minor trafficking). Laramie has worked with refugees in Uganda and seen what happens when women have no reproductive rights. Her masters is in anthropology and in thesis research involved looking at the evolutionary root of violence against females and it came down to control over reproduction.She has been an active supporter for planned parenthood naral lilith fund and Janes due process, has participated in many lobby days, and has been involved the v_day movement to end violence against women and girls since 2002 including producing the Vagina monologues.

    To learn more about the activism and women's rights issues:




    and remember to keep #SharingYourVoice

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    The Big Perm Show #45 - Greg Halbleib & Bart Shatto

    in Entertainment

    Join us this Sunday night at 8pm CST !!

    At 8:15pm we welcome the Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Peoria Riverman, Greg Halbleib. Greg is in his first season in Peoria and his seventh season in professional hockey as he handles play-by-play and media relations for the Rivermen. We'll talk with Greg about his Central Illinois roots, his career as well as his work with the Rivermen.

    At 8:45pm we'll be joined by Peoria native and homeboy of the show, Bart Shatto !! We'll talk with Bart about his recent tour with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We'll also hear some really, really " Bad Movie Reviews " as well as what his future endeavors may be !! There's never a dull moment when Bart Shatto is in the house !! 

    At 9:30pm CST it's " The Marty Monologues: Kinda Like The Vagina Monologues But With A Real Dick. " featuring Marty Wombacher of the wildly popular blog MeanWhileBackInPeoria.com. Each week Marty joins us and lays upon us the linguistic stylings and knowledge that can only come from years of great experience!

    Don't miss the show !! Starts at 8pm CST !!


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    The Big Perm Show #44 - Bob Mayo along with Josh & Alex Brackett

    in Entertainment

    Catch us this Sunday night starting at 8pm CST !!

    Joining us at 8:15pm will be music producer, film maker, composer, engineer and owner of K Street Media Group, Bob Mayo. The folks at K Street Media group works with lot's of different local talent and they have a lot of great projects coming our way !!

    Then at 8:50pm we'll hear from former guests & owners of Peoria Muay Thai, Josh & Alex Brackett. These guys will share some details about their recent trip to Thailand as well as their upcoming fight schedule.

    At 9:30pm CST it's " The Marty Monologues: Kinda Like The Vagina Monologues But With A Real Dick. " featuring Marty Wombacher of the wildly popular blog MeanWhileBackInPeoria.com. Each week Marty joins us and lays upon us the linguistic stylings and knowledge that can only come from years of great experience!

    Don't miss the show !! Starts at 8pm CST !!

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 110: Free College!

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Free College (you've heard of Obamacare? Try Obamacollege)

    Side Topics:  Swedish childrens cartoon... of a penis and vagina. I'll translate the song & "sing" it live on air in the style of William Shatner.  Teen busted at hospital where he posed as a doctor for weeks.  Now legal, weed growers find the market being intensely saturated.  We discuss what this means.  Senator Feinstein shows how politicians leave office filthy rich.  NASA cuts live feed of the space station as UFO appears in the shot.

    All This in 30 Mintues!!

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    The Big Perm Show #43 - Inside The Cage w/ Big Perm & Vic Nasty

    in MMA

    This Sunday night Big Perm & Vic Nasty go " Inside The Cage " !! Join us at 8pm CST !!

    Joining the show in the first hour will be UFC fighter and Central Illinois native Kenny Robertson. Kenny visits to talk about his January 24th fight at UFC on FOX 14. We'll also catch up with Ryan Blackorby. Ryan has quite the storied Muay Thai background and works with Kenny Robertson as his Muay Thai coach.

    At 9:30pm CST it's " The Marty Monologues: Kinda Like The Vagina Monologues But With A Real Dick. " featuring Marty Wombacher of the wildly popular blog MeanWhileBackInPeoria.com. Each week Marty joins us and lays upon us the linguistic stylings and knowledge that can only come from years of great experience!

    At 10pm CST we'll talk with UFC veteran and Central Illinois native Chris Tickle. Chris will be fighting February 7th at WXC 55 " Fully Loaded " up in Riverview, MI.

    Then, at 10:30 we catch up with our homeboy Dave " The Butcher " Clifford, Michigan's BEST ring announcer and rabble rouser. We'll cover everything from MMA to Aliens !!

    This is a show you don't wanna miss !! Ya never know what might happen !!

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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 43

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the July 4-6, 1942 dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker.  Included in this episode:

    The Concordat with the Catholic Church is declared "obsolete" and Hitler discusses ways to end it;
    The hard-boiled diplomacy of the Vatican causes Hitler to shun direct contact with its representatives;
    A warning to Czech President Hacha and his government, following a memorial service for Heydrich, of severe consequences if all Benes intrigues and all pro-Benes individuals are not stamped out;
    Frugality of southern Italians has its good and bad sides, and thoughts on a state-directed economy vs Jewish "Free Trade";
    The stupidity of kings;
    Britain has dominated Europe for 300 years because of their superior race and intelligence, but now NS Germany will fill that role;
    The importance of the Passion Play at Oberammergau for portraying so well the menace of Jewry.

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

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    Milling About with Sam Harris

    in Entertainment

    Multi-talented performer Sam Harris joins host Robin Milling for a backstage chat about his one-man musical, 'Ham: A Musical Memoir,' now playing at Theater 511 at Ars Nova in New York City. Directed by Billy Porter, featuring pianist Todd Schroeder, the show is based on his autobiography, 'Ham: Slices of A Life.'

    On stage Sam expertly tells stories, speaking about his life's journey from boyhood to the present; whether in song or candid monologues. He tells Robin he's embraced the term, 'ham,' recalling his earliest performance at three singing The Star Spangled Banner at a football game in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Sam says performing is everything to him. 'It was my coping mechanism being a little bit of a different kind of kid growing up in rural, Baptist South; the buckle of the bible belt! For a burgeoning gay showbusiness kid it was a little freaky especially being born in the early 60s.'

    And for those not born in the 60s, Star Search was the American Idol of it's day, where Sam won the 1983 grand champion singer with his rousing rendition of 'Over The Rainbow.'  He tells Robin he accepts the legacy, along with his other accomplishments as an actor, a writer, and a recording aritst.

    Sam talks about the cathartic experience he feels exorcising his demons on stage, although some things were left in the book such as his alcoholism; celebrating 11 years sober. Even though the show is personal to his life experience, he tells Robin it's universal. 'I don't think there's anybody who doesn't feel outside. I don't think there's anybody who doesn't need to be told 'you're enough.''

    For more about Sam visit http://www.samharris.com/

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