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    Lynn Eagle Feather hosts "Native American Affairs" Sept. 26, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    Lynn Eagle Feather hosts "Native American Affairs" on National Network in Action (NNIA1) channel. Our call-in number is 818-572-2947, and we encourage audience participation, or please listen via Internet at 

    I discussed The Cochran Firm fraud against the Ramapough People of New Jersey in the "Man vs. Ford" case. Lynn Eagle Feather discussed recent police killings involving Native American victims that happened both inside and outside of jail, including her son, Paul Castaway, who was killed in the street in July 2015. She and other mothers of victims recently "crashed" a meeting of Denver officials and spoke to them on television about deaths of their children. The mothers presented a list of demands, which Lynn Eagle Feather read on air to the audience of NNIA1 during this broadcast.

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will.
    ~Frederick Douglass

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    The New Grown Folkz Talking

    in Entertainment

    If you've never heard Taja talk about her adventures in motherhood, you should listen. If you've never laughed at Angel Dollaz clown a celebrity, you should listen. If Deacon Boss hasn't made you rethink some of your life decisions, you should listen to Grown Folkz Talking Tuesday at 7pm pst! It's easy to listen just dial 424.258.9216 and enjoy the show!

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    Scorpios Talking October 1, 2015

    in Self Help

    Michael Colberg, JD, LCSW, LMFT and Anne Ortelee, a certified Astrologer ISAR-CAP, PMAFA, NCGR-PAA Level 3, talk about current events from the perspective of Scorpios. Tune in to hear their unique, wise perspectives on how to navigate the wild and turbulent times we live in.  Lively, informed and fun, we encourage you to take your outrage and engage your courage.

  • The New Grown Folkz Talking

    in Entertainment

    If you're talking about it, we're talking about it! From relationship issues to the latest gossip from Hollywood, you'll hear it all on The Grown Folkz Talking Radio Show Tuesdays at 7PM pst. Angel Dollaz, The Diva, and Deacon Boss will keep you entertained and inform with lively discussions, humorous perspectives and raw real talk! So join us Tuesday 7pm pst for the Grown Folkz Talking Radio Show. It's easy to listen. Click the link below or call 424.258.9216. See you Tuesday!

  • Talking in Circles: Dover Review; Theriault crash - SAFER Barriers

    in Sports

    On today's episode of Talking in Circles, we talk about the running of the AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway. That was the end of the Challenger Round of the Chase, and four drivers have been eliminated. One of the drivers eliminated was Jimmie Johnson. We'll break down why the 48 team was eliminated, and talk about what the 12 that advanced need to do to not get eliminated in the next 3 races. 

    During the victory celebration for Kevin Harvick, his #4 Chevrolet got into the wall. This raised many eyebrows among his competitors because they're wondering why that car got into the wall and got damage? Were Kevin Harvick and the 4 team trying to cover up something illegal on the rearend of the car? Or was it just a coincidence. We'll talk about that. 

    Also, the number 78 Furniture Row Racing team was handed a P2 Penalty for something that took place during inspection, prior to Dover. We'll talk about how inconsistent that ruling is, and whether or not we think it was the right call by NASCAR.

    With the first round being over, we'll give our predictions of which 8 of the remaining 12 drivers will move on from the Contender Round, and into the Eliminator Round (round 3) of the Chase. The races in this round are Charlotte, Kansas and Talladega. Last season, this round eliminated some note worthy names including Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Will we see this happen again?

    One of the hot topics coming out of this weekend was the crash by NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Austin Theriault. Theriault, a driver for Brad Keselowski Racing, got tagged by his teammate, Tyler Reddick, and sent into the outside wall, head on. The wall that Theriault hit didn't have a SAFER Barrier, and his wreck resulted in a fracture in his lower back. We'll talk about why there still isn't SAFER barriers around these tracks...

    And also your phone calls at 917-889-8280 come join the conversation!

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    The New Grown Folkz Talking

    in Entertainment

    Join us Tuesday 7pm pst for The Grown Folkz Talking Radio Show! Our special guests this week will be Author/Playwright/Entrepreneur Andrionna Williams. She will also be bringing along actor Darius McCrary from the 90s show Family Matters! We will be discussing Andrionna's play 'Inlaws From Hell' opening this week in Las Vegas! It will be starring Darius McCrary. He will be talking about his role in 'Inlaws From Hell' as well as other things. You won't want to miss this show! It's easy to listen. Just click the link below or call 424.258.9216. That's Grown Folkz Talking Radio Show! Tuesday 7pm pst.

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    Talking Motorcycles with Larry Little about AimExpo 2016

    in Sports

    Larry Little was part of the team that founded the Aim Expo in Orlando. It has now been announced that Aim Expo has been sold and now is under the MIC banner. Larry joins us to bring us up to speed about the sale of the fastest growing motorcycle trade show in North America. 

    Larry is never at a loss for words and is the man responsible for the tremendous growth of this trade show that combines a manufacture trade show with a consumer trade show. The concept is an obvious hit amongs industry insiders and motorcyclists. We have many questions about the 2016 show in Orlando. Larry will bring us the answers!

    Talking Motorcycles is powered by Sozo! Special thanks to Harley-Davidson, Crosley Brands, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires and NextMotoChampion.com!

  • Talking in Circles: Rick Mast Interview, Chicagoland Review, New Hampshire Previ

    in Sports

    On this episode of Talking In Circles, we will break down the MyAFibRisk.com 400 from Chicagoland Speedway. Kevin Harvick vs Jimmie Johnson. Who was right, who was wrong? Will we see retalition from either one? 

    Also former NASCAR driver Rick Mast joins the show to talk about his career and give some opinions on today's NASCAR. 

    We'll also discuss the penalty at Michael Waltrip Racing. Coincidence or just a trend with this team. Will they win the appeal? Should they have the right to appeal? 

    Also the first significant news of the NASCAR silly season came out last week when it was announced Jeffrey Earnhardt & Bobby Labonte driving next year at Go FAS Racing. We'll give our thoughts. 

    Jimmie Johnson signs 2 year extension with Hendrick Motorsports. We'll give our thoughts on why it's just 2 years. 

    MWR selling stakes indvidiually in the team. We'll give our thoughts. 

    Plus so much more, and we'll take your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    Talking Terror Presents Episode 101 - Legend of Lecter Part 2

    in Movies

    We're over the 100th episode milestone and back to wrap up the legend that is Hannibal Lecter. We'll be discussing the films "Hannibal" and the pre Hopkins Lecter film "Manhunter" Join us for two films to whet your appetite for a slice of liver! Also we'll be briefly joined by indie scream queen Genoveva Rossi. She'll be on to talking about the upcoming four state slasher con as well as her upcoming projects

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    Talking in Circles – 84 – Science Fiction Draft

    in Television

    This week’s theme: Science Fiction! On this week’s show we keep our drafting tradition going as we focus on the genre of Science Fiction. Who will create the Ultimate Science Fiction story? Who will be picked? Let’s just say we keep you guessing. Before we get to draft Greg has a movie he just can’t ...

    The post Talking in Circles – 84 – Science Fiction Draft appeared first on GeekCast Radio Network.

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    dcdavid talking nats

    in Sports

    nats stuggled through out the year but because they were in weak division they flirted with the lead through out the year but for various reasons the couldnt keep it together

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