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    The Sword and Shield Show

    in Christianity

    The first episode will be to talk about what future episodes will include. This show will feature readings of the Bible, interviews of local and international missionaries, other pastors, teachers, authors and women in leadership. We will offer music, and hear from speakers on issues important to those concerned with freedom of religion in today's society.


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    Protection shield and Spiritual guardians & mini tarot readings

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    I'm Del - owner & creator of "youhavethepowerwithin.com"

     What is a Protection Shield and how it helps protect you- The key to the shield is to allow in what you desire and block our only the harmful or negative energy. You would not want to block yourself from all helpful energies. One very popular defense is to visualize mirrors all around you, returning the negative or harmful energy back to where it came from. The argument with the mirror technique is that the orginal sender  is "karmically" getting what was sent out, I believe its not our job to make sure other"get what they deserve."

    What are these Spiritual Guardians- Many spiritual traditions believe in some form of guardian or protector spirit. For some, it is the popular guardian angel. In other traditions may and often times take the form of an animal. You may feel it is an ancestor. The duty of this nonphysical being is to aid in your protection, physically, and psychically. This is the most powerful protection is to create a shield around you. A shield is energy programmed with the intention of defense.

    Remember that the mini readings I do on my show are only a little of what comes through, if you would like an in depth reading please book a session at www.youhavethepowerwithin.com.

    All readings are done by phone any where in the U.S, skype or google hangout. I do have a pay option I use square and can send an invoice if this works better for you.

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    Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere!

    in Television

    Matt and Jeff finally have new content to sink their teeth into!  Agents of SHIELD season 3 starts now!

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    Teach The Next Generation

    in Christianity

    The Bible teaches that God will hold us responsible to teach our children, and grand-children to know, love, honor, and respect Him. I invite you to read the book of Titus chapter 2 verses 11-14 (Titus 2:11-14).

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    Geekcast X-men and Shield

    in Entertainment

    TV, more X-Men talk, and maybe Booster Gold ...

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    Walk With Me

    in Christianity

    Guest: Pastor and Missionary, Chad Naaktgeboren will share his testimony and talk about the work he and his lovely wife Heather, are doing in Ransburg, and Johannesburg, South Africa. We will hear of the importance of providing for the spiritual as well as  the temporal needs of people, and what they need most. Pastor Chad received his calling and assignment in a very exciting, and unforgetable encounter. I invite you to tune in and hear how the Lord called him, led him in a profound and faithful walk of intimate relationship and discipleship. Now, he and Heather mentor and disciple others, including their own children. If you would like to learn about the great power which God, alone possesses and how He can use it to help others through us, please join us at 7:00PM Pacific Time. You are welcome to call and request prayer between 8:00-9:00PM. For prayer please call the guest call in number which is: (646)787-1936. 

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    Tomorrow Will Be TelevisedThe Expanse/Shield Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guests: Academy Award-nominated writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Children Of Men/Iron Man), now executive producers-writers on The Expanse, Syfy's new original drama launching December 14, and Chris Daniel, senior product manager of Nvidia's Shield, a device which makes TVs smart to showcase Android applications.

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    Tonights guest : Gilbert Arevalos of Whittier California will share his testimony, thanking God for freeing him from his destructive past. Among other things, he would like you to know that no matter what pain and hardship you are suffering through at this moment,  there is hope. Christ Jesus is our hope. As Christians we believe that He is The LORD. Jesus is the God of love, peace, forgiveness, joy and second chances. We give Him thanks and praise.

    We invite you to call us during the second hour of the show between 8:00-8:45PM, ( Pacific Time) every thursday, with your prayer requests. We will be available to pray with you during the program. There are volunteers who will take your requests to the LORD in prayer for up to seven days after the broadcast. If you would like us to pray for your requests please contact us at: (646)787-1936, during the time above. Merry Christmas to all.

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    The Actual Price of Freedom

    in Christianity

    Tonight's Guest: Terry Frontino, an accountant, is also a wife, mother, grand-mother. She hosts a women's Bible study fellowship and mentors other women. Our main topic of discussion this evening will be: Whose blood, sweat, and tears pays for our freedom, and what are we to do regarding our future. Please join us in prayer for all children, grand-children, and our nation, The United States of America, and for the World. We invite you to listen to the broadcast to hear the phone number to call in to the show and request pray as well as pray along wth us. Please call in during the second half of the show, between 8:00 - 8:50pm tonight. If you are unble to call in tonight please join us next Thursday when we will be on again from 7:00-9:00pm. Prayer requests will be received between 8:00-8:50pm every Thursday.