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    An invitation to more, more, more in your life, your miracles, your wealth, your health and more....

    Moving beyond the boundaries of the 5 human senses & transitioning into new thought structure.  We have been traversing this arena for 1 1/2 yrs. now on LivingEden.  Today we will explore MORE OPENING...To open the seal of perception, the one belief that must disintegrate concerns how we view the consciousness as something that is inside our body, perhaps located somewhere in the brain. We are multidimensional beings! Our consciousness exists outside of the physical body, even outside of the physicalized world. It transcends time and space as part of the one quantum mind

    Listen in with me on a podcast from Children of the Sun "Developing Expanded Sense Perception and Thriving With Your Higher Mind".  You will discover some AMAZING information and direction for LivingEden right NOW - right HERE.  Participate in practicing during the miracle gifts of meditation.  Experience your planet and the cosmos in as YOU!!

    You are so loved, each one of you and so needed to be ALL that you are.  I support you as best as I know how at this moment by hosting LivingEden.  We are all in a huge transition on this planet and we are totally capable to be co-creators of an incredible planet.  First we must let go of our old perceptions and open, open, open to the Mystery happening.  Remember Stacy and Valinda's crystalvibejewelry.com for energetic support within their gorgeous jewelry.  Send in your sharings, insights, questions and how you are LivingEden right now.  When I get enough responses I will do a show with them (no names).  Have a fabullous week and FEEL the love flowing.

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    Baltimore Sports Talk: Preview Opening Day!

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    MLB Opening Day is just days away. Join us and give your prognostications for the new season right here on Baltimore Sports Talk. How will the Orioles - or your favorite team do this season?!

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    Opening of The Womb Ceremony Needed to Have Mother Wit

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    Shaluum and what up ppl of TMH. To the blessed ELECT, be of strong courage and commit thyself to the work of uplifting the lost and the blind by empowering them with TRUTH. Tonights show I simply want to talk about the difference between females who (never) experience the opening of the WOMB ceremony also called child birth. And barren females who choose to not have children whether it be voluntary or involuntary. I have observed a marked difference in femiNINE comphrehension between the two sets of FEMALES vs WOMEN. We have heard the saying that all men are created EQUAL. Well I have (never) BELIEVED that. Neither do I believe that (all women) are created equal. Differences are not a crime folks and the attempt to make everyone be on EQUAL footing when the evidence remarkebly shows otherwise is simply those with the lowest attributes of humanity. Making themselves (equal) and on the same footing with those who are in every way SUPERIOR. When we refuse to acknowledge the superiority of that which is indeed superior. We are only deceiving ourselves as well as lieing to ourselves which in the long run can have serious negative consequences. Well lets address this tonight. 9MIND calls are always welcome but if if this is indeed unchartered terriotory for you. Then I suggest you just sit back and LISTEN and download or save and listen some more. Because what has been done to we as a ppl was intentional and designed to weaken we in the areas where we need to be the strongest which is FAMILY.

    713.955.0709 call in 


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    Fantasy Alarm Podcast: Opening Day Goodness

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    Howard Bender and Michael Stein discuss the 2015 Opening Day and reminisce about their favorite Opening Day moments. The boys will also be joined by Fantasy Alarm's Dom Murtha who gets the honor of being the first to be subjected to their "Five Easy Questions." They'll also talk early-season injuries and bullpen blow-ups just three days in to the regular season.

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    Special Edition: MLB Opening Day Recap

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    Tonight, Michael Cohen welcomes you to the SportsTalk Nation for a full breakdown of baseball's opening day. Guest analysits will be on hand. Specific talk on Mets-Nationals, Yankees-Blue Jays openers, and a tour around the league.

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    NCAA Finals Preview, NBA and MLB Opening Day

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    It's down to two and we will review the Semifinal games and preview the Duke vs. Wisconsin Championship. Was the pressure to much for Kentucky or did Wisconsin just outplay them? Duke dominated Michigan St. and Coach K is seeking his fifth national title behind his three star freshman in Jones, Okafor and Winslow. We will look at some NCAA coaching moves including Shaka Smart to Texas, Avery Johnson to Alabama and Chris Mullin to St. John's. The NBA playoff races are down to the wire, and we will discuss all the action, plus we'll get into Paul George's return and what impact it will have on the Pacers. MLB opening day is here and we will talk Cubs vs Cardinals and more. Join us at 6PM ET. Call in to the show at 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.RaeAndTayToday.com

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    Tony Cincotta & Mike Leone Talk Opening Day Baseball

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    It is Opening Day Daily Fantasy Baseball 2015 today's podcast  features Tony Cincotta and Mike Leone. In Today's action you have Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer and all the aces in Major League Baseball. Milwaukee and Colorado will play in the game with the highest total. Which players do you need to roster for today's action

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    Opening Businesses In The United States

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    Starting your Own Business  You have big dreams and you visulize opening day. Many people would love to own a successful business one that makes money and the owner can be away and things still go smooth. Some people know the components to starting a business. Qaulifications, business plan, license, also there are other components.

    Business Owners There are many Business Owner living and dead who started with simply doing something they enjoyed doing everyday and they shared with others and it became a full time business for them. Many had no business sense or education only a hobby. Alot of the owners we christians and they knew God gave them their hearts desire in business. The same God is doing the same for many today.


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    NCAA Champions; MLB Opening Day & NFL Draft Prep!

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    Put your game face on and get off the sidelines! "Chalk Talk with Kim" is a weekly live interactive sports interview show! On our next show we'll take a look at what's happening around MLB since it's opening week. We'll also recap the men and women's Final Four Championships.  We are less than a month from the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight and the NFL Draft. We'll have previews of both. Plus the NBA regular season is winding down. Who is leading the race to be MVP? How are the playoffs shaping up? Today is the Zina Garrison Academy's Annual Golf Tournament... we might even be live from the course. You'll have to tune in to find out. I'll update my guests as we get closer to show day... but mark your calendars and plan to be a part of a fun hour Sports Talk! 


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    Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach

    in Spirituality

    Can you imagine feeling good and natural and full of life? Imagine what it would feel like to feel calm and centered no matter what your circumstances might be. Imagine having more energy while engaging in everything you do, and feeling ever more connected in your life, day by day, breath by breath.

    While the many benefits of meditation on the mind and body are becoming more widely known, it can still be perceived as an abstract and mystifying practice. Opening to Meditation bypasses myths and mysteries to demonstrate that meditation can – and should be – as simple as breathing.

    Opening to Meditation is for meditators of all levels of experience. Diana wrote most of the book with her eyes closed and in meditation, and in this way she has avoided the “analytical theory, or intellectual razzmatazz” that often intimidate would-be practitioners. “I wanted this book to be the real thing,” says Diana, “without any fixed rules or indoctrination, with no commandments or incantations, just the real experience of meditation.”

    Diana’s pleasant, straightforward guidance makes meditation available to all. Originally published as a book-and-CD set, this revised paperback edition includes downloadable audio-guided meditations.

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    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

    in Current Events

    Thursday night Bobby Beesinger Is on fire ...Opening the Vortex actually this isn't no Vortex its a even Angrier Hurricane Katrina !!!!! 
    With Special guest Pastor Sylvestor Bland in the house !. We will be discussing Race Relations in America the truth behind White Privilege. 
    The facts about the Racial Divide created , manufactured , and kept alive by the US Government in order to extort and control the peoples will . 
    Yes everyone this is going to be one of Bobby's famous "what if I told you episodes". 
    Its Time in the age of information for all people All Americans to know the truth . The Real reasons why the people are played against each other using their HERITAGE!!!
    Bring pen and paper Cause we are delivering the Truth!!! your going to want to take notes cause I'm giving you information your going to want to relish ,remember and Repeat.