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    Barbarity in Oklahoma

    in Politics

    The Oklahoma Department of Corrections botched the execution of convicted killer Clayton Lockett Tuesday night, claiming the execution didn't go as planned because of a blown vein.

    It was determined he was sedated approximately seven minutes into the execution," DOC Director Robert Patton said. "At that time we began pushing the second and third drugs in the protocol. There was some concern at that time that the drugs were not having the effect, so the doctor observed the line and determined that the line had blown."The second drug in the protocol was vecuronium bromide, which is a paralytic used to stop Lockett's breathing. The third drug in the protocol was potassium chloride, which was used to stop Lockett's heart.Witnesses described a disturbing chain of events that followed. They said Lockett was not unconscious until 6:33, but at 6:36 they said Lockett became conscious again and was mumbling, his muscles tightened, his mouth opened and he was twitching. At 6:37 witnesses say Lockett said "something is wrong." Lockett continued mumbling and moving, even lifting his head and shoulders until 6:39, when DOC officials closed the blinds to keep witnesses from seeing any more.Using newspaper accounts and a database of all American executions, my collaborators and I recently completed the first comprehensive study of botched executions in the United States and documented the ways that different methods of execution go wrong. We examined every execution from 1890 to 2010 and found that no technology has been able to ensure that capital punishment would not, on occasion, become either a gruesome spectacle of suffering or a messy display of incompetence

    Austin Sarat "Gruseome Spectacles: Botched Executions and America’s Death Penalty"


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    Falling Out of Bed NYC Morning Show

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    Am finishing up the show I started at 10 AM, which was only 15 minutes long..

    Will continue the story of the Bird and continue reading from Mike Golden's "Been to the Mountaintop, Went Over the Edge; who kille JFK, MLK and RFK.

    Go to synchromysticismforum.com to see links, images and discussion relating to what is covered on this show..

    Synchromysticism uses meaningful coincidence to talk about the connection between all things, since consciousness is not localized but is actually all pervasive.

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    Todd Braley China White Melissa Caudle Keystroke Killer

    in Entertainment

    Todd talks about his upcoming film China White. Suspense thriller. Last time Todd and Brian talked there was a little debate going on regarding politics in film Since I am writing this, I feel it was a tie. One hour was not enough to finish  our talk about what the future holds for this talented filmmaker. Todd is a passionate man, serious man regarding his craft. This movie will be a must see. I invite you all to call in and talk to the man behind China White and let him know I brian the hammer is always right. I am ready for you Todd Bring it.!
    Second half of the show Keystroke Killer  Casting with DR MELISSA CAUDLE . producer

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    Lauren Galley: Standing Up

    in Self Help

    Starting as young as the tween years the bullies of today aren’t the brazen schoolyard thugs they used to be, they hide behind computers and pick away at our kid’s self-esteem with the ease of a keystroke.  With 80% of teens using cell phones or social media, cyberbullies have what seems to be a risk-free way to prey on others and share an invisible cruelty. As the number of youths who have been bullied online nears almost half of the teen population the most disturbing stat is the staggering increase in youth suicide.  Something has got to be done to save our kids, and our selves, from cyberbulling!
    As hard as it may seem to keep up with the latest MySpace, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr that your kids are logging on to, there are some universal ways to protect their emotional well-being on and off-line.  Join Michelle and a phenomenal young teacher, author and mentor, Lauren Galley, as they share tools to protect the self-esteem of people of all ages.
    Lauren Galley, Teen Mentor, Radio Host, Actress, Model and President of Girls Above Society transitioned from her high school AP program to college at age 16 embarking on a journey driven to create an anchor of empowerment for teen girls. Launching (at age 17) Girls Above Society gives Lauren the p

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    THE FLOW- A celebration of Women in Horror

    in Entertainment

    Join your 3 sisters of horror in a blood drenched evening filled with the majesty of the macabre as we embrace and welcome women making strides in the horror genre! Your hosts Nikki Meow, Char Hardin and Kaci Hansen have quite the show in store!
    First we have from the upcoming Kevin Smith film, Clerks 3, actress Marilyn Ghigliotti joining the ladies of the cauldron to fill us all in on her thoughts about being a part of cult classic film history!
    Then we have Meredith Majors, co writer and producer of the upcoming film, Lake Eerie and the indie go go campaign to help fund the film!
    Also joining us will be Sharon Kille Jenkins who has years of experience working in the televison industry making horror shorts, movie and music reviews and even worked at MTV!
    So you won't want to miss the bloodletting and what these amazing heavenly creatures have to say about, well... EVERYTHING!

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    Actress Tera Garnett

    in Entertainment

    Tera Garnett is a fast rising actress who's recent successes include the new upcoming sci-fi thriller television series "The Keystroke Killer", motion picture film "Silence" written and directed by award winner Todd E. Braley. motion picture film "China White"(which is now becoming a trilogy) also written and directed by Todd E. Braley- all of which are airing in 2013. Some of her past films include- short film "Ember" and comedy web-series "Growing Pains." Tera started her film career only last year and is already making an incredible name for herself.  

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    Fandom Access: Exclusive with Up & Coming Star Jason Tobias

    in Entertainment

    Come join us for our exclusive interview with up and coming star Jason Tobias who will be appearing in the upcoming features TerrorDactyl, Zombie vs. Gladiators, and the Forgotten, and starring in the series The Keystroke Killer.
    Feel free to call in with your questions for Jason

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    Från Bonde till Astronaut med Felicia

    in Self Help

    Jag är en 17-årig tjej som heter Felicia Ferm och bor i Bromölla med min familj.
    Jag går på gymnasiet på programmet textil o design,
    På fritiden älskar jag att vara med min kille Adam och att vara med familjen, resa utomlands, träna hunden…
    och såklart att hålla på med mitt företag Delcha,
    jag ska bli modedesigner och nästan all fritid går åt till att sy kläder, skissa och hålla på med en ny kollektion, den ska visas upp i september i år på min modevisning och är mitt delmål just nu,
    Mitt mål är att kunna driva företaget som ett heltidsjobb helst i LA.
    Håll utkik på min blogg, sök delcha, eller maila på feliciaferm@hotmail.com och kom på modevisningen!!!!
    Så mina tips till Er är att göra som jag:
    När du står inför valet vad du ska bli – lyssna inte på vad dina kompisar ska välja eller på vad andra säger är bra att välja – känn efter vad du själv vill – det är du som ska leva med beslutet resten av livet, inte de.
    Man måste våga för att vinna och uppnå sina mål, du har inget att förlora men allt att vinna.
    som sagt ”gör det du älskar, så blir du framgångsrik”

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    Actor Chris Swirles

    in Entertainment

    His career took off when he auditioned to play "Milo" in the "The Keystroke Killer". I had the opportunity to talk with him about his childhood, acting, and his move to Los Angeles.
    You can find Chris on Facebook!
    "Candy makes it a safe place to talk". --Chris

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    The Many Hats of Dr. Melissa Caudle- LaCa NoLa Talent Agency

    in Entertainment

    Anarckey Entertainment Media presents Brian The Hammer Show made possible by our Sponsors:
    On The Lot Productions, Dr. Melissa Caudle -Come Get It Records, Wayne D. CEO -Filmblanc, Noemi Weis -The Grimps, Richard Sirgiovanni -The Preyers, Ernie Lijoi Sr -Chronic Behavior, Eva Louis -Johnston's Clothiers, Wichita KS
    Brian's Guest on today's show is Dr. Melissa Caudle, Producer, Author, Screenwriter.
    Dr. Mel - The Author has written more than a dozen books with many more to come on film production, screenwriting and creating and producing reality shows.   Dr. Mel - The Blogger provides updates on all her projects in production and in development, tips for actors, key information for producers of both film and reality TV projects and for screenwriters.   Dr. Mel - The Producer has been in numerous projects and a producer and a reality show creator. Some of her films include: DARK BLUE, THE KEYSTROKE KILLER, TAKE FLIGHT, GIRLS GONE GANGSTA, VARLA JEAN AND THE MUSHROOM HEADS also the web series 40 & LEROY. Numerous reality show projects including VAMPIRE WORLD, RIVER KINGS, REEL UM IN, THE BAKER GIRLS: SEALED WITH A KISS, THAT'S GAME; THE PAINTBALL CREW, MY LIFE AS A BOURBON STREET STRIPPER.   Dr. Mel - The Screenwriter has more than a dozn screenplays and more to come. Dr. Mel demonstrates her screenwriting ability in multiple genres. She has optioned 12 of the 16 current screenplays she wrote.   If that weren't enough Dr. Mel has recently founded LACA NOLA Talent Group, a multi faceted full service agency that represents actors, voice over artists, screenwriters, authors and public speakers.   You can also catch Merciless Mel go head to head on Sunday Mornings in the man cave at 9am Pacific Time on SPORTS ZONE!

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    Actor Jack E. Curenton

    in Entertainment

    Jack's sense of humor and sensible jokes inspired me to delve deeper into his acting and directing roles. He will play a police chief in "The Keystroke Killers" and is casting director for a new film called "The A.D.A.M. Project". His past experiences are shining through as we laugh, chat about his many voices, and discuss what he is doing now and in the future!
    Doc Dollar website: DrIP Dollar www.docdrip.com
    Agent: Daniel Hoff, Daniel Hoff Agency
    Hollywood Fringe "Swamp Opera www.hollywoodfringe.org/project/view/44