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    Mark Obama Ndesandjo, brother of Barack Obama

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    While Barack Obama is one of the most well-known people on Earth, very little is known about his family and his origins. In his own books he was written glowingly about his father, Barack Obama, Sr., but his siblings have been a mystery. His brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, calls in to discuss his new book, "An Obama's Journey: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery Across Three Cultures," where he describes his childhood in Kenya, his pained relationship with his father and his interactions with the 44th president of the United States.  

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    We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, eat a lot and always give back. We salute soldiers serving overseas and we have hope America can get back to where she belongs as a beacon of Democracy that the entire world can emulate.  

    U.S. President Barack Obama has been negatively bombarded from all sides. This show will not jump on the bandwaggon critisizing this great American Icon in the making. He has gotten at least 75% of his agenda through WITHOUT the help of Republicans and "bullweivel" Blue Dog Democrats. When it mattered most, so called Progressives in Congress, for the most part, abandoned him and threw him under the bus. A prime example is this past Midterm 2014 Elections. After all that, any humanbeing would implode, lose composure and probably quit. It kills them that he did not and he will not. In life, it's not how many times you get knocked down. But, it's how mant times you get back up, brush yourself off and soldier on. That is the essence of this great leader and legend in the making. 

    In a recent speech, he will go it alone signing an Executive Order on Immigration since Republicans won't compromise. If they were for something, they are now against it only because Obama is for it. Their actions border on the brink of treason, as they do everything in their power to make our first African-American President of the United States of America look incompetent and weak. This two years will be very interesting. Will it be more gridlock or will compromise be reached to get us back where we need to be economically, socially and politically? Will Obama become a lame duck or an Iconic Legend? Join us!

    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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  • Barack Obama has an Agenda and Women Patriots bring it to You

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    Tonight at 8 pm ET join Brenda Ward and Barbara Buffing as we discuss the AGENDA of the President . Communism, Cuba, China, Iran and Russia and how they tie in.  Also cop killing thugs and the race hustlers that encourage them.  Who is to blame?  Plus Christmas tunes for your listening enjoyment.

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    Ways To Awakening Your Genius

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    Did you ever daydream? I guess I should explain “daydreaming” to some of you if you have never heard the term. "Daydreaming" is like pretending, not in action but through thinking. It is thinking of something desired and making it as real as possible, feeling joy and a sense of accomplishment. Long before electronic gadgetry and “virtual” imaging games, the brain created virtual tours for imaginative individuals: children could fly and become fast running horses.

     There is research evidence that imaginative people are more intelligent than those who are not. I recently read a story where Albert Einstein was asked “how can I become as smart as you?” and his answer was “read fairy tales”.  When asked “how can I become smarter than you; he answered “read more fairy tales”. Well the inquirer was frustrated by such answers and thought disparaging thoughts. But I understand!

    Fairy tales invite the reader to enter a make-believe world and entertain unusual thoughts. Such thinking stimulates different parts of the brain than routine activities. When the brain is stimulated, like a body-builder “working” his muscles, so does fantasy exercise the brain to expande it.To develop genius, the brain must be exercised.

    There are a number of companies that are cashing in on this concept and selling subscriptions to “thinking” activities. It is good to know that everyone can improve his/her brain by setting aside time to daydream and ponders abstract concepts. It is important to engage children in “What if” games to get them thinking about less concrete things. Childhood should have wonderment and make-believe and their brains should be stimulated to grow. Imagination is the incubator for genius.

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    Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Barack Obama and Police Cameras, Ferguson Protests

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    The band's all together for another exciting week of VRWC
    - Obama requested a shit ton of money for police body cameras
    - The idiot liberal media continues to stoke Ferguson protest flames
    - Oil is at a low, we discuss
    - And non-funny comedian Russell Brand can't take the heat?

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    Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Barack Obama, Anthony Brown, Media Bias, Elections

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    The gang is all here at 8pm to discuss a jam-packed weekend of news
    - Obama attended an Anthony Brown fundraiser here in Maryland. People walked out. Both the media and MD Dems tried to cover their ass. It failed miserably
    - Another thing was noted at the Obama rally - diversity. 
    - And we'll take a look at how the Dems and media are already playing the race card
    - MRC video on how the African-American caucus are hypocrites when it comes to Michelle Obama's food plan
    - That and much, much more?

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    President Barack Obama Goes It Alone, Shielding Immigrants From Deportation

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    President Barack Obama Goes It Alone, Shielding Up To 5 Million Immigrants From Deportation

    Brief...Protecting Parents of Naturalized Children:

    Allowing More DREAMERS:  Skilled Workers And Entrepreneurs:

    Long-Term Plans: Border Security:  Court Reforms:

    Find A USCIS Office

    Obama's executive action:

    — Delays the deportation of the undocumented parents of children who are in the country legally.

    — It also protects any children who were brought to this country illegally before January 1, 2010.

    — It directs immigration officials to concentrate on deporting criminals and those who pose a threat to national security.


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    President Barack Obama addresses the Nation on Destroying ISIL/ISIS Strategy

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    The White House (CNN) -- My fellow Americans -- tonight, I want to speak to you about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.

    As Commander-in-Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people. Over the last several years, we have consistently taken the fight to terrorists who threaten our country. We took out Osama bin Laden and much of al Qaeda's leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We've targeted al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen, and recently eliminated the top commander of its affiliate in Somalia. We've done so while bringing more than 140,000 American troops home from Iraq, and drawing down our forces in Afghanistan, where our combat mission will end later this year. Thanks to our military and counterterrorism professionals, America is safer.

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    Barack Obama Helps Sink Struggling Democrats

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    Barack Obama's ego gets the best of him as he is interviewed by Al Sharpton discussing why certain senators are shying away from asking the president to campaign with them. Lancaster 3801 looks at the damage done by Kermit Gosnell. Are these attacks on the white house dry runs on a serious attempt to assasinate the president.?

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    Journals Of A Healer: Unleash Your Hidden Genius with Mary Blake!!!

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    Terry Pappy, author of Compass Playbook, believes we all create our experiences and have 100% control over the outcome. Her Compass Playback workshops inspire breakthroughs in individual-driven creative magic. She is convinced there's genius in everyone and to stifle that genius is tragic.

    Once in a while a brilliant, creative genius reaches out, with great conviction and heart, to inspire overs to explore and expand their own creativity. Terry Pappy has done so in fascinating ways and with great success. After writing The Compass Playbook, she set her original concepts into motion in the Compass Playbook Workshops. Remarkable breakthroughs, individual awakenings and creative magic happen in those workshops. But her vision doesn't stop there.  Tune in and discover what is next on her agenda.  

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    At least Barack Obama is not George Bush

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    I read an article on the Huffington Post (so you know it isn't well thought out plus the article was written by a guy who regularly co-host Al Sharpton's show) that for all the challenges President Obama faced coming into office he has done a better job than George Bush.  Oh really?!? Can you tell me what has Obama has acutally accomplished? I have a lot of friends who want to make excuses for the things Obama has tried to get done with all the opposition he has faced. The main excuse is his skin color.  When President Obama was running for office the first time, he ran on the same platform as former President Jimmy Carter.  Before now Jimmy Carter was the worst president in US history...until now!!! It is like taking the playbook from a coach who loses and thinking you can win with the exact same plays.  President Obama has been able to cover up his incompentence for six years and now there are so many scandals he does not know what to do with himself.  All of the people he has put in charge to run different departments have shown themselves as incompetent.  I have repeated said the President takes a lead from behind approach.  He has nobody that can get ahead of situation or even inform him of problems coming up on the horizon.  It should not be surprised that his approval rating is so low.  Also Russia to deny US from Internation Space Station, Bergdahl's investigation to begin, missing IRS emails, 

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