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    big trouble in little China remake

    in Movies

    this week on the world finest were going talk about the remake of big trouble in little China. why in the world u want touch or remake that one it all time hit. Kurt Russell did awesome job in the movie and there no one that can redo what Kurt did. now there been talk that dawyne Johnson aka the rock is going remake it. man I hope not.

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    "Journey with Mary" -- Back to Dong Lu, China ... and beyond!

    in Religion

    Join host John Carpenter, a psychiatric therapist, and co-host Donald Hartley, "the Catholic Defender" as they travel back to China and other places in the world where reports of appearances by the Virgin Mary have occurred.  John has researched 87 of these appearances -- which is only 3% of what has been recorded in history.  But those 87 appearances give us a wealth of detail and understanding as to what these visits are all about.

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    Bible Study

    in The Bible

    Bible study

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    Women's World Cup USA Vs. China Quarterfinals Post Game Show

    in Soccer

    Nominated by World Soccer Talk for the best American Soccer Radio show of 2014. Getting all your soccer/football needs discussing MLS, NASL, USL, US Soccer & CONCACAF matters.

    Join me, Kartik Krishnaiyer and possibly another guest as we discuss the Quarterfinal match up between the USA & China in the Quarterfinals of the 2015 Women's World Cup that is being played in Canada. NOTE: If this game doesn't end in regulation, the start time will be pushed back after extra time and or after penalties.

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    China makes cheap toys and islands. Browsing the rags & TV news

    in Politics Conservative


    "Made in China" is the most seen tag and stamp on products ranging from toys,sporting equipment, electronics,clothing and a host of other products, Recently, relatively speaking, they are now in the island business. Over the years new man-made islands are springing up as if by magic. Explanations for the creation of these islands vary and deserve some discussion.

    You just thought you knew Hillary Clinton. Just to make sure the President want-to-be will be "re-introducing" herself this weekend. Get ready to meet the true,new and better Hillary Clinton.

    To find out the other topics of the day jump "in th Pickle Barrel" at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inthepicklebarrel/2015/06/12/china-makes-cheap-toys-and-islands-browsing-the-rags--tv-news

    Join the chatroom conversation or call in to share your thoughts at 855-236-2486

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    It Is Finished! 03JUN15 Cowards in the Pulpits, China-US South Sea, Global News

    in Christianity

    There is a refusal in many pulpits to call people to REPENTANCE. Why are so many clergimen afraid to talk about Sin and Hell? 
    Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but not many want to Repent and Turn from their wicked ways. Too many Pastors are Pacifying the goats when they need to be feeding the sheep. China and the US are fighting over the South China Sea, Jade Helm 15 is about to begin, CERN is about to unleash something demonic, famine, plagues, death, war all News that You can Use as it relates to the Bible and End Times. 

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    Diversity in the Workplace: The Responsibility of Leadership with China Gorman

    in Management

    ~ May Series: Diversity in the Workplace ~

    China Gorman joins the Latest HR Latte Conversation: Diversity in the Workplace

    HR Latte chats with China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work Institute, about the role HR and Leadership plays in creating a diverse workforce. As the former COO of the Sociaty for Human Resource Management, China brings a unique perspective to the topic as well to her current role at the GPTW Institute. She will share personal experiences and talk about what more can be done to achieve diveristy in the workplace. 

    Join us for a quick impact conversation about the Role of Leadership in Diveristy in the Workplace .

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

    Follow the action on Twitter:

    China Gorman  - @ChinaGorman and Great Place to Work - @GPTW_US

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    US-China, US-Russia and "advisers" to Iraq with Barry Jacobsen

    in Politics

    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger.........we will look President Obama's decision to send 400 advisers to Iraq a few days after saying that we had no strategy...........is this a case of "mission creep"?....Is President Obama killing the clock and pushing the problem to his successor?.....US-Russian tensions over Ukraine and Iran..........US-China tensions over international sea lanes around Taiwan & Japan...........the Iran nuclear deal.......

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    The Real Deal Bible Study ~ Join Host Minister Akaiha Exodus 9-12

    in The Bible

    Exodus means the great going out ~ To the Promise Land 

    Welcome Kings & Queens The Royal Family& I greets you with the joy that comes from knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God's purpose and plan for our lives, Even Greater Things (John 14:12). We are so excited you have tuned in today.  God has a great plan for you.  Praise the Lord for the great things He has done!  

      As our ancestors would say  " I'm a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save everybody".  I pray that God will enabled you to further open your eyes and ears to God's word through The Real Deal Bible Study.   We will start with the book of Genesis which means "In the Beginning" and close with the book of Revelation, the Greek word meaning "Divine Revelation". 

       In Luke 8:17, we learn all is revealed, "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest.   In Mark 13, Jesus warns us to ready our self, pray and watch because no one, not even he, knows when the end time will come. "Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is (Mark 13:33).  Mark 13:23 But take ye heed: behold, I foretold you all thing.  Have you not read?

     “God is not just in the church; He is also in technology.  My mission is to empower people spiritually.  “Walking with God is to stand where God stands, and to fight for whom God fights: the poor, the weak, the powerless and the defenseless. Walking with God is to have the courage to know that fear and trepidation before the might of the powerful is overturned by the fear of the Lord !  Walking with God is to understand, without doubt or equivocation that justice is what Yahweh requires. Queen Akaiha Loves you ~ Ashe Selah

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    Bible Study with Bella and Felix

    in Spirituality

    Tonight"s hosts will be Felix Lopez and Christabella Drummond. This show is part of a series we are doing on the Whole Bible! Genesis chapter three. Stay tuned and study with us as we discuss the WHOLE BIBLE! You can call in live @(917)-889-3226 or viz web @www.blogtalkradio.com/thewaywalkers!

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    Bible Study with Minister Henry

    in Christianity

    Join Minister Damian Henry every Monday morning 10am - 11am eastern standard time for Bible Study. This Bible Study will focus on the Covenant Promises of God to humanity. This lessons will uplift, encouage and help you with your daily walk in Christ. Tune in by calling in at 714  868 0763 or click the link on the facebook/twitter pages.

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