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    Traveling to China with Kids. How to do it. What to do there. Happy CNY!

    in Moms and Family

    How to travel to China with kids from a mom who goes to Taiwan every year, plus how to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

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    An Interview with a Bible Smuggler to China

    in Christianity

    An Interview with a Bible Smuggler to China:  Today our guest is David Joannes who is a missionary to China. 

    David joined Stacy on December 4th for a live interview on Blab to discuss his work with the underground church in China.  Please visit David's website at http://www.davidjoannes.com to help him serve the Lord. 

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    C.C.R.A.E. - China Cash Rules Around Everyone

    in Business News

    Wall Street Slammed Amid Renewed China Growth Worries



    China selloff sparks gloomy 2016 start for stocks



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    China Dynasty...Who R You

    in Politics

    Everything you think you know about China is totally incorrect....Marco Polo vs Ron March world of discovery. Listen and learn the truth of what is going on in China today, Ron March will reveal what he learned on his visit to China.  

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    China Chaos and Oil's Fall – What's Really Going On? – New Business Paradigms

    in Business

    2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing year. China's spectacular stock market crash is not the global disaster so many are making it out to be. Wall Street is pumping up fears in order to make a heafty profit on the market gyrations using programmed trading. All this is in the mix as the race for the presidency in the US heats up.

    The fundamentals of China and the United States remain strong. We drill into the details of the Chinese and US political economies to get the story straight, identify the role of corruption in both economies, and give an outlook based on the reality, not on the fear being promoted by Wall Street.

    The price of oil continues to crater; much as they have with the China story, many in the media are buying the hype that this is somehow bad for the US economy. In reality this puts cash directly into the pockets of those who need it most in the US, which has an immediate multiplier effect and is a net positive for the economy now and in the future. Rinaldo calls the oil industry a "giant vampire" in this episode.

    The Economic Doomsday Clock ticks another minute away from Midnight, to 11:44pm based on the possibility of a reclamation in the Republican Party in the US.

    Throughout the show we discuss the ongoing presidential race and it's implications for policy in the next administration. At the end of the show we discuss the US presidential race and the definition of "Natural Born" as it applies to Senator Ted Cruz's qualification for the presidency. 

    As always, send your thoughts and questions to info(at)worldbusiness.org

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    Wednesday Night Bible Study

    in Christianity

    Join us each Wednesday for our Weekly Wednesday Night Bible Study. We enjoy praying and studying the word of God!

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    The Real Deal Bible Study With Host Minister Akaiha Numbers 5-11

    in The Bible

    I greet you with the joy that comes from knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God's has an awesome purpose and plan for our lives.  Even Greater Things (John 14:12). We are so excited you have tuned in today.  Praise the Lord for the great things He has done!  

      As our ancestors would say  " I'm a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save everybody". I pray that God will enabled you to further open your eyes and ears to Gods' word.   

    Numbers begins at Mount Sinai where the Israelites have received their laws and covenant from God and God has taken up residence among them in the sanctuary.  The task before them is to take possession of the Promised Land. The people are numbered and preparations are made for resuming their march. The Israelites begin the journey, but they "murmur" at the hardships along the way, and about the authority of Moses and Aaron. For these acts, God destroys approximately 15,000 of them through various means. They arrive at the borders of Canaan and send spies into the land, but upon hearing the spies' fearful report concerning the conditions in Canaan the Israelites refuse to take possession of it, and God condemns them to death in the wilderness until a new generation can grow up and carry out the task. 

     “God is not just in the church; He is also in technology..  “Walking with God is to stand where God stands, and to fight for whom God fights: the poor, the weak, the powerless and the defenseless. Walking with God is to have the courage to know that fear and trepidation before the might of the powerful is overturned by the fear of the Lord !  Walking with God is to understand, without doubt or equivocation that justice is what Yahweh requires.  Ashe Selah

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    weekly bible study with Ed Mcaffery

    in Lifestyle

    weekly bible study with Ed Mcaffery

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    Power 4 Life Monday Study

    in Christianity

    Join us for prayers and a bible study

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    Wednesday Night Bible Study

    in Christianity

    Join Pastor Kim each and every Wednesday for our online Bible Study! At this time we are looking at the life of Jacob and the life of Joseph. Each Wednesday we are finding great revelation through God's Word! We look forward to you listening in, asking questions and sharing your comments!

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    Commissioned by Submission: Bible Study

    in Christianity

    Tune in tonight as Daniel and Dani dive into the scripture to talk about the Word of God.  Let us all get prepared for battle with the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6:17).  To understand the word, you must study the word.  And with study of the word, the Holy Spirit then tucks it away into your heart and brings forth the word in times of need.  The word of God will get you through every battle you face in this world, whether through comfort, to fight off the enemy or knowledge.  

    Join us as we dig deep tonight!