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    BIBLE BOOK   #  3

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #5

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    Friend or Foe?

    This this episode we will discuss FEAR!!!

    Fear can be one of the most crippling subjects on the planet. If the topic is right you don’t even need to be in the same city or state or even country for you to hear a story and immediately be consumed by fear.

    The worst kind of fear is the kind we entrap ourselves with. Most of the time that thing we fear will happen is some fake or mythical fantasy we created in our own minds.

    I will also be covering how to use fear to recognize your something new is coming and how to prepare to used it to create empires! 

    The Core4 topic of the day is Being! Here we will be covering the second Mantra of the warrior Assent mediation practice and I may even talk more on Bryan Katie’s the work. 

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #4

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    Heartbreak and pain.


    In this episode I will be talking about getting over Heartbreak!  

    Recovering from heartbreak is the same as recovering from a broken arm. There is a process to it that you must know in order to heal your broken heart. These are also the same step someone with an addiction they want to recover from.  

    For the second part of the show we will be covering one of Core 4 areas that you must take on in order to take control of your life and become limitless. 

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    The Ettiquettes of Divorce

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    In this episode of the Ummahaatul Ummah Show, we will look at the process of divorce and how it should be carried out according to Islam Inshaa'allah.

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    BIBLE BOOK # 3

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    Selfish Divorce Radio with Greg W Anderson Episode #2

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    In today’s episode Greg will be covering the very important topic of resenting appropriate boundaries with your ex or soon to be ex-spouse.

    As promised the second half of the show Greg will be covering one of the four core areas of your life that not only help you recover from your divorce or break up but will help you become better and stronger than EVER.

    Today he will be covering the area of Being. He will be covering his favorite book Loving What Is, by Bryan Katie and a few minutes on  favorite meditation practice. 

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    BIBLE BEACON BROADCASTS W/ Pastor Michael Miano

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         Tune in today to Bible Beacon Broadcasts with Pastor Michael Miano. We have been going through the entire 'corpus of Scripture" in line with the Bible series, "Returning to our First Love", that is happening at The Blue Point Bible Church. 

       Our reading this week is Exodus chapter 3 - chapter 14. 

         Tune in at 2pm eastern, as we go through this text. 


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    BIBLE BOOK # 3

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    THE BIBLE BOOK #   3

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    Selfish divorce radio with Greg W Anderson Episode 1

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    When my ex announced she was going to get remarried, I decided to post something about it on Facebook. No, this isn’t a story of a poorly considered FB post gone sour.

    You can read the entire post in the following pages, but in essence what I said was:

    I am so happy for her. She’s an amazing woman. I wish them both the very best for the future.

    The comments, both online and offline, came pouring in. Some thought it was a joke. Some thought I was being sarcastic. 

    I was interested in the response but I was also saddened. It is clear that so many people see their divorces as disasters and their exes as the devil. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    My own divorce allowed both my ex and me to face the future unburdened by anger, resentment, bitterness, and even huge attorney fees. My approach allowed us to move into the future with the possibility of being the best versions of ourselves.  This experience prompted me to write the book about the “selfish” divorce. The selfish divorce isn’t what you think. It could easily be called the “selfless” divorce, because in the end, being selfless is adaptive and will lead to the best outcomes possible for you, your ex, and your children.

    That said, here’s what to expect from The Selfish Divorce Radio:

    At times i’ll tell you my life story, especially as it relates to relationships and marriage. Some of these lessons have to do with relationships and some don’t. But they’re all things I’ve learned and if possible, I’d like to help prevent you from taking any of the “classes” I did.

    We will also cover the tatical steps I took and continue to take each to to create a better life. 

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    Daily Bible Reflections - Genesis 3:16

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    Introduction to show:
    I want to warmly welcome you to the Daily Bible Reflections Class where each day a Bible verse is given from God's Word that allows us the opportunity to comment on or share the meaning of His Word with other Believers and perhaps with those who are new in their faith and need understanding regarding Scriptural meaning and interpretation. Along with the invitation to share a personal interpretation of the verse there is also a Thought to Consider reference that encourages us to apply the daily verse to our own personal lives. All comments and encouragements are welcomed from all faiths with Jesus being the common ground of belief and love being the guiding force behind each of our comments to one another. With that said, let's now begin today's discussion of God's Holy Word.Introduction to episode:
    We have been talking about the Fall of Man in our last week's episode and will continue this discussion for this week as we explore the Book of Genesis and its meaning in regards to our Christian faith. Today's Bible verse comes from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, verse 16. It says, To the woman he said,“I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;  with painful labor you will give birth to children.
    Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."
    For those of you who have not read this particular part of Scripture, this is God speaking to Eve in the Garden of Eden. She had eaten the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And because of her disobedience, God punished her for it. And as we have seen throughout the centuries, what God spoke in regards to her punishment came to pass. Women have been ruled by their husbands and until recently had very little rights.


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