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  • americas health crisis

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    americas health crisis

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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show- Ancient Africans in the Americas

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    Ancient Africans in America

    Before Columbus left for the New World, Melanated brothers and sisters were already living in what we call the Americas. Obviously we know, as does anyone with a brain, that it's impossible to discover a land populated by other people. The land may be knew to you, but that does not mean that it is a new land. That's like a bunch of strangers knocking on your door telling you that they just discovered your house. Well, weren't you living there before they "discovered" it? So would that not mean that you found it before they did?

    Join Alex Primo, Asha Zuri, and Zhe Levels Scott Thursday September 24 at 9 PM EST as we explore and discuss the untold, or rather untaught, history of Melanated(Black) People who walked the shores of the Americas long before those who claimed to have "found" it.

    Proof of the Melanated presence in America before Columbus comes from Columbus himself. In 1920, historian Leo Weiner of Harvard University, in his book, "Africa and the discovery of America", explained how Columbus noted in his journal that Indigenous Americans had confirmed that “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.”

    Also the brother Dennis Jefferson will be stopping by for another informative and much needed episode of Healthy Matters.

    You can call-in to speak with your Hosts at (917)889-2830


    You can tune in and listen LIVE here.

    And as always remember to Keep It Real and Keep It On Point. #One 

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    Revealing Americas Dark Skinned Past - African Americans Ain't African & INdeed

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    African Americans Ain't African returns to the ghetto truth Magazine in Stereo along with co-finders   RedTail Hawk Thunderbird (Tavis Sanders) and RedSilverFox Thunderbird (Renee Sanders)  of  INdeed  Indigenous Education, Enrichment, and Development where they believe history is the key to self-identity.  It defines who we are and why we are the way we are.  Large portions of society in the United States, knowingly and unknowingly, have been denied this fundamental aspect of humanity.  This segment will cover, Revealing Americas Dark Skinned Past. 

    Hosted by Gabriel Rich,

    The Indigenous 1, Buck Wylam

    Rick Moon

    Mocha Masseuse

    with guests Mother/Son Team Tavis and Renee Sanders

    Produced by Emile Gg Ovasi






    Join us in the chat room




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    Wrestletalk with Joe and Rene- with Americas Evil Genius Travis Cook

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    Dec 22nd episode  of Wrestle Talk on BlogTalkRadio. Go Turnbuckle to Turnbuckle with  Wrestle Talk as we discuss everything professionSal wrestling. We will provide updates the WWE Unified Universe group. Who will speak up this week? Also, WWE Raw, Smackdown

    This Week Americas Evil Genius Travis Cook will be Joing us



    Please be warned, this is a Rated R show 

    explicate language may occur

     dial 657-383-1521 and press 1 when prompted.

    To join the WWE Universe Unified/ECW Chapter, please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/404307966321536/

    Chatroom will be open 30 minutes prior to the show. Please follow us on Twitter @WrestleTalkBTR.how is explicit, we do use curse words and we do talk about anything and everything. We are not your regular wrestling podcast. We are guys drinking on a Tuesday Night talking Wrestling.

    Please call in to discuss anything wrestling, 

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    Chief Warhorse, OLMECS still alive in North Americas

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    Historians and archaeologist have confirmed that the first people in the Americas were black. Does this mean the indigenous Americans are black? Yes. Although this information has been kept from us, our true identity is starting to unfold. For years we’ve been told that we arrived to the Americas by slave ship, when in fact most of us were already here. Is it possible that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade is a fictitious story used to trick indigenous black people out of their homelands and history?“…Omission, not distortion, is the far more serious culprit in hiding the story of the black Indians of America.” Williams Lorenz Katz, Black Indians.Many black people who trace their heritage will not find any African slavery in their family. It’s also not a coincidence that many of us blacks have been told by an elder in our family that, “We have Indian in our blood.” There were no ‘red Indians’ until the colonizers began mixing with the indigenous blacks. Below is a short list of black native tribes:The Washitaw of the Louisiana/Midwest
    The Yamasee of the South East
    The Iroquois
    The Cherokee Indians
    The Blackfoot Indians
    The Pequot and Mohegans of Connecticut
    The Black Californians (Calafians) (CAL in CALifornia literally means BLAK, after the name of the Great Mamma KALi / Queen KALifa)
    The Olmecs of Mexico
    The Darienite of Panama
    The Seminole Indians
    The Creek Indians
    The Chata/Choctaw IndiansMoundville Archeological Park, located near Birmingham, AL is an example of how there has been an attempt to suppress the original identity of the Native Americans. Since the early 1970s, the park’s museum had statues that depicted the Native Americans as black people. In 2010, those statues were replaced with white Native Americans.


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    Is Americas Education system a Safe Space for Children of Color?

    in National

    Our programming features black voices from around the globe fighting for human rights against #StateSanctionedDiscrimination and Poverty! #BuildWithUs The first year will feature stories, ideas, goals and concerns within the #BlackLivesMatter protests happening across America! What do you really know about Core Standards?








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    FUCK Chris Columbus, and his God, Gold & Glory and GENOCIDE in the Americas

    in History

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will say a big FUCK YOU Christopher Columbus! Around the world millions will celebrate October 12th, the date that Christopher Columbus landed here in the Americas (never actually making it to North America), either because they are ignorant of the true history or they just don't give a damn that his so-called discovery of the Americas kicked off centuries of rape, pillage and genocide. Also not to mention, Columbus played an important role in initiating the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. With the countless atrocities he and his men commited against the indigenous population of the Americas, he deserves a day of shame not a day of fame. You make the call, should a murderer and thief be honored with a national holiday? But what can you expect from a country with 6 of it's 10 Federal holidays connected to death, murderers, thieves, war and destruction?

    Let's talk about it on the Fruit!

    Call in number is 347-202-0492

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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    Monastic Times -- Hospitallers of the Americas

    in Health

    Join us as Dr. Charles McWilliams walks us through medicine in the early settlements through to the 20th century. As early American nature cure practitioners saw themselves as heirs to Hippocrates, you may see yourself in a different light after learning the history.

    Please call in with questions and comments at 347-326-9715.

    ONLY 1 day left to save on your admission for the 2016 International Physician's Round Table Conference -- January 29-31, Tampa Convention Center. With over 25 countries being represented, CEUs, Round Table discussions, and more, this is one conference you will not want to miss! Tickets are $125.00 each until November 30th. And, there are just 2 exhibitor booths available -- grab one or both with a discount until 11/30/15 and enjoy over 5,000 browsers. For more information, please call 717-254-1953.

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    Americas Most Unwanted - And The People Who Find Them

    in Legal

    Our weekly look inside the world of Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting

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    #Americas Guns #Obama's mission #NRA response-Spokesper @CatherineMortensenNRA

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    #America's Guns #Obama's mission #NRA response my guest @CatherineMortensenNRA National Spokesperson with th NRA. Listen in america and Tell a friend...347-308-8988

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    Evidence Proving That African People Sailed To The Americas Before Columbus

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tues. Oct., 13th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network. We’ll discuss CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.


    1) Paul Taylor of the Detroit Million Man March Alumni Association will talk about their upcoming 20th Anniversary Celebration this Friday.  2) We’ll continues our discussion of the “Justice or Else” Rally this past Saturday.  3) Monday was Columbus Day.  We’ll deal with numerous evidence proving that African People were in the Americas long before Columbus.  4) This date in African American History.

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