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  • Texas Biker Radio Episode #77 - 4th Wave News

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    With Mel Moss & Mel Robins of Sons of Liberty Riders RC

    On Tonights Show: 4th Wave Good News - Bill Zedler Hero - Citizens vs policians

    All That Stuff & more on Texas Biker Radio #77

    0826/15  -- 8:30PM



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    East Texas Liberty Interviews Chris Green for Sheriff, and News Updates

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    Chris Green speaks frankly with us about why he is the best option for Sheriff, what he would do different, and his position on many victimless crimes. We appreciate his bold stances on several liberty issues and thus far agree he is the best liberty minded candidate. Maybe current Sheriff Larry Smith will agree to be interveiwed in the coming weeks? Keep in touch and we will do our best to ensure all local candidates get inteviewed, if they agree to join us. We will ask the tough questions that put thier understanding of the proper role of government to the test. 

     We follow up our interview with a thurough review of the news. Lots of interesting events in the news today, and many are accused of having hidden agendas. We discuss some of the rumors of false flag attacks, what areas of them are credible, and what areas are tin foil hat range. We welcome your feedback and thank you for tuning in to another episode!

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    Texas Biker Radio #103

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    Texas Biker Radio #103 With Mel Moss & Mel Robins of SOLR RC 

    Todays Show: it's Friday Night & because We Can - Toy & Food Drive 

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    Texas Biker Radio #115 - Let The Voting Begin

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    Texas Biker Radio #115 With Mel Moss & Mel Robins of SOLR RC 

    On Today Show -  Let The Voting Begin - Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!! Do No Harm - IOWA (Idiots Out Wondering Around)  Caucus - Colorado Shooting -  Willie Tompkins - Biker Attack Police "Realy" - National Council of Clubs - Socialist Everywhere The Rise Of Bernie - All That BS & More On Texas Biker Radio.


    Show Time 8:30PM CST



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    Texas Biker Radio #96

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    Texas Biker Radio With Mel Moss & Mel Robins 

    On Todays Show - Nothing New Here Says Tommy Whitherspoon - Brietbart Unmasked - 30 Lawyers Says Put Up or Drop All Charges - Suits Filed With More Coming - Six Shooter Junction - 

    All that Stuff & More 10:30AM 11/21/2015

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    Texas Biker Radio #111 - Standards of Proof

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    With Mel Moss & Mel Robins of SOLR RC 

    On Todays Show - Geting out the "Vote" - All For 1 FB - Cossacks  -  Forfiture laws - ABATE - Wind chill chart - No show in Waco - Pizza for everybody - Incumbent in the lead - Swanton a lose cannon - National News - Mussies to ditch beards and blend - Neterland Bikers - Rich Bichin over awards - Trump is screwing it all up and people are loving it..

    All The BS and more on Texas Biker Radio Today 12:PM CST --1/19/16  

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    Texas Biker Radio #102 - National & Texas Politics Show

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    Texas Biker Radio #102 With Mel Moss & Mel Robins 

    Todays show is all about pull no punches politics all the way from Sgt. Swanton to the white house no politician is safe from us. Yes there are Bikers who are interested in the poltics of the day, Wussy, ISIS, Immigration, Economics is all on the table today.

    So Lets Roll And Have Some Serious Fun - Get Yourself Ready The Battle Begins Now!


    BTR News


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    East Texas Liberty Special Guest Heather Fazio, then News update and Anarchy

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     Heather Fazio has worked with the Texas Libertarian party and is now working with The Marijuana Policy Project. Their hard work has finally forced the state of Texas to admit in legislation that Marijuana is medicine. With their focus squarly on the 2017 legislative session, they are campaigning across the state to spread awareness and raise money to craft legislation most likely to pass and step us farther towards the freedom to consume anything we want, and not to be punished over a simple plant that grows naturally. They will be in Tyler December 5, so come see us. 

    We wrap up the show discussing the interesting positions the Pope has espoused on his recent visit. Joel shares some "double secret" recordings he has obtained. We briefly go over the importance of terminoligy and our views on Anarchy, Minarchy, and Voluntaryism. 

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    Texas Biker Radio #116 - Legislative Strike Force - Waco

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    With Mel Moss & Mel Robins of SOLR RC 

    On Tonights Show: Waco Motion Sickness - We're Out Of Here - Texas Legislative Strike Force / US Defenders  - Come On In -  We Are Not Going Away - All For 1 Is About Waco - Fight Week in HS?

    All That Suff & Mo.....8:PM CST - 2/5/16


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    Texas Biker Radio #108 - Lets Get Involved

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    Texas Biker Radio  #108 With Mel Moss & Mel Robins - Lets Get Involved  Tonight's Show Bandidos Arrests, Raffles, Swanton, Waco, Feds, asleep at the wheel, Smear Bandidos, Cop Shot - Vote - The enemy within aint us bikers...America is not safe

    Tonight 1/8/16 - 8:30PM CST 

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0011 News & Issues important to American Latinos

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    Some positive immigration issue news from UT Austin and some semi-good news from Washington on the same topic. The rest of the show is about the Culture of Death and their manifestations in the political world. UT systems Chancellor, McCraven publicly opposed efforts to end state level tuition for undocumented youth in Texas. In Washington, a Senator from Maine offered a compromise bill to leave in place Obama executive orders from 2012 but still overturn actions from 2014. Republicans are trying to unfund the Dept. of Homeland Security which is the exact opposite of the "rule of law." I read several articles that discuss the importance of religion and the news derived from that. Pope Francis who will visit the US in Sept wrote to a Father in Arizona who leads young people who run a soup kitchen in Nogales, Sonora, for the benefit of migrants. The Holy Father supports them and encourages them. There is some rumor the Pope will visit the Mexico border to examine the plight of migrants. In other news, Pope Francis, while in America will speak at the UN and will also be the first Pope to address a joint session of Congress. Archbishop Charles Chaput recently spoke at Brigham Young University and stated that it was our duty as religious persons to speak up about it. I comment that is one reason I produce this show. I read an article about the President's remarks at the recent prayer breakfast and frankly I am STUNNED at his remarks! He, in effect, said, that because some much tragedy has been done in the name of Christ that we Christians should not be so quick to judge those attacking Christians. During today's show, I also comment that I am concerned that soon the Libertarian point of view on many social issues will soon come out and the Culture of Life agenda will suffer for it because Libertarians who support efforts against abortion will not defend efforts against euthanasia, drug use, homosexual marriage and so on.