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    The Black Geeks are a lively band of brothers with heavy roots in the Geek Community. 

    We have tech experts, comic book experts, martial arts experts, zombie kiling experts, computer gurus, automotive wiz kids, and a master of the turntables. 

    One this show, we cover a wide array of information, news, and reviews from all corners of the Geek Spectrum. 

    Tune in and enjoy the show. 

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    Kickin off our 1st. show of 2015 with Powerhouse Bombshell's newest addition recording artist, songwriter, Suzi Carr,  formerly of the band Will to Power whom recorded #1 songs on the chart  Billboard Hot 100 with songs, Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley ,as well as songs that also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Club Dance Play chart, "Say It's Gonna Rain", "Fading Away", and "Dreamin"

    Also in Cafe Con Leche we will be bringing you Amy Tori, and Erik Christian. Amy Tori's first dance single "Don't Turn Your Back On" was released on Metropolitan Records.  She has done back-up vocals for artist like Tito Puente Jr, "Coro" Connie Lapera and many others, performing in clubs, major events and televisions shows like World trade Center, South Street Seaport in NYC, Expoferia, TeleMundo 47 and much more.  

      In 2008 Erik Christian recorded the vocals for “I C I Have 2 Move On“, “Open Up”, “BabyGirl”, “It Doesn’t Matter 2 Me” recorded with Angel Mena “As Time Goes Bye” and has recorded a song called “It’s Over” with Amy Tori.

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    STEPS OF ISOLATION - With Craig Sicilia and special co-host Cheryl Green

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    WITH: Craig Sicilia and Special Co-host Cheryl Green

    Thanksgiving not only is the beginning to Black Friday but the beginning for many to a dark, harsh hell.  So much pain and regret for many as well as disappointment of epic proportions.  So much so that many find it hard to trust and reach out to others little alone accept anything from any one.

    As televisions blasts shows about family and friendship and the good old days, this brings so many reminders of losses not only in our friends and family but our own personal communities.  And this is just one of many emotions going through someone’s head who has survived a brain injury.  Then you add the fact of those organizations who profit and say they serve us really don’t want much to do with us unless it makes them look good or profit they bottom line or on some spreadsheet representing data so they can make more money off our pain and injury

    Then adding in that 80% plus of those living with a brain injury are brought into poverty and kept there, and as their children hope for great gifts (as seen on tv) this emotional toll puts the weight of the world on their shoulders and weighs their heart down to a deep dark place.  The miracle is that any of us that go through this is we make it through, but at what cost.

    We must step out, reach out and find out, a life that has purpose and sustaining purpose for it is truly that purpose that gets each of us through this time.

    Join us with your ways of dealing with this, the struggles, the successes the story..

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    Third Rail Radio A Rebelution Radio Joint

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    Self Reliance:  There’s now no shortage of  ‘green options’ for us to choose from and we’ve been given the impression that as long as we behave in certain ways and buy the right products, we’re doing the best we can. This simply isn't true. And is in fact the slippery slope that leads right back into the system we are intent on escaping. The goal is to buy less. Use what you have. And apply pragmatism and common sense.

    We reject it because of its inherent inequity, lack of thoughtful design, and it's inevitable self annihilation. The farm and it's residents have set out to redefine what resistance to the system looks like. No longer will we fight the battle for quality of life, for the survival of our species, in the streets of the urban dystopia. Whose streets? Goes the chant. Not mine. They can have them. Those streets are the capillaries and arteries of the machine. The machine that is steadily churning this world, our environment, our humanity, steadily down the conveyor belt towards the end.

     No longer will we have our heads busted In by the lackeys and jack boot thugs of the barons. Pepper sprayed point-blank eye lids pried open by leather gautlets; hog tied and dragged down the street face bouncing on the concrete; ridiculed by the goose necking mindless minions watching their televisions and pointing their fingers. No longer will we be incarcerated for exercising our right to peaceful civil disobedience. Conveniently forgotten for an extra week or two in a putrid, dank cell, for a simple  misdemeanor. No longer will police thug batons meet their mark. Have the streets. They're yours. We will be in the field, in the workshop, in the development center, building something new. Something better. For I have finally learned, destruction and creation are mutually exclusive; they cannot be undertaken simultaneously. This is the totality of Revolution.    

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    Hot Tub Dealer, Pool Contractor Hagerstown, MD

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    The Hidden Wonders of the Hot Tub: Exposed
    Here’s how you can optimize your health, strengthen your relationships and just feel great from the comforts of home.

    Type 2 Diabetes Relief - A hot tub may enhance insulin uptake, improve sleep and make weight management easier. 

    A Family Gathering Spot - Warm, massaging water creates a relaxed environment where conversation flows and everyone can enjoy the break from cell phones, computers and televisions.

    Therapy for the Soul  - An in home hot tub is the chance to finally take that break you need without a reason.

    For more information give us a call at 301-791-3400 or go to http://www.flohrpools.com/specials.html

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    1406 Oak Ridge Place, Hagerstown, MD 21740

    Hot Tub Dealer Hagerstown, MD

    Pool Contractor Hagerstown, MD

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    Sports In Depth:Boxing Flashes And Up Dates/Happy Birthday DK*TRUST*IN**GOD***

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    Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee'Doc''Stanley Sr.,takes to the airwaves once again with his renowned and legendary radio show,the award winnning,'Sports In Depth'.
    Doc, Dusty,''Double Barrel''Harold and Ike,of 'JackBoxer',fame,televisions second greatest boxing show ever, wit the renowned,legedary and iconic, 'Boykin On Boxing' being the first,greatest and all-time best,give boxing fans updates,insight and the,''straight scoope'' on boxing.
    Doc and posse also salute Harold and talk also about his forth coming radio show,'Man2Man', on Sundays, 6am-7am on the CCNY radio Network WHCR90.3FM.Congrats Harold,all the best from your SID family. Harold's show premiers on Sunday,August 24th, with 'Sports In Depth',host,producer and CEO,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr.,as his first in studio guest. Doc, thanks Harold for the honor,consideration and invite,by his long time friend.
    And as always Doc and Posse,''Rope the rumors,hog tie the issues and brand the truth.''
    And we all,here and world wide join in wishing the greatest boxing promoter in the history of the''sweet science'',Don King another happy birthday as he celebrates another one tomorrow.

    Funny how some people won't begin to appreciate you, UNTIL they see someone ELSE appreciating you. But by that time, you could really care LESS that they came to their senses, because you have finally come to yours! #Things Taken For Granted, Gets Taken.


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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Aug 15 2014

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    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA and Troy McIntosh of Anaheim Hills CA discuss current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA.

    Ron and Troy will discuss: The 4K Televisions Technology, Emerging Wireless Technology for Surround Sound, Home Automation and Control, How to select and Audio Video Contractor, Mortgage Rates by Decade, Mortgage Minute, Your Credit Matters, Real Time Real Estate, Word on Wealth, and so much more.

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at                  

    Twitter: @RonSiegel



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    IE ~ EP22: Mark Radulich - 411mmaradio discuss FX's The Shield and stuff

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    in the 2000s - the basic cable channel "FX" has such shows as The Shield and Nip/Tuck to help transcend televisions during the 2000 decade.  tonight's guest Mark Radulich / @MarkRadulich / blogtalkradio.com/411mmaradio - will discuss these shows and what made them so successful for FX.

    Two of my all-time fave shows...EVER!  Can't Wait To Discuss!!!

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    Creating Beauty From The Heart: Makeup is More Than Just Art

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    FOXOLOGY TODAY takes a closer look at makeup and beauty as more than just an art today! Join me as I talk with Makeup Artist Carol Stover as she shares her creative knowledge with us, and her passion for bringing out "beauty from the heart"!

    About today's guest:

    Carol Stover is a professional makeup artist and photo stylist based in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area.  For 32 years, she has worked all over the country as a key makeup artist for Television, Video, Film, Print and events such as Weddings and Bat Mitzvahs. An artist since childhood, Carol helps each person she works with become unique and beautiful through her instinctive and insightful ability to see the beauty that comes from the heart.  She says "My approach to makeup is detailed and creative, bringing out the true inner spirit of my subject." Carol's knowledge and expertise has been featured in many notable publications, and on numerous radio and televisions shows.

    For more information on her workshops, seminars, interviews and speaking engagements, visit: http://www.carolstover.com/


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    HELP!!! Please Teach My African Man/Woman How To Be Romantic!!!

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    Ok, where to start with this one? Romance, African in the same sentence??? Apparently, it's the heart's cry of some folks in relationships or marriages with Africans. It's Soccer Season now, FIFA 2014 and some men think the idea of a romantic night is hanging out watching 22 men chase a leather ball around the field for 90 minutes while shouting at their televisions and sending texts or posts on social networks expressing their views on certain shots/moves the players on the field. 

    While the women's idea could range from the man buying them gift items. Buying a house or "Buiilding" a car kinda tinz seem to trip the ladies. Or for some, just being a homely girl, home body, let's just chill and cuddle kinda tinz. 

    Abeg, please help!!

    For those who know a thing a two about Romance, help our Brothers and Sisters out please. 

    We all could learn a thing or two. Let's swap tales....

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    PPR: Frank Pacheco, Celeb, Actor and Galactic Film Fest Host

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    Frank Pacheco, Celeb Actor and Galactic Film Fest Host (Wizards of Waverly Place, Heros, Shark, Bones) 


    Frank Pacheco was born on December 29, 1978 in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, USA as Francisco Eduardo Pacheco. He is an actor, known for Breaking Wind (2012), Hillside Cannibals (2006) and Trailer Court Justice (2006), Along with recurring televisions roles in Disney Networks, Wizards of Waverly Place and Heros. 


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