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    The many types of bullying.

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    WHAT'S NEW: Join us this Sunday, October 20, 2013 Topic: "Bullying" Time: 7:00 PM Eastern Time Venue: Teen Speaking Out Radio Log onto: www.blogtalkradio.com/teens-speaking-out  Dial in number: 1 (646) 716 6058  Join us as we talk about Bullying Prevention. The month of October is Bullying prevention month. One of the recent story is about two girls arrested in cyber bullying death of a 12 year old. You can listen, ask questions or speak out on anything weighing on your heart pertaining to bullying. Unless you want to give your name, you can remain anonymous but please join us. All are welcome and invited. Log on via the internet at the above website or by dial in to the above telephone number at the time of the call. Thank you and be blessed.

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    MyNDTALK - Beyond Bullying: Breaking The Cycle of Shame, Bullying and Violence

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    Beyond Bullying: Breaking The Cycle of Shame, Bullying and Violence Dr. Jonathan Fast

    Fast delves into the psychology and sociology of shame and concludes that this powerful emotion is the common thread explaining the recent rise in domestic terrorism and gun violence, school and online bullying, and suicide among adolescents. Fast hopes that by understanding shame-why we feel it and how it can fester-we can develop strategies to prevent the acts of violence and hate that are motivated by it.--Scientific American MIND

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    Erase the Problem of Bullying with Expert Jill Vanderwood

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    Bullying is not a new topic. It has been around since biblical times with such stories as David and Goliath, and Joseph whose brothers were so jealous of their father's favoritism that they sold him to the Egyptians and told their father he was dead. 

    Today, bullying has taken a a new phase with cyberbullying. Kids can be involved in bullying behind a screen, anonymously in their own homes. 

    Today's special guest, Jill Vanderwood has experienced bullying first hand. In the fifth grade she told on a boy who stole her eraser. All the boys in her class vowed to get her back. The bullying began that year and continued into high school. One boy even brought a gas mask to school for his friend who had to sit next to her in class.

    In her new book, Erase the Problem of Bullying Jill Vanderwood shares her own story along with the stories of others who have been bullied, such as NBA All Star, James Donaldson, who nearly gave up on a basketball career because of the problem he was having with bullies.

    Jill Ammon Vanderwood is the award winning author of eight books. Her books have won the Indie Excellence Award, Gold and Silver Quill from the League of Utah Writers, USA Best Books Award and the National Mom's Choice Award.

     To learn more about jill Vanderwood, please visit http://www.jillvanderwood.com

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    Office Bullying: Does It Really Exist? Let's Talk About It

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    "Office Bullying" as defined by, www.workplacebullying.org refers to: repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that is: Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, or. Work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done, or. Verbal abuse.

    Has this happened to you? How do you cope with it? Are you a bully? I am excited to have my wonderfully brilliant friend and guest cohost, Imani share and give advice.

    Please have a listen or call in!

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    Boss and Pistol "The Tabernacle Kids" Bullying!

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    There is an epidemic of bullying. It takes place in schools, at stores, and even in business.  Today's Tabernacle Kid's take on the topic finds bullying being practiced by the worst persons.  After a bit of teasing each other, the two children get down to the serious subject of bullying.  Join Boss Bias and Pistol Ma'nyah Bias for this TCB compelling broadcast: "Bullying" (Written, produced and directed by Bishop T. Criner)

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    Crystal Chapman's Commitment to Teens through BSW Organization

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    Please join us as we welcome our special guest, Crystal Clark-Chatman, Executive Director of Beautiful Spirited Women. BSW is a Non Profit Organization that mentors to teenage girls to gift them the holistic tools they need to succeed in life. They're approach to working with teens is both effective, life changing and successful. They cover a range of topics from journalism to domestic violence and community engagement. Learn more about Crystal, the program and how your community can get involved with one of their chapters when you tune in. 

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    Inspirational Monday- Bullying

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    Inspirational Monday is designed to inspire, uplift and encourage its listeners.  This week, we'll take a look at bullying in the school and online.  Children and adults are bullied everyday for being different from others.  Be sure to tune in and 

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    On Dumb Crap We Did as #Teens

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    The coyote lives, but for how much longer?

    Sometimes fans of teams are actually bad.

    We will discuss the dumb choices we made as teenagers...and might discuss why Green Day sucks.

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    BULLYING & FITTING IN on "Relationships & You" with SPECIAL GUEST Devonia Reed

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    A Percentage of our youth are committing Suicide because of being BULLIED.....because of wanting to FIT IN....so BADLY...and when they don't??  They crumb under the pressure.

    Robin Manley...Radio Talk Show Host for "Relationships and You" and her FEATURED GUEST--Educator/Author of "Fitting In Isn't Easy"/Motivational Speaker Devonia Reed" will lead the discussion!!


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    "MOONDOWEAR" Spokes Model & Anti-Bullying Advocate "Aolani Dunbar"!!

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    Today we have "MOONDOWEAR" spokes model and Anti-Bullying Advocate, Aolani Dunbar, joined by her grandmother Doris Bearden from Georgia. Aolani has been through allot in her young life of twelve years old. She was attacked at school and her hair was pulled from the root of her scalp, causing a permanent bald spot and needing surgery. She appeared on the hit T.V. Show, "The Dr.'s", produced by Dr. Phil. She was promised sugery to correct the problem but to no avail. Aolani will not be stopped!!. She and her family teamed up with Congress woman, Keisha Waites on Bill 40, a Anti-Billyimg Bill to give regulations and guide-lines against "BULLYING"!!. She's a young girl on a "MISSION", to tell her horrorfying story but also to tell all, "SHE'S SURVIVING AND THRIVING" AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.