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    Why Don't We Teach Our Children 2 Be Entrepreneur's

    in Education

    Join us this week as we have another great show planned for you. This week we welcome to the show for the very first time Mr. Scott Stewart. He has taught at Chicago State University and Gwendolyn Brooks High School for a few years. He teaches a course on entrepreneurship. So our question we will ask this week is "Why Don't We Teach Our Children 2 Be Entrepreneur's?" This will be a show you don't want to miss. I would love for all of the adults to listen to this show with their children. So be sure to tell a friend and relative. We go on at 6pm est and our call in number is 619-393-2813

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    What Children Teach You

    in Motivation

    We seem to look at children as the young people we teach. We teach them everything from how to listen to how to do just about anything they do. We try to teach them at times without them participating and slowing things down. If you allowed a child to talk more, you would see how much they see and how they look at our world in such a matter a fact way. What are we learning from the children that we know and why it is in our best interest to give them time to participate? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM, PST. 

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    The Best Lesson you can teach your Children

    in Religion

    Parents always search for the key to understanding what, if anything, they did wrong when raising children and they make a bad decision.  Often we look in the exact same place for answers that seem to never satisfy our quest.  We do this because the answer that we have received does not feel right yet we do not know what that answer is so we reluctantly accept the one that may be close to how we are feeling. That, unfortunately, is our first mistake.


    As parents, we don’t make this mistake by trying to fix our children’s problems, we make the mistake of thinking that what worked for us will work for them.  We refuse to accept that those little people whom we love so much and have to feed, clothe and protect are also individuals and they have some idea about their own circumstances.  This leads us into believing that we know best because we have been where they are but what we miss is the fact that though we may have been there, we are not there now and they are.  How we saw it and later learned to decipher it, is not what it looks like to them and the simple solution may not work.  What we may wish to do is listen closely to how they frame the situation and then carefully dispense the advice accordingly.  We may be surprised that they respond better if they are able to discern from the conversation that we really do understand the problem.

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    Personal Learning Projects on The Teach Jim Show

    in Education

    Contrived vs Real Experience


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    How to teach your kids to have self esteem

    in Lifestyle

    This show is designed to discuss the importance of a healthy self esteem and how to relay it to your children

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    Toss that Workbook and TEACH

    in Homeschooling

    Amy from Thrive Homeschooling offers a 3 step method to adjust the way your child practices the skills they learn. By moving away from most workbooks for the "teaching" part of the lesson, your child's understanding and use of the skill can significantly improve.

    Please visit www.thrivehomeschooling.com for FREE ecourses to best teach your child.

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    Christians Coping with Step Children

    in Religion

    This is a difficult topic for some. Many don't focus on the step children or have a desire to discuss it. We will share and discuss on how to manage and maintain an effective home with children and Step parents within the home. Pastor Diane Winbush will bring this lecture on today. For more information about us just go to www.saintpetersberg.com.Thanks for your support.

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    Where Are The Children of This Generation Headed

    in Christianity

    No Kids Pics are displayed to protect their pravicy.

    According to Director James Comey, “The FBI remains vigilant in its efforts to eradicate predators from our communities and to keep our children safe.” In addition to working with our law enforcement partners to publicize the names and faces of missing children, the Bureau undertakes a variety of efforts to help rescue the most vulnerable of victims

    On May 25, 1979, 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared while walking to his school bus stop in New York. Four years later, to honor Etan’s memory and the memories of other missing children, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed May 25—the anniversary of Etan’s disappearance—as National Missing Children’s Day.

    Tragically, however, children continue to disappear, and as we approach National Missing Children’s Day 2015, the FBI would like to ask the public for its continued help in locating any of the young victims pictured above from our Kidnapping and Missing Persons webpage.

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    Focus On Film: Church, Children and Humanity...

    in Movies

    Recently in the news, God fearing church members welcomed in a young man who would later deliberately kill them. We hear of children arming themselves with weapons, they shouldn't be able to obtain, in order to senselessly murder classmates, friends,family, and in some cases, themselves. We all want to know why; the reasons are never going to be enough. Our program is a movie based broadcast, so we'll be discussing a few films, that touch on similar random acts of violence, that continue to plague our society and weaken our humanity: 4 Little Girls, Elephant and if time permits, Heathers. The sad thing is...these films are all over ten years old. Please join film critics Larry Domkowski (Must See Movies), Karen D. (The Movie Maven) and me Greg Morgan (Reel Movie Guy) for this, our next episode of "A Reel Point Of View".

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    Saving our Children

    in Spirituality

    We MUST step up to support, provide, protect, advocate and even battle on behalf of our children. Our children are OUR FUTURE, they are the leaders that we will follow tomorrow. Afican cultures throughout the continent and the planet see the family and OUR children's lives are our priority. We will be discussing real things that we can do to protect our children with practical and spiritual applications. We will have special guest Queen Taese, Homeschool Parent/Educator and Executive Committee Director for The Liberated Minds Expo as our guest speaker.  She is a passionate educator who will share tips for keeping our youth alert, aware and conscious of safety and security in this time.  As we aim to keep our subject matter relevant and current, we encourage you to join in chatroom discussions and call in with your questions. 


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