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    Trinity Broadcasting Network. Paul and Jan Crouch seem innocent at first glance and may have started out with the noblest intentions, but today, they are plagued with lawsuits, investigations, and suspicions. PraiseaThons, celebrity preachers, and millions of dollars allegedly diverted to other accounts and assets. Nevertheless, a spot on TBN is a preacher's and some entertainers' dream. TBN has the abilty to influence nations, and yet, its stewardship of funds is highly questionable. So why do we keep on giving? And where is the IRS? JOIN US TONIGHT ON RING THE ALARM RADIO 8PM EST! THIS IS A CFR PRODUCTION.

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    The Death of Paul Crouch or the beginning of the end of TBN

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    Today we will talk about the death of Paul Crouch Sr, at the age of 79 from heart failure.

    Is it the beginning of the end of TBN?? Will there be a power struggle now that Paul Crouch, Jr is out and Matt Couch is in??

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    The Audible Bible From Romans Chap 1-8, The Law, Sin, Justification and Grace

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    The book of Romans presents us God the Savior, the only one who can and is able to save the souls of men. As we are encountering God in Romans, we will find out why we all need God’s salvation, what He has done to make salvation available to our benefit and what judgment will we endure if we do not accept salvation. There are multiple decisions that we must make according to Romans. We have to willfully and wholeheartedly confess and repent of our sins and allow our new experience with God dictate and direct our lives while surrendering to the control of the Holy Spirit directive over the course and every area in our lives. You will find out that, salvation must not be ignored, it must be rejected or accepted and whatever the decision, a result will follows. Salvation demands that we live a life exclusion of sins, and give complete control to the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us as we are encountering and experiencing God. May God the Savior save you and your family!

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    The Audible Bible Zechariah Chap 13- Malachi Chap 4, God, Purity, Divine Honor

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    The Book of Zechariah presents God and Purity. According to the word of the Lord God in Zechariah, purification means we have to adjust our habits to God’s word; we have to admit we are the origin and the source off all the problems we are facing in the world today and not God. Significantly, we need to shift the self toward God and His Word and give up all doubts and complaints to let Him work in us. If we wholeheartedly allow God to be our potter and humbly be His clay, He will center us in His hands, mold and make us by given us the form and shape according to His pleasing desires. Allow Him to wash, cleanse and purify us with the precious blood of Jesus Christ His Son, Our Lord and Savior.

    The Book of Malachi presents God and Divine Honor.  It shows God's throught history has been manifesting His unconditional, unswerving and reliable love toward us. He desires that we honor Him by returning that love through being obedient and worship Him indeed and in true. We can honor God by committing to Him. We also can honor Him by accepting His Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

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    The Audible Bible From Habakkuk -Haggai, God, Faith, The Remnant and Materialism

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    The Book of Habakkuk presents God and Faith. It teaches us that faith forces us to define our present relationship with the Almighty God; it invites us to step into the future leaving the past behind and trust God even in the imminent reaction of the forces of evil. In addition, we will learn in Habakkuk that faith sees God is always working around us; while the natural eyes only see the enemies, the trials, the persecution and hardness of life. When all answers seem unacceptable, you are praying for something, but what you get is not the result that you expected? Keep your faith in God, He will manifest His power on your behalf.

    Zephaniah presents, God and the remnant. It teachings indicate that remnant calls us to distinguish between church membership and salvation, in other word, salvation is more important than being a church member. The remnant also teaches us that we must accept God’s discipline in order to be included in it. It affirms our love relationship with God as the only hope and the reliance to avoid His final judgment.

    On the other hand, Haggai presents God and Man’s Material Resources and teaching us that materialism invites us to let go God, admit defeat and give up on life. The purpose of materialism is to ignore God’s ethical standards, so we can satisfy our self-centered personal desires and rely solely on material wealth. The wise and prudent individual understands that material wealth comes from God because it is He who gives the power to gain and accumulate wealth, because God is the source of all good things. Listen to hear what the word of God saying in these books.

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    A look at the End Time with Perry Stone & Irvin Baxter Part 2

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    Thank you again for taking time to listen to our show. Tonight we bring you part two of last weeks show.  As promised we brought you a light look at what people think of end time. Both of these men have brought you their view point to this subject which differs. We went back and covered some of the same area where we were last week to include where we ended with people doing internet search on the end of the world for 2012.  Since this is 2015 we know that the end of the world has not taken place! But this search was brought in place having to do with the Mayhan Calander.

    We want to take a moment and thank all of you that prayed for Blog Talk Mom! She is recovering very well from her medical procedure. This show would not be the same without her input and support. As always we value your comments at the end of the show. Plus Wild Bill has put something in place at the end of the show to add something he thinks will speak to all of us.

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    The Audible Bible From Amos Chap 7-9, Obadiah and Jonah Chap 1-4

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    The Book of Amos helps advises that understanding sin is to place our loyalty to God over that of a nation and people and that a complete understanding of sin and its impact in humanity when wisely digest will lead the soul to repentance. While the Book of Amos presents you God and Sin, how he deals with sinners, the book of Obadiah, presents God and pride. This one chapter, 21 verses book entail pride in the life of the individual demands to ask God for forgiveness, call for radical changes to denying self, depending fully on God instead of self. Where as, the book of Jonah presents how God deals with His relecutant people. We have to admit we are reluctant specially toward God. That admittance is necessary, because it will help us to discover our own prejudices toward God and toward each other,; it will enable us to witness the love of God; it will leads us to where God is manifesting; it will cause us to commit to missions and frees us to love others and self the way God loves us and others. May you experience God's love in Amos, Obadiah and Jonah in full scope!

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    The Audible Bible From Hosea Chap 1-14, God Discipline with Immense Love

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    As we are reading the Book of Hosea, the setting shows that the Northern Kingdom had ascribed its prosperity under King Jeroboam II to Baal and the fertility religion rather than to Yahweh, the Almighty God. Judgment emerged; as a result about 745 B.C. Hosea called God’s unfaithful people to repent due to the fact that they had broken God’s covenant and served idols, man mad gods. The result was very consequential; they had to encounter God’s discipline and judgment before they could again experience God’s grace and His love relationship.

    As you are encountering God in Hosea, how do you describe you current relationship with God contrasting to the past, is it better or worse? Do you prefer to call out to God as a result of His judgment and discipline or will you volitionally call on Him? Is your relationship with God worth giving up all loyalties? Are you willing to acknowledge we all have unfaithfulness in our lives, confess them and let God to Control? If God desires to take you on the road to discipline, will you willingly follow? Will you acknowledge God’s unconditional love and faithfulness?

    Some of the crises of belief that you will face in Hosea are to be discipline, there must be confession of sin that leads to self-reliance on God and that when God sets up a plumb line to initiate corrections we must obey to experience His forgiveness, resulting the manifestation of grace and mercies.

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    The Audible Bible From Ezekiel Chp 39-44 The Glory of God, The Temple Instruct'n

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    As we are reading the book of Ezekiel, I want to remind you that Ezekiel presents us the God of Glory. As you are preparing yourself to meet the God of glory in Ezekiel, you will learn how seriously God take sin, to what extreme God is willing to judge His people because of their sins, what God says sin does to a person, what value is wealth, list evidence that shows God's people have departed from Him, whether a person who departs from God can enters His presense, how God use to show He is desciplining people who depart from Him, His actions are always according to His love, regardless of the impact and or results. The book of Ezekiel has a lot to say about the God of Glory.