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    Born in the Ukraine and raised in Perth, Australia, Tash Phillips began her career as a professional ballroom dancer. Her natural talent on the dance floor was evident early on, and she went on to become an Australian champion at the tender age of eight. While Tash loved competing, she soon realized that she wanted to explore other areas of performing. Stepping out of the ballroom, Tash enrolled in a performing arts school where she took lessons in tap, jazz, ballet, acrobatics, musical theater and group singing lessons. She decided she wanted to develop her singing abilities so took up private lessons. A quick learner with a natural gift for vocals, Tash was soon being asked to sing at various local events and on television. Tash landed in Los Angeles at only 17 & she has hit the ground running with her multi-dimensional career. Her first music EP, Tash was recently released on iTunes, her catchy pop tune “California Eyes” was recently placed on Nick at Nite’s Family Drama “Hollywood Heights,” and is featured on their soundtrack album. She recently wrapped a short film, and is currently working on a new webseries, coming in 2013. She stops by on Thursday, December 20, at 7pm EST to discuss her extraordinary career. 

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    Chris Dennis is gone and tash is here

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    On the outside many think HE IS  TO YOUNG  TO BE SO GOOD.  If you step back and  REMEMBER YOUR SPIRIT  you will see his  spirit that is so so powerful and deep.

    Ask Chris only question and he will choose  which spirit tool he will use  to answer you ONE  SPECIFIC question.



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    TASH: Un Movimiento Unido

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    In this episode we will discuss TASH and the annual TASH conference "A Movement United, which will take place December 11 thru 14.   Vamos a hablar con los eventos de Tash y director de formación Edwin CANIZALEZ y responsable de comunicación de Tash, Jonathan Riethmaier.
    Como líder en la defensa de la discapacidad durante más de 35 años, la misión de TASH es promover la plena inclusión y la participación de los niños y adultos con discapacidades significativas en todos los aspectos de su comunidad, y para eliminar las injusticias sociales que menoscaban los derechos humanos. Estas cosas se logran a través de la colaboración entre los autogestores, familias, profesionales, políticos, abogados y muchos otros que tratan de promover la equidad, la oportunidad y la inclusión.

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    The Passion Zone: Erotic Piercings w/ Maria Tash

    in Health

    Join Allie and Scarlet as they welcome celebrity piercing & jewerly artist Maria Tash to talk about erotic clit, , and nipple piercings & the luxury of high-end jewlery.
    Maria Tash is a high-end jewelry designer and expert body piercer.  She has been piercing since the 90’s after studying under the father of the Modern Primitive movement.  Her Venus by Maria Tash (http://mariatash.com/) line of luxury piercing jewelry was launched in 2004 in Manhattan.  This is the place to get the highest quality piercing experience, from the level of skill & service to the exquisite selection of custom jewelry made of the finest materials. You might even run into one of Maria’s celebrity clients while there!  Maria has been featured in many magazines and on television where she’s an advocate for safe piercing practices.
    Visit The Passion Zone: www.ThePassionZone.com

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    Chat with Tash & Chance

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    This is FOR CHAT ONLY NOT A READING to discuss all things spiritual/metaphysical.

    You may ask spiritual questions but not a READING question.

    I really want the teens to come and be FREE to discuss the feelings they have on why or how to use their gifts.

    Some things we have on our lists - psychic vampires, crystals, saging(smudging) and so on.

    You can contact Chance here http://www.youtube.com/user/ItsChancePisces

    You can contact Tash at tasha@theeangels.us or www.theeangels.com

    Bless You all ~

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    A Movement United: FRCD Talks with TASH

    in Education

    In this episode FRCD Host Paula Wills will be discussing TASH and  The annual TASH conference with TASH's events and training manager  Edwin Canizalez and TASH's communication manager, Jonathan Riethmaier.   As a leader in disability advocacy for more than 35 years, the mission of TASH is to promote the full inclusion and participation of children and adults with significant disabilities in every aspect of their community, and to eliminate the social injustices that diminish human rights. These things are accomplished through collaboration among self-advocates, families, professionals, policy-makers, advocates and many others who seek to promote equity, opportunity and inclusion.   http://tash.org/conferences-events/tash2013/

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    Talking With Dr. William Blackwell about Inclusive Education

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    For the first episode of  Illinois TASH: Inclusion for All, we are talking  with Dr. William Blackwell, Assistant Professor at Lewis University’s College of Education about inclusive education in Illinois,  his upcoming presentation at the National TASH Conference entitled “Teaching Inclusion with Literature: When Teachers and Their Students Linger in Text” and his relationship with Illinois TASH. 


    William Blackwell has published articles and presented on topics that focus on the impact of federal education policies on children with disabilities and their families, charter school services for children with disabilities and special education advocacy and conflict resolution.

    Learn more about Dr. Blackwell's research in the articles below:

    Blackwell, W., & Rossetti, Z. (2014). The development of individualized education programs: Where have we been and where should we go now? SAGE Open, 4(2), 1-15. doi: 10.1177/2158244014530411.

    Blackwell, W. (2013). An era of charter school expansion: An examination of special education in Massachusetts’ charter schools. Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 24(2), 75-87. DOI: 10.1177/1044207312455061. 

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    Die4 Radio always playing the best Hip Hop from all over!!!! Join the experience and rock out with your boy Diar Lansky & the Die4 Team!!!! Tonight's Special Guests will be Tash & Black Silver, Ras Kass & CL Smooth.... Call in number 646-200-4945 - 8:30pm PST!!!! Press 1 To Speak With The Host!!!!!

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    The Glass Jar Smoke Break vol. 10 ft. H-Dub, Ricky Ruger, Lincoln Parks & DC Zoe

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    Ideal Radio® presents The Glass Jar Smoke Break's 10th episode! Hosted by the one and only Holly Chedda, this weeks episode will be a great one. Tonights guests include one of the hottest DJ's in SC, DJ H-Dub! We have Ricky Ruger from Jacksonville Florida, Lincoln Parks from Dallas Texas and taking on our 'Gas Or Tash' challange tonight we have DC Zoe reppin 803 Outlawz. Be sure to CALL IN and let your voice be heard! 

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    Jennifer Hough Speaks with Tash Jefferies

    in Self Help

    Listen in as Jennifer speaks with the wonderful Tash Jefferies of Green Minutes Canada! 

    Tash Jefferies is driven by one passion and purpose – to help people to live vibrantly, fully self-expressed, and true to who they are. Her vision is to work with others to create empowered communities across the globe. In a world that is filled with complexity and darkness, she knows she is meant to lead people to simplicity and light. By working with other organizations, she facilitates a series of workshops that help others find their inner light and let it break through all barriers. Listen in to Jennifer and Tash on this juicy conversation! 

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    Small Talk with Tasha n Tammy (This n That) Part 2

    in Radio

    Tune in and let us entertain you with interesting info on health, did you knows, celeb news with Tash, and much more...