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    Tallan "T-Man" Latz: Future of the Blues

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    11 year old Tallan Latz, from America's Got Talent fame and guest artist with the late musical innovator Les Paul. Tallan took the stage by storm at the tender age of 8. This Sunday Tallan visits Yazbowe Blues Cafe to share his thoughts on Blues and life.

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    Wednesday January 6, 2010 7PM Welcome Tallan Noble Latz Show # 84

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    Piers Morgan , judge from AGT stated, "To watch a boy at your age come out and do that (rock the guitar) is one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen in my life."

    Sharon Osbourne said, "You see so many musicians who can play, but they don't have the soul and the feel and you do... you got the vibe! Tallan's got soul and he's an extraordinary talent!"

    David Hasselhoff declared, "You know you got a major career in front of you kid...You got charisma!"

    "Tallan Latz is Amazing! He played an entire 2-hour set that included blues classics “Crossroads,” “Sweet Home Chicago” and “Goin’ Down.” Not only does Tallan play like a grizzled veteran, he also works the crowd like a pro. Tallan Latz is the real deal and he is destined for greatness!" writes Joe Heuer, The Rock and Roll Guru.

    As GM Planell, (a reporter for ChicagosRock.com) after watching Tallan’s last performance of 2008 wrote, “I have never witnessed anything like I was about to see in the course of my music evolution. Never. An averaged sized nine-year-old boy, by the name of Tallan “T-Man” Latz. On a Fender Telecaster, this child opened up like a raging bluesman in his finest. He played his guitar behind his head and cranked out riffs that would have embarrassed Jimi Hendrix himself. Tallan is a Wisconsin native and exuded pure showmanship and blaring riffs that left most speechless. I was exhausted.”

    Chicago Blues Legend Lonnie Brooks said. "Tallan's not nine years old, he's 49 years old. Did see the way he handled that guitar on stage! He's an old man

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    Dirty Dan and Mongo Man Show Wednesday January 21, 2009 Welcome Tallan T-Man Latz Show #43

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    Tallan Noble Latz (aka: The T-Man) was born on September 22, 1999 to Carl and Doris Latz. Tallan had an immediate connection to the sound of music and how it effected his emotions. He seemed to be born to play music and has been doing so for most of his life.

    Tallan received his first musical instrument, a drum set, when he was 3. At age 4 he received a small acoustic guitar. He would strap that guitar on and play for anyone that would sit and listen.

    At the age of 5 Tallan asked for an electric guitar for Easter after watching a video of Joe Satriani. He had his choice between a guitar, a remote control boat or a new bike. He chose the guitar. The stipulation was that if he got the guitar he must take lessons and practice. He has done both every since and has never looked back!

    Tallan has a real determination to improve his guitar playing skills. Tallan practices 2 - 3+ hours a day. Tallan has studied with many accomplished teachers, he also watches numerous instructional DVD’s and has become a student of his instrument. All the while he’s working towards becoming one of the best.

    Tallan loves playing his guitar; he’s played before small groups of 15 to huge crowds of a couple thousand. Tallan has already performed at dozens of venues and festivals. He has had the opportunity to share the stage with hundreds of different musicians, some local musician, some regionally known, some nationally known and still others that are internationally known, all before the age of 8. You can find more about where and with whom Tallan has played with here.

    In just a few short months, Tallan has created a huge stir in the SE WI and Northern IL. The buzz is all about this little kid playing with the big boys. They are all saying the same thing “You gotta see this!!!”.

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    G3: Live in Delaware

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    Join us this Sunday with Tallan Latz, Michael Locke and Wes Bennington guitar slingers performing at the re-invention of G3:Live this coming Thursday at Hoggy's in Delaware Ohio.
    More great blues news on the Cafe.

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    International Blues Challenge - Show #6

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    Join us as we talk to the entrants as their Challenge begins.
    Guests appearing on this show:
    The Steepwater band - Showcase Band
    Mike & Lefty Feat. Chef - Finnish Blues Society
    Kilborn Alley - Showcase Band
    Bill "Swamp" Shaka & Tony - CT Blues Society
    Tallan Noble Latz - Young Guitarist visiting Memphis
    Jimmy & The Sleepers - edmonton Blues Society
    Lucy Hammond - Blues Singer from Portland here networking
    Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers - Geneva Blues Society
    Aaron, Trey & Ian - Youth Showcase

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