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    What You Might Not Know About Intuition

    in Self Help

    Everyone has intuition and in the world of Enegy Work, it is a foundational component in healing.  Just when you've thought you've heard everything there is to hear about it or know about it, you might be surprised by the things that are revealed in this show.  I will talk about where the concept of intuition came from, what distinguishes it from feeling and logic, and ways you can develop it so that it is a tool you can use everyday of your life!

  • The Power of a Woman's Intuition

    in Spirituality

    On this Episode of the Oracle Treehouse we are talking about the power of a woman’s intuition.  We women are so powerful creators.

    We were the first healers energy workers and calendars just to name a few. Our intuitive ability has been downed played way to long. Join me as I drop tips on how we females can strengthen our personal guidance system aka intuitive ability.

    I will also be taking your calls for readings and intuitive advice.  

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    Intuition: Your Inner Compass

    in Self Help

    Intuition is something that was given to you, to guide you on your journey through life. Learn how you can trust your intuition to lead you to make the right choices, in every situation through life, & lead you to every good thing you desire!

    Sherise Fox will cover:

    What Intuition is, where it comes from, how it works, how to recognize it, the 5 intuitive senses & how to develop & strengthen your Intuition!

    About Sherise:

    Sherise Fox is a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive, and certified Reiki Master. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Psychology. Her mission is to bring about spiritual awareness and help people who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled with their lives to recognize and shift into their greatness. Sherise has been offering private coaching since 2003 and has worked with clients across the country. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.

    Visit her website www.SheRiseCoaching.com for additional information.

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    Life Extension-Anti-Aging For Our Precious Pets

    in Pets

    Greetings and welcome to Radio Time Productions, with host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. We will be discussing Anti-aging Tools - Techniques - Technologies that can heal, and extend the life of your Precious Pet(s). Discussions and call-ins welcome. Studio Call In 347.857.245

    This is the launch of an ongoing series about our Precious Pets, In honor of Precious my beautiful Pomeranian that went to The Rainbow Bridge two years ago this day...I miss her still and always will. I want to celebrate all the beauty she brought into my life. I am developing a website for our precious pets and would like your submissions that meet the guidlines for Preciouspets.info. Please contact me to be a contributor or call-in to the show. Take a look at my slide show.

    God Bless you and your pet(s) 

    Valerie Jarrette Bass, MA. Executive Producer, Host @ RadioTimeProductions Phone: 561.755.7068 valbass.producer@gmail.com - Boca Raton, FL




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    Chill OUT: Pets and You

    in Spirituality

    Pets are a huge part of our lives yet, interstingly enough, in some instances we do not communicate with them and assume they have no say in what's going on in their lives!  Would you like someone to treat you that way?  If not, is now the time to change how we deal with our animals?

    What challenges are you facing with your pets?  How would life be different if you were to change the way you communicate with them?

    Join us as we discuss this topic today @ 6:30 p.m. (EST)



    Guest Call In (323) 375-0849 Press 1 to talk to us!!

    Also, are you looking to create the future you DESIRE?

    Check out my video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFgNbuplFLjEr_AlLXbYahg

    It assists to:

    Create personal power and acceptance.
    Unlock your inspiration and enthusiasm for life.
    Develop your personal gifts and to excel at life once more.
    Rid yourself from past anxieties.

    But ultimately, the CHOICE is yours!

    Is NOW your time?

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    HEAVENLY ENCOUNTERS: Igniting Your Gift of Intuition

    in Spirituality

    We’ve all heard about intuition, but how do you begin to tap into this powerful gift from heaven that we ALL have? Most people have also heard about “mother’s intuition”—but the story you are about to hear from our guest, Robin Alexis, is mind-blowing to say the least. Not one, but 3-near death experiences shaped her life and ignited her intuitive skills and gifts, including the ability to communicate with fetuses in the womb. All events of her bittersweet life have led to her soul purpose of teaching “conscious parenting” and finding her own self along the way.  If you are ready to learn how to connect to your heavenly intuition- this show is for you!

    Our guest, Robin Alexis is a medium, channel, medical intuitive, clairvoyant, past lives reader and a “Metaphysical Mother” and baby whisperer (which we will talk about). She has written two books- Robin’s Song and Raising Humanity and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. Robin has also done a variety of work for governmental agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, as well as law enforcement depts. Currently, she is the creator & Host of MYSTIC RADIO with Robin Alexis out of Mount Shasta, CA on KKNW.

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    JOTS RADIO "The Power of Intuition"

    in Spirituality

    You intuition is strong and constantly sending you messages, but are you listening?  Tonight we are going to talk about how to tap in and get these messages for EVERY are of your life!  Call us and ask any question, but remember to be specific - we don't do general readings.  I love these kind of shows! Get ready to go in deep and then give us a call! 

    We have a new class in the new Academy of Intuitive Arts in Centerville Ohio! The second course to come out of the Academy is Intuitive Development, starting September 21st.  This will be an intensive 6 week program every Monday evening.  If you would like to learn how to get in the Skype Course, e-mail me at stephanievanhoose@gmail.com

    Like our Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/stephanievanhoosespiritualmedium

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    Using Your Intuition to Improve Your Memory

    in Spirituality

    This week show is appearing on Tuesday Morning instead of Monday.  How often do you dismiss that feeling in the pit of your stomach.  That is your intuition talking. Time to take notice.  This is a friend which has been given to everyone of us.  We tend to not pay attention. 

    This episode I am discussing your Intuition and how to use it for your memory.  Yes, for your memory.  This is not a topic people discuss mainly because they never thought of using the intuition in that way. 


    I have just released my new book "Manifesting The Life You Want, Prime Directives for Abundant Living."  Available on https://www.createspace.com/5518530  and Amazon at http://amzn.to/1CKxOb9

    What would your life be like if you identified and removed the self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back? Receive a free 30minute "Breakthrough Strategy Session" to help you get clear on your life?  Click Here for your Breakthrough Strategy Session.

    Suggestions or questions please send them to beverly@commandingyourlife.com

    For classes and seminar dates go to http://meetup.commandingyourlife.com

    http://commandingyourlife.com or visit http://silverfox.silvacourses.com



  • Through the Looking Glass with Janet Lee-Intuition, Truth and Wisdom

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of Through the Looking Glass with Janet Lee, we explore the concepts of Intuition, Truth and Wisdom. How important is intuition and what does it feel like to tap in to its power? Find your personal Truth by noticing the evidence presented to you in each moment. Attract suitable Mentors who will guide you with Wisdom. The world is open to you now!

    Call in to speak to Janet Lee live! The number is (646)915-8288.

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    TRUSTING YOURSELF: A Guide to decision-making and using your intuition

    in Self Help

    TRUSTING YOURSELF: A Guide to decision-making and using your intuition

    Indecision, no decision and complacency often leaves us unclear in our purpose and direction in life. We often trust other’s opinions and use them as guideposts to doing the “right thing” while in actuality, it feels like we’re living someone else’s life.

    Well, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    During this broadcast we will discuss the importance of establishing self-trust and how to build confidence in trusting yourself

    Antonina Romano

    Jennifer Flynn

    Tamarra Causley Robinson

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    Out of the Fog EXTRA: Trust Your Intuition with K the Intuitive Specialist

    in Spirituality

    You asked for her ... and K the Intuitive Specialist is back! Tune in to learn how you can begin to trust your intuition ... and join us LIVE for on-air readings. Do you feel like you're getting information from your guides or from Spirit, but you're not sure whether or not to act on what you receive? K is a widely acclaimed clairvoyant, author, speaker and spiritual teacher, and she's an Out of the Fog fan favorite. Call in to join the conversation and receive a short reading from K and Karen Hager!