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    Leverage Creates Results!

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    Productivity is where efficient and effective meet. Winning Strategies build upon a Championship Psychology to create leverage. Leverage is the multiplier effect. It is where we achieve dramatic growth. Leverage is what allows you to achieve more than your working hours allow. It is working smarter. Clearly leverage is different for an entrepreneur in a service business in comparison to an employee or professional in a large organization. Would you like to know how? On this show we will talk about how to create that leverage to take your business to new heights of success. We will talk about the approach, the sequence of events necessary to make this happen as well as the basic questions that open up the pathways for dramatic success and satisfaction.

    Our Guest: David Gruder

    What do you get when you combine a musician, journalist, administrator, professor, and psychologist, with an entrepreneur, leader and business consultant? You get Dr. David Gruder, the nine-award-winning clinical & organizational development psychologist, author, speaker, trainer and advisor, who founded Integrity Culture Systems and is known as "America's Integrity Expert.” A Business Success Psychologist who is Co-Head of Faculty with CEO Space International, Dr. Gruder specializes in leader peak performance and culture architecture, as well as helping philanthropists select & develop their legacy projects by doing what successful entrepreneurs do to succeed. His mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration successful, integrity profitable, and cultures healthy. He does this by bringing the wisdom of psychology to business, the wisdom of entrepreneurship to experts, and the wisdom of both (psychology and entrepreneurship) to education, governance and social change. 

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    Take Notice Return Ish

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    Welcome Back Fans! To another episode of Take Notice! It has been a while, so We hope you enjoy the show! We have lots to talk about today, from One Direction to the New Fast & Furious movie set to be released in a week! Stay Tuned and definitely TAKE NOTICE :)! 

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    My Take Radio-Episode 284

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    A new serving of gaming and entertainment heads your way courtesy of My Take Radio. 

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    Planning to Plan

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    Strategies take our vision and create an approach that will enable us to realize that vision. A strategy is a way to create value and leverage to achieve out outcome faster with less effort. When we think of HOW we do something we understand that there is a sequence no matter if it is about baking a cake, building a house or making a sale. Things have to be done in a particular order to achieve the best desired results. A critical component of getting the results we want is planning. There are different levels of planning effecting the different levels of productivity. On this program we will talk about the various levels of planning, the frequency one should plan and how to overcome some of the biggest challenges around planning. 

    Paul Hoyt, owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group and best-selling author, has over 40 years experience leading teams to improved profitability and productivity. He is an expert at helping new and growing businesses develop their strategic plans, create financial models, write business plans, and fund and execute their growth strategies. He has enjoyed tremendous success at helping businesses of all sizes achieve their growth and exit strategy objectives.

    He is the author of two business books: The Foundation Factor®- Critical Measurements in Business Strength (2004), which helps business owners develop their own Business Foundation Profile® to measure the strength of their business, and the Capital Coaching Program (2010), which helps entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of raising capital.

    Paul also created the highly acclaimed online training programs The Business Survival Boot Camp and Beyond Business Survival (2013), giving small business owners the guidance they need to avoid mistakes that slow them down and shut them down.

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    Get It Together and Succeed!

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    If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: The number one thing you can do to blast your productivity and sucess to the next level is to have a Championship Psychology! I have worked with hundreds of extremely sucessful business leaders and entrepreneurs and in almost every case the only thing between them, and the results they knew they were capable of was themselves. We can be our own greatest support, or our own greatest enemies. This week I am joined by Karyn Beach to talk about her work motivating women to "get it together" and live the lives that they deserve.

    Karyn Beach is the founder of Get It Together Girl Media, and is a game show winner, a produced screenwriter, author, and radio host. After losing her mom at the age of 15, she learned that tomorrow isn't guaranteed and focused on living her life to the fullest. Detirmined not to wait for the perfect job or perfect man to be dropped in front of her, she took charge. Karyn is passionate about educating women the world over about the importance of now, why multitasking doesn’t work, the power of 15 minutes, saying ‘No’ gracefully, and why self-care isn’t selfish.


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    Bonnie Shay - Take Charge of Your Email Inbox

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    Does your inbox make you cringe every time you open it? Is everything just stuck in there with no place to go? Sharon McRill, Owner of The Betty Brigade, will be talking with expert Bonnie Shay about clearing out your email inbox and taking charge in the new year.

    Bonnie Shay is a Professional Organizer based in Highland Park and founder of Mariposa Creative Solutions. Bonnie works with clients to help them organize their home and work spaces and also has a specialty in photo organizing for both print and digital photos.

    Another area of Bonnie’s expertise that brings her here today is teaching people how to regain control of their email inboxes. Since email has become a significant part of our lives personally and professionally, Bonnie is dedicated to helping people regain control of their email so that they can better focus on what is important in their lives and what they are good at instead of being distracted and stressed by their overflowing email inbox.

    Bonnie has published “Take Charge of Your Email Inbox”, a step by step guide of how to streamline and maintain your inbox. Bonnie is pleased to be share her wisdom and expertise with our listeners.

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    Energy is Basic Physics!

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    Special time on July 3rd due to the Holiday weekend...

    Energy is basic physics. Great philosophers and scientists such as Einstein studied energy. He determined that cannot be created or destroyed. We have studied energy for centuries and know its power. The Chinese understood energy's connection with nature which transcends science because it is both science and spirit. Join us as we talk about martial arts and how it harnesses energy. 

    Take Charge of Your Productivity defines energy management, and gives it a framework in which to build upon. When we understand and recognize energy management we can use it to our advantge and TAKE CHARGE of the results we get.

    This week will be joined by Alex Changho.

    Alex Changho is an entrepreneur, speaker and strategic coach, who helps small businesses across the country streamline their operations and increase the revenue.  Alex specializes in martial arts schools, and for over a decade was instrumental in growing one of the most successful martial arts chains in the country.  He also works closely with young martial arts entrepreneurs, preparing owners and instructors to take on the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of their industry.  You can see his facebook page at www.alexchangho.com.


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    Competition vs Collaboration

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    This week we are talking about Winning Strategies, which is the second blade of my windmill.  Working smarter, not harder, is how you take your business to a new level. Winning Strategy helps you to become the owner of your business and get out of the role of operator. As an operator, you are easily lost in the day-to-day responsibilities, and are not able to provide strategic direction and positioning for your business. My Quantum Productivity Program reveals the best practices behind three elements that make up Winning Strategies, Planning, Process and Priority.

    We will rerun this amazing interview with the founder of CEO Space, Berny Dohrmann to discuss the power of collaboration and the pitfalls of competition.

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    Manager or Leader?

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    Do you know the difference between a manager and a leader? Leadership style is an important element in driving your personal and professional life to new levels. Leadership accesses power within through clarity, insipration, flexibility, and communication. The leader is all about the Ten Essential Elements of Time and Energy Managent, primarily Championship Psychology. Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level?

    Dr. Jon Sarver is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 29 years of experience of leadership ranging from non-profits to internet based businesses. Jon Sarver has been a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach for over three years. He has implemented much of John Maxwell's strategies to help his clients achieve enormous profitability. In 2012, Dr. Sarver was recognized as the #1 Master Executive Coach for Business Breakthroughs. He has a track record of laying the groundwork for growth and vitality. Several of his businesses have remained successful and many exist today, decades after they were founded.  

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    Systemize and Thrive!

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    Gain more time, money, and freedom!  Creating a process and standards enable you to scale a business, keep it sustainable and give you back more time. As an owner, this can allow you to do more of what you envisioned when you started this business. Taking charge of your productivity and the productivity of your team is essential to producing a quality product!

    Our guest on this weeks show will be Teriann Matheson.

    She will reveal the secrets that allowed her to successfully manage, own and sell ten businesses in two countries over fourteen years. Teriann's ability to increase sales and profits has benefitted her businesses, and now she agreed to share her expertise with us. 

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    Save Time with Effective Marketing and List Building Strategies!

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    If your business conduct business using the internet, then you need to know how to generate traffic and build your list. If you are unfamiliar with how to do these things, your work can take countless hours, be very frustrating and even costly. Part of Taking Charge of Your Productivity is working SMARTER..not harder. On todays show I will present a new perspective on list building and some strategies that you may not have considered. These strategies will draw attention to your business, and build your list quickly with quality prospects. As an entrepreneur building your business, you cannot afford to miss this show.

    I will be joined with Kip Piper.

    Kip Piper has over 21 years of experience in web design and internet marketing. She coaches business owners and entrepreneurs on using Amazon to generate massive traffic to their websites, how to position themselves as an expert in their industry, and techniques to build an unstoppable brand.

    Kip leverages her years of experience working with companies like with AMD, IBM, 3M, Dell, Hyundai Steel USA, as well as hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs. She has also worked for the University of Texas in Austin. With her  business owners and entrepreneurs transform their businesses through effective marketing.

    Kip Piper and her company MTC Interactive were reported in the Austin Business Journal "Web Development and Marketing" Top Ten list from 1997 until 2004, when she moved away from Austin. Kip has also been featured in several articles appearing in Smart Computing magazine, including "Third Party Web Design".

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