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    Racism w/guests Jovan Mackenzy, T Deimaris Barlow, & Erick Rose

    Racism has exsisted for a very long time throughout history in the world, and here in America we have a part of our History during the times of slavery where black men and women were treated as less then human. We would like to think we have come along way since those days but have we? While racism has never truly gone away in our country and most likely will always be around in some form until the Lord returns, over the last year or so we have seen an increase of this or at least it seems as an increase now that with social media videos and photos can quickly travel in minutes if not seconds. Allowing everyone to see acts of racism much more then may have possibly been seen without the internet and access to video cameras at the touch of our fingertips on just about every phone that someone may have.

    My prayer for this show is to really talk about this issue of racism and what we are seeing our country. Talking about the police, black on black crime, repsonses from white people, racial profiling, the sin of racism, and what we can do better as Christians to enagage and respond to the sin of racism and show the world how to deal with this issue from a biblical worldview. While at the same time not minimizing the hurt, pain and anger felt by those who have been on the negative side of racism because of the color of their skin.

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    America and Racism

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter, we will spend the hour discussing racism in America. With the recent racially motivated massacre in a black Church in Charleston, SC, many feel racism is alive in well in America. President Obama took to the podium shortly after the murders and spoke of more gun control. Are guns the problem in America? Please join the emotion filled discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America, Part 5

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    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America with Host, Derek Stephens.  Discussing how to tackle Overt and Covert Racism in America.  Also a  focus on Media Diversion, Racism in Politics, Charleston Massacre, The Destructive Symbolism of the Confederate Flag in America, Racism in the Workplace, Church, Schools and our Communities.

    How does God view Racism?  How can we unite regardless of Race in America?  How does Racism destroy families and communities?

    Excerpts from "Conspiracy & Hidden Identity of Blacks in the Bible.

    When:  July 30, 2015

    Time:  7 PM CST/8 PM EST to 9 PM CST/10 PM EST

    Studio Call #: (347) 989-1893

    Executive Producer:  Kyle T. Mosley

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    Classism, Not Racism

    in Politics

    Classism is the prejudice against or in favor against people belonging to a particular social class, while racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. 

    Our Guest on Sunday evening is Bridget Hanse Norvell of the Bridget Hanse Norvell Show (here on blogtalk). She joins us for this discussion as she shares with the KTSR listening audience how growing up as a Jamaican Immigrant, she was groomed to marry a white man based on class. Join us for this interesting topic of discussion.

    It is the first Sunday of the Month, and we are also joined by Dr. Khailfani Rivers for our Zodiac Hour. Call in and see what tha stars have in store for you, as they are consulted by Dr. Rivers.

    For more information on Bridget Hanse Norvell, go to www.bnorvellenterprise.org

    For more information on Dr. Khailfani Rivers, go to www.wholistictemple.com or www.drkhailfanirivers.com 


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    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America

    in Christianity

    Life Experiences: Conquering Racism in America with host Derek Stephens.  Derek with talk about the Charleston Massacre, The Confederate Flag in America, Racism in the Workplace, Church, Schools and our Communities.

    How does God view Racism?  How can we unite regardless of Race in America?  How does Racism destroy families and communities?

    When:  June 26, 2015

    Time:  7 PM CST/8 PM EST to 9 PM CST/10 PM EST

    Studio Call #: (347) 989-1893

    Online:  www.blogtalkradio.com/realwalk


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    The Young Man Who Recorded Racism Against Latinos

    in News

    Tonight we talk with Carlos Steven Vazquez, whose video of an older woman telling his family to stop speaking Spanish in a Koreatown IHOP in LA has gone viral on Facebook.

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    Queen Me: "The Struggle Against Terrorist Racism Continues."

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    The world mourns the loss of the nine slain members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Susie Jackson, Tywanza Sanders, Cynthia Hurd, The Rev. DePayne Middleton Doctor, The Rev. Clements Pinckney, Ethel Lance, Myra Thompson, The Rev. Daniel Simmons and Sharonda Coleman-Singleton must first and foremost be remembered for the brilliance of their spirits and lives and their dedication, commitment to and love of their families and their community.

    We mourn the tragic loss of their lives and the loss of what their lives would have continued to contribute if not for this heinous act of racist terror. The names of these nine beautiful souls are now added to an immeasurably long list of Black people who have been killed and who will be killed by the pervasive and pestilent hands of white supremacy and structural racism in America.

    How does this effect the Black Woman emotionally? Tune in to find out

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    Racism in America

    in Lifestyle

    Greetings Network, 

    Join us tonight @ 9pm Every Wednesday.  This is a topic you don't want to miss.  RACISM in America. The provocative word in American society.  Where does it end?  Call in 347.327.9515 or log onto blogtalkradio.com/opulentnetworkand voice your opinions, thoughts and comments.  


    Opulent Network


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    Have Blacks OVERCOME? Yes & No! Why not embrace FREEDOM? Stop claiming Racism?

    in Current Events

    Have Blacks OVERCOME? Yes & No! Why not embrace FREEDOM and stop claiming everything as 'Racism'?

    Wha'ts the whole Meek Mill vs Drake all about?  The hosts of Saturday Frenzy are clueless so help us out!?! Call in. Chime in.

    NBA/NFL Players: Idiots off the court and field- getting caught up in a life of criminal activity. WHY?

    What are some of the more positive news events that did we should know about and see more coverage of.

    Mr. ATL's "LET's GET FOR REAL" commentary.

    -----Saturday Frenzy, each Saturday at 12 noon

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    South Carolina: Racism In American

    in Radio

    Discussing Racism In American

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