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  • 01:20

    Delightfully DiMera Chit Chats with Suzee & Geoffrey!

    in Entertainment

    Suzee Corbell Suzee has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 yrs. She ran a TV station for over 3 yrs. She also ran a production training program in order to help students learn more about the field.
    In the last several years, Suzee has created short films & produced almost 50 commercials. She also worked on films such as Memoirs of a Geisha, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, G-Force, Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwreked
    Geoffrey Notkin
    Hosts the award-winning series Meteorite Men on Science Channel. He has also appeared in other tv shows including American Chopper, Wired Science, Cosmic Collisions, How the Earth was Made, & others. 
    He's a widely published science writer & photographer & author of 2 books, Meteorite Hunting: How To Find Treasure From Space, & the new Rock Star: Adventures Of A Meteorite Man.
    join us tonight as we disuss "Unfinished Business"  and tell ghost stories :)  This is a don't miss night!  

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    Examining Multicultural Kids w/ Lynne & Suzee

    in Business

    Sharifah Hardie interviews Multicultural Kids. Multicultural Kids is owned and operated by two sisters with a passion - Lynne Raspet & Suzee Ramirez. Our passion is for children and introducing them to the many amazing cultures of our earth. Our passion is also for
    children to understand and engage with children that have different
    abilities, or to embrace their life as it is if they have challenges
    that most other children don't.

    We are both moms of multi-racial children, and want to expose them to
    the beauties of all cultures. We want to give them a rich palette of
    experiences and knowledge to draw on throughout their lives; and we
    want that for as many children as possible.

    Multicultural Kids provides resources for language learning (both
    foreign language and English), cultural and diversity awareness,
    adoption, unique family situations, character building, different
    abilities and illness, being peaceful and green, and numerous
    educational resources. Our product offerings include books, arts and
    crafts, dolls, puppets, DVDs, games, flashcards, puzzles, music and
    storytelling CDs, posters and wall art, stationery, journals and more.

    They are all amazing resources for parents, educators or anyone who
    has the best interest of a child in mind. We continue to add to our
    merchandise to bring you the freshest ideas, while always keeping up
    to the standard of choosing not by trends, but by products we feel
    will truly encourage children to be their best selves.

    Our products encourage the inborn acceptance we have of others, and
    make children feel comfortable with and appreciate others differences;
    through that celebration of diversity they will see how we're all
    really very alike.

    Visit www.MulticulturalKids.com

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    Hope42Day interviews: The Explorers Master Mind Group

    in Self Help

    Hope42Day interviews authors, musicians, inspirationalists and "Hope Ambassadors" from across the globe.

    Please join us today as Host Lynn Kindler interviews writers, musicians, interesting people and Hope Ambassadors from across the globe about what they are up to in our world to make it a better place to live.

    This Tuesday, October 6 at 2:30pm CST, Lynn will introduce you to three other Coaches that she has met with over the phone for an hour every week since early 2001. They call themselves, "The Explorers" because they explore various books of philosophies and beliefs and ponder how to apply what they learn in their lives.

    Katherine Gotshall English believes in the power of conversation and community. She has branched
    into producing special events that give people good experiences in beautiful environments.
    Her company Loose Leaf Productions is based in New York City.

    This October she will be producing with the
    generous support of Marble Collegiate Church
    and First Presbyterian Church two special

    Suzee Ebeling is an Intuitive/ICF Professional Certified Coach, as well as a long-time member of the Faculty at Coach U and a Mentor Coach. She is also Host to several groups including the Group Coaching SIG, Coach Credentialing SIG, and Teleclasses ROCK!!

    Dawn Scott-Raxter is a Business/Life Coach from North Carolina. Dawn has held several positions with the ASTD in the Research Triangle area and when she is not busy raising her two children and their Corgies she can sometimes be found exploring the creation of a new sculpture.

    Join us this Tuesday, October 6 at 2:30pm CST for what is to be a very inspiring show!