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    In the Slot 006 - Metropolitan Loving and Suspensions

    in Sports

    Join Nick and Rob as they talk about the rash of NHL suspensions, and the craziest division in all the NHL the metropolitan division.

    This and more on in the slot!

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    CINCO SOFTBALL - The Softball Singer & Team Suspensions with FISCHER LAW FIRM


    Join us every Tuesday Night at 8pm Eastern with ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III to talk about Slow Pitch Softball.


    Listen in and call the show at 347-637--3978

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    Total Education News 03-21-15 Rand Paul and Education? Suspensions?

    in Education

    Neil Haley, The Total Tutor, discusses Rand Paul's ideas for Education, whether suspensions are a good idea, and other hot topics in education today. 

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    The League: 11/9/2014 Suspensions and Predictive Skepticism

    in Hockey

    This week on The League, Brian looks at the news around the NHL, reviews the Pens' week, previews the Pens upcoming week, takes a look at League Leaders, streaks, confesses why he has trouble pronouncing players' names, tells you why he is so skeptical of advanced stats and predictive analysis and....well....saying "much more" doesn't really seem possible, but it happens.

    You're listening to The League on the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

    The Radio: PI Podcast Network is sponsored by SinglePittsburgh.com

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    2MW NBA Playoff Basketball

    in Sports

    Is it time to blow up the Los Angles Clippers?

    Injuries and suspensions for the Cleveland Cavaliers, are they still the favorites to be the Eastern Conference Champs? Does Lebron James need more help?

    Are the Atlanta Hawks going to make it out of the first round?

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    Celtics Talk Radio Episode 101 End of The Celtics Season as Celtics are Swept

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    The Boston Celtics Season came to an end this past Sunday at the hand of Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers via a 4-0 series sweep. Game 4 saw several things that could have an effect on both the Celtics in terms of their plans for the offseason and the Cavaliers in their chase for the NBA Championship. In game 4 we saw the Cavs 3rd best player Kevin Love go down with a dislocated shoulder which could cost him to miss some time depending on the severity. In the 3rd quarter the Cavaliers delivered 2 cheap shots to Jae Crowder. 1 delivered by former Celtic Center Kendrick Perkins as he delivered a shot to the head of Crowder shoving him to the ground which resulted in Crowder retaliating and Perkins hitting him in the face a 2nd time before the refs broke things up. Perkins was not ejected for his actions. Then in the same quarter JR Smith threw an elbow right to the face of Crowder which knocked him out causing Crowder to fall down in an akward way causing a leg injury and that led to Crowder having to leave the game. JR Smith was ejected for his actions. Now both JR Smith and Kendrick Perkins face possible suspensions for their actions which would cost them games in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Meanwhile some of the players the Celtics were depending greatly on to lead this team came up small in this series. Brandon Bass being one of the biggest dissapointments in this series. So now we recap what happened in games 3 and 4. What could the Celtics and its fans take out of this series? Did any of the players on the roster clinch their one way ticket out of Boston like Brandon Bass? Did any Celtics win over the fan base and earn the right to return next season like Jae Crowder? The Celtics Talk Crew will answer those questions as well as give you the updates on what the NBA has decided to do to Perkins and Smith for their actions in game 4. John Karalis of redsarmy.com will join us on this episode of Celtics Talk Radio

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    No LOVE for Cavs / Mock Draft Rnd 1 / Countdown Mayweather Pacquiao

    in Sports

    Welcome to another Wednesday edition of INtheZONE! The NBA Playoffs are heating up, which has resulted in the Cavaliers losing Kevin Love in a Battle Royal with the Celtics. There were suspensions levied as a result of player retribution and a need to atone for the loss of one of the Big Three. In the boxing world, we prepare for the Fight of the Century, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, scheduled for May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Will Money retain his title or will PacMan snap his undefeated streak? Get those answers and our hosts perspective on Thursday's NFL Draft. Kevin and Ed will select the 1st round's picks in a special Mock Draft. Don't miss out, Get INtheZONE!

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    Can You Place an Employee on Unpaid Suspension

    in Legal

    Some employers discipline their employees by docking their pay or putting them on unpaid suspension for violating workplace rules. However, such a policy can create big problems if the employee whose pay is reduced is exempt from such suspensions because he or she is paid on a salary basis and generally exercises a certain degree of responsibility and discretion in doing the job. In this show, Bill and Rick discuss when salary deductions are applicable and how unpaid suspension exceptions apply.

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    THE "K" FACTOR w/ Lee Clark & Kevin Stork

    in Sports

    Join Lee Clark and Kevin Stork for THE “K” FACTOR, tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the Fanspeak Radio Network presented by Fanspeak.com

    Tonight, the guys will get you up to speed on the news and notes in Major League Baseball, breakdown the Josh Hamilton situation, and the recent drug suspensions and if MLB is doing enough to handle it..

    Kevin and Lee also continue their prospect breakdown, as they profile James Dykstra and Joey Gallo.

    Please don’t miss one of the best baseball shows on the web and give the guys a follow on Twitter at @cardiaccane11 and @kevinstork.

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    2MW: Hot Corner MLB Baseball - Minor League System, Mets, and More

    in Sports

    It's still early in the 2015 MLB season, but there is tons to talk about. Join us for a half hour of Hot Corner. Topics today include:


    Kris Bryant 


    Instant Rep

    Minor League System

    and more!!

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    Pushing Kids Towards Success vs. Pushing Them Out of School

    in Legal

    The “school-to-prison pipeline” refers to the policies and practices that push children, especially our most at-risk children, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. This practice has been fueled by zero tolerance policies, the presence of police officers in schools, and under-resourced academic settings. These excessive practices have resulted in the suspensions, expulsions, and arrests of of millions of public school students, especially students with histories of abuse and neglect, those who are poor, students of color, those with disabilities or who identify as LGBT. The interruption of education is detrimental for long-term success. It is costing the success of future generations and our communities.  On this episode of Spotlight on Youth, guests will discuss this alarming national trend, why it is harmful, and what jurisdictions are doing to address it.

    Rebecca Ballard DiLoreto, Kentucky Litigation & Policy Director, Children’s Law Center, Inc.
    Dennis Parker, Director, Racial Justice Program, American Civil Liberties Union
    Brea L. Perry, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Indiana University