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    Women's Power Hour: Brandie Will Speak On Her Personal Abusive Marriages!

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    Brandie, a two time surviver of abusive relationships will be here to discuss how she lived and made it out of these relationships that wer abusive. If you have experienced or are experiencing an abusive relationship, stop by and listen to this live broadcast here on Chew the Phat. My co-host and partner on Chew the Phat will be hosting part and Kewl Khat Willy T will host part. This ought to be a great show. Call in live at 1-347-677-1837 and share your survival story or share your present abusive relationship!

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    Everything with Kathy B, Indie Soul Saturdays, Tyson, Dia Scott, De Coy

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    Source Nation! Indie Soul Saturdays will be on FIYAH today!

    Up 1st, representing North Carolina, Tyson Carr affectionately known as Tyce or Tyson C, is a native of Greensboro, NC. He is a multi-talented ambassador of the arts and music.  Tyson has passionately loved music since he was young, initially learning to play the piano and then eventually ‘sampling’ other instruments.  He now plays the saxophone. Currently finishing a studio project to be released in April 2015, Tyson has started performing at various venues across the country.  His main goal is to minister and perform unique pieces that his audience can relate too.  

    Representing The ATL, vocalist (opera/jazz/poetry) artist, writer, Dia Scott is DEFINITELY BRINGING THE HEAT! A cancer surviver & being told by the doctor not to sing for an entire year, Dia went silent for 11 years. Then told, by a former employer that she needed to sing, Dia prayed about it & found a producer in her city that could orchestrate anything she threw at him. After being silent so long, Dia began to paint. She finally went back to singing & was shocked to find 6 octaves wanting to get out.

    Finally, Representing Maryland, "D" Coy, AKA, Mr. Vocalist will be in the building to let us know why he is one of the last of a dying breed of true Hip-Hop Artist. D Coy is definitely one to watch and not sleep on.  He is creating his ow path and on his way to becoming a household name.

    Source Nation! Join us for 3 dynamic guests and one dynamic host. Call in and be a part of the conversation at, 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Saturday Night With Brian Interview With Lowell Levine

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    Tonight i interview The President and Founder of The Stop Bullying Now Foundation, Lowell Levine. we will be discussing The Foundations impact on bullying in communities, and what inspired him to start The Stop Bullying Now Foundation. We will also be talking about Mr. Levine's experiences with bullying as a kid, and what he believes will help stop the epidemic known as bullying in schools. Later in the show, we talk to Llan Eassary, a young cancer surviver, who now faces a diffrent kind of battle at her school with bullies. Hear how she is dealing with being bullied for her sexuality, and for just being a cancer surviver

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    Little Girl Denied: The Accepted Abuse of Black Girls Here in The USA

    in Education

    Shalom everyone, i originally was supposed to do a show on Naturalization, voting and why we as Blacks don't express or utilize the natural rights of being a American Citizen that others flock here from other countries to enjoy and covet. Instead I will be playing clips and commenting on a book I just bought based off having listened to a radio show. 
    Everyone should know by bnow that i created this show for the North American Black woman to tell (our) true story of how we have been being treated correction mis-treated over here in North America better known as Hell, Hades aka The Underworld while the Media, our men and the international community has painted us all as gold digging, whores and sluts who are trying ever so hard to be white women because of how much we hate ourselves.

    While I will not deny that there may be some truth to all of the above epitets, what is not known is (how) we got (reduced) to all of those very demeaning, negative and degrading labels as well as images of crackheads, beasties and gregariously loud, loose women.

    There are so many players who played a part and had a hand in making us that way who somehow are allowed to walk amongst us and dress themselves up in the garments of respectabilty and reverence while at the same time really being MONSTERS children are never allowed to escape from.

    Trust me, you dont want to miss this show. Especially if you are a Sister who has survived rape X 9, neglect and abuse but are still alive to talk about it and can still laugh, love and hold your head up high and be a blessing to another surviver sister. When it is alluded to that Black Women are the STRONGEST species of woman on the earth, it is only because of our ability to overcome and endure that which have completely broken and or DESTROYED other women.

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    9/11 Surviver Copes With PTSD - Brendon Carroll

    in Self Help

    Are you dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Have years gone by with improper diagnosis & devastating life changes?
    In this episode of Create Your Life, my guest, Brendon Carroll shares his story of survival, loss & ongoing recovery from the horror he suffered along with so many on 9/11.  
    Carroll, a former Global Marketer, now uses his experience as a means to create Conscious Leadership & change in business. More on Brendon Carroll http://talenthouserecruiters.com/
    Inspirationalist & coach Lorane Gordon gives you the tools you need to create your life on purpose. 
    Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane is a teacher of Infinite Possibilities".   
    More on Lorane YourHappinessWay.com   Facebook   Twitter 

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    Body Talk - What are your aches and pains really telling you?

    in Spirituality

    Are body's speak to us through our health.

    Those aches and pains are speaking to you are you listening?

    You can heal illness, disease even cancer but you have to tune into your body and listen to it to heal.

    Find out why you have sickness, health issues, even that pain in your neck and get rid of it! Get healthy now!!

    I am a cancer surviver myself. I now know why I had cancer at the age of 28, I listened to my body healed it and it won't come back!

    Q&A - I will tune into your body and tell you what is saying.


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    Inspiring Women interview with Angela & Patrick Howell

    in Women

    As a result of their journey together and individually, Patrick and Angela Howell are the founders of the new heart-seeking series A LIFE WORTH HAVING,  combining the best personal development techniques, healing practices and fulfillment strategies into one, life-changing program, where they also reveal their secrets to experiencing rewarding relationships. It is truly a BLUEPRINT FOR PERSONAL FREEDOM. Patrick and Angela are happy to share what finally helped them break through and re-purpose their own individual lives, as well as strengthen their 20 yrs+ marriage, which survived divorce and five years apart.  

    Patrick Howell is a speaker, author and life fulfillment coach and former undercover agent working drug enforcement. Patrick had epic success but then a tragic ending to his thirteen-year law enforcement career which pushed him into the corporate sales and management arena where he won countless sales and leadership awards.  In spite of tremendous financial success, the absence of joy and purpose ultimately sent his life spiraling out of control again. 

    Angela Howell is also a speaker, author and life fulfillment coach and 20+ year eating disorder survivor.After developing an eating disorder at age 13 that launched her into a life-threatening and often hopeless battle with anorexia/bulimia by her early twenties, Angela began her own journey of healing and self-development.  She enjoyed a successful sales career with a Fortune 500 company, where she earned multiple sales awards and top recognition, and yet Angela also continually felt like there was something missing. 

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    Regina Brett, Breast Cancer Surviver and Best Selling Author

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    Regina Brett is the author of Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible and God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours. Both books are collections of inspirational essays and stories about the lessons life taught her. She was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist twice, in 2009 and 2008 for columns she wrote for The Plain Dealer, Ohio’s largest newspaper.
    When Regina turned 50, she wrote a column on the 50 lessons life taught her. A life as an unwed mother. A life as a single parent for 18 years. A life searching for love and finally finding it at 40. A life interrupted by breast cancer at age 41. A life that reflects the ups and downs, twists and turns we all face, but usually not all in one lifetime. Readers love her lessons. They post them on their refrigerators. They carry them in their wallets. They tuck them in their purses. They email them all over the country. God Never Blinks is in its 5th printing and is in 20 countries.
    Her lessons have traveled the world from Austin to Australia. A Land Rover dealership in Cincinnati hands the lessons out to customers. A cancer care agency gives them out with every wig. Teachers share them with students in health classes. Her books are the perfect gift for graduates, newlyweds, retirees or for anyone celebrating a birthday or facing a challenge. Regina has been writing professionally since 1986. She began writing columns in 1994. She has received numerous national and state writing awards. The Plain Dealer is the largest newspaper in Ohio and one of the top 16 newspapers in the country with a circulation of 300,000 and a readership of over 1 million.

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    Era of Spiritual Living welcomes cancer surviver Kat Kanavos

    in Spirituality

    Kathleen Kat  O’Keefe-Kanavos is an Inner Guidance Expert who offers real-life solutions to everyday challenges and moves you ahead in your life with confidence. She has used her unique techniques and inner wisdom to tap into the power of her client’s innate guidance. This has allowed them to live healthier, happier and more financially successful lives.
    Kathleen is a three-time breast cancer survivor whose Inner Guidance saved and changed her life for the better. All of her cancers where missed by the medical community and the tests on which they relied. Therefore, her knowledge and personal wisdom comes from “the trenches of life,” not from hypothetical theories. You can reach Kat through her website, AccessYourInnerGuide.com or call her at 561-301-7940.
    During a decade long spiritual journey, host Rhonda stumbled on certain life success principles which she used to heal her spirit, health and finances. She spent the next decade studying some of the great spiritual masters and success gurus and combines this wisdom into her coaching and programs. It was during this time that she received her Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. Today Rhonda is an internationally known spiritual leader, empowerment coach and spiritual teacher. As a Spiritual Life Success™ Consultant and Coach, her greatest joy is to share this information with others so they can have harmonious living in every area of their lives and achieve the life of their dreams.
    For information on Rhonda’s spiritual life changing program, call Rhonda at 314-616-6175 or email her at Info@EraofSpiritualLiving.com..

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    orphans and culturally sanctioned child abuse

    in Self Help

    Orphanages in NYC. The House of Mercy. The Magdelene Laundries. Inwood Hill Park. An adult surviver  of child abuse tells a bit of her story and part of the historyof orphanages from which her family came.

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    The Dark Match (Toughts on the Bret Hart Surviver Series 97 Screw Job)

    in Sports

    We will be talking about what you mite and mite not know about The Surviver Series 97 and what happened with The Screw Job to Bret Hart and what was going on before and after that situation and other things that had happened before this even happened to Bret Hart as well. We will give you our thoughts and look for yours as well in the chatroom and by calling in at (646)478-5337.