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  • Do Tha Knowledge Radio Episode 1 What is consciousness?

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    Peace and Black Power Family

    Welcome to Episode 1 of Do Tha Knowledge Radio with host Knowledge Born Allah.  The first segment of the show will be dedicated to Entrepreneurship. We will hear from our people in business for themselves along with others looking to get into some entrepreneurial venture at that time. If you offer a product or services in the black community we want to help you promote your brand. We will be joined by Bro Red Pill of Know The Ledge Radio. The Red Pill will be dropping some jewels family you won't want to miss. Bro Black Dot will be promoting his lastest masterpiece entitled Urban Culture Decoded. Bro Sutek will be promoting his upcoming show MPR News. Bro Shango will be with us to discuss  KMT Productions. Hashim Shabazz Field Marshal of the NBPP Seattle Tacoma Chapter will talk to us about the movement in the Pacific Northwest. Ra Set CEO of Planet Afraka Network will be discussing his smash hit 50 Niggas featuring Kokane. Next segment we will be decoding examing and recoding the term consciousness. It is a term that is often misused and misunderstood within our community. We will recode it for our usage and examine its validity for black people globally. Divine Prospect of Harbinger Ministries will join us along Imam Bashir of Lions of Allah brining their perspective on the subject. I encourage you to bring a pen and pad to take notes and Do Tha Knowledge. This show will be intense. Call 713-955-0707 to speak with the host.  

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    The Knowledge Show Live 8/02/15

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    Topic 1: The Black Genocide Plan: Who is killing off the Black Race and Why? There are so many murders in America involving the police that the KKK can retire and the cops can wear the sheets. Just to name a few: Sandra Bland, Emmet Till, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Alex Dupree, Brandon Lindsey, Samuel Wallace, your loved ones, and the unsolved cases. Has the local police department become the new KKK?

    Topic 2: The Sandra Bland Case: The Arrest, The Murder, The Outcome. (Audio of the arrest will be played, followed by a commentary by Judge Greg Mathis)

    Watch the full unedited video of Sandra Bland's arrest here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2OKnOzNM9k

    Topic 3: Bill Cosby: Therapist or The Rapist (Judge Mathis comments on this case followed by D.L. Hughley)

    Guests: Judge Greg Mathis, D.L. Hughley, and former Co-Host TJ Sotomayor

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    The Knowledge Show Live 8/08/15

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    Tonight was supposed to be Listener's Choice Night, but we are going to showcase the Co-Host Auditions instead. We will take some of the listener choice topics, audience questions, and other topics and wrap them all into this one show tonight and tomorrow night. The auditions will be live on the air as if the co-host was actually doing the show. After the end of the auditions, we will ask you, the listener, to vote via email or call in to select the next co-host of the show. The criteria used to judge is overall presentation, clarity, performance, and contribution. Ranking is 1-9 with 9 being the highest.

    Topic 1: The Significance of Silence: Knowing When to Speak and When to STFU. The Host will talk about situations where ppl talk too much or at the wrong time, including audition drama.

    Topic 2: The State of Texas has declared War on the Black Race and is commited to Black Genocide. The Host will talk about the several Blacks killed in Texas.

    Topic 3: The Illuminati Makes Fools Out of Black People and Christians. The Host will discuss the Subliminal Messages in TV Shows and Commercials.

    Topic 4: The 3 ways to Join the Illuminati and the Preachers that Want to Join. The Host will discuss Birthrite, Invitation, Request,and Human Sacrifice and the Preachers that want to join the Illuminati

    Topic 5: Did Nick Gordon kill Bobbi Kristina Brown or Did the Illuminati do it? The Host will connect the dots around Clive Davis

    Topic 6: How do you defeat the Illuminati or Get Out of It?

    Tonight's Co-Host Applicants and Times (the following is subject to change without notice)

    Krissy Scott 640p-715p, Zaggy Zay 725p-800p, Little Jay 810p-845p

    After the show, please email or tweet your votes for the next co-host of The Knowledge Show Live

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    Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    On the Infinite Knowlegde is Power show we will be discussing everyday how your body's 100 trillion cells are being effected by all the surroundings you place them in. Do not miss this show as we will be discussing how environment , diet, frequencies, emotion and Spirit effect your body much more then you can ever realize. In order to change you must re-program at the cellular level. That starts by listening to the IKP show everyday with your host, educator and researcher Phoenix Diamond AKA Michael Alpough.  

    All our guest hosts will be providing compelling information daily, to help you move into the Infinite Knowledge is Power realm. Tune in Monday June 27th at 7PM Pacific, where we are joined by Breatholgist and Consciousness Explorer Eric Renke. Plus surprise guest!

  • Uncommon Knowledge

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    Denise & Bobbi discuss, once a week, current events with Uncommon Knowledge and interaction with callers and chat room.

    Denise's Blog

    Bobbi's Blog

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    Uncommon Knowledge

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    Denise & Bobbi discuss, once a week, current events with Uncommon Knowledge and interaction with callers and chat room.

    Denise's Blog

    Bobbi's Blog

  • The Knowledge Show Live 8/29/15

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    Topic 1: Obscene Thoughts, Author and ographer, Dave Pounder, is our guest tonight

    Topic 2: Homosexuality a Choice or Predetermined.

    Topic 3: Homosexuality in the Pulpit and in the Church

    Topic 4: Homosexuality in the School and Workplace.

    Topic 5: Is Homosexuality Wrong or Right? Why are so many gays in church if it's wrong?

    Topic 6: Should the Homosexuals be considered a 3rd Gender and have their own restrooms.

    Topic 7: Does having a Homosexual roommate make you gay?

    Topic 8: Should 2 women/ 2 men be allowed to adopt children and teach in the classroom?

    Guest: Dave Pounder

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    Uncommon Knowledge

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    Denise & Bobbi discuss, once a week, current events with Uncommon Knowledge and interaction with callers and chat room.

    Denise's Blog

    Bobbi's Blog

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    The Supreme Wisdom Lessons Broadcast Temple Church Mosque Masjid No. 0!

    in Islam

    As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu
    Jumah Ramadan Mubarak!


    Your invited to join us Live Air on The Supreme Wisdom Lessons Broadcast Temple Church Mosque Masjid No. 0 Blogtalkradio!

    Khitbah Topic: 'The Night Prayer Taraweeh' and 'Menstrual Periods'

    Listen to Jumah Services Now and /or later on Archive.

    Now Airing to you Jumah (Friday), Salaatal (Prayer), Khalimah Shahada (Ghushl a form of Baptism and to Testify by Oath or Statement to Allah G-d), Khitbah Sermon by Imam Khatib Ayotollah Mujtahidey Lady Malika Maryaum Allahumma

    Jazak Allah Khair!

    Ma Salaam!

  • The Knowledge Show Live 8/22/15

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    Tonight the Host will talk about the topics that YOU, the listeners, have decided to discuss. The Host will read your email questions and take your live questions too, but first we have our guest author of Saved by a Stroke and Divine Intervention joining us to talk about his latest book.

    Topic 1: The Blueprint for the Evolution of Humanity - Life's Spiritual Secrets Revealed. Author, Richard Lee Taylor joins us for a chat about his new book that defines who we are and why we are here on Earth. Co-Host, Krissy Scott will start off our discussion tonight.

    Topic 2: Jim Crow to the Rescue: Bringing Back Jim Crow Laws will stop crime in the Black Community. The Host plays Devil's Advocate for Jim Crow.

    Topic 3: What is Operation Cop Block?

    Topic 4: What else is to blame for Black deaths in our community besides white, crooked cops and can we fix it?

    Topic 5: What happened between you and Jamal Bryant that makes you hate his guts?

    Topic 6: What is your take on the Christian Taylor case and the Freddie Gray case?

    Guest: Richard Lee Taylor, Author "Saved by a Stroke"

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    Supreme Knowledge of Self

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents a great talk about learning and understanding how to know who you are.  Host DJ JanoG and Co Host Mr. Yeyo and Mr. Tim Poet will elaborate on the matter.  We are trying to raise the vibration of our nation one sprit at a time.  We will dive into some of these topic such as:  Thrid eye or pineal gland. Meditation, and finally Self knowledge.  Please join the movement and we do not judge anyone.